Floral Friday

Mom asked if I wanted to do today’s post and I agreed. Well sort of. Elsa here. It’s been raining the past couple of days and the temps have been slightly more than crisp but I’ve been super bored since my pansy brother, Sam doesn’t like walking in the rain much. I, on the other hand, live to go on walks. I tried to remind him that squirrels don’t take time off just because of a little rain but he didn’t care. Can you believe it? Not care about squirrels??? They are in full force 24/7/365 so I must patrol the ‘hood for safety reasons. The beginning of the week heralded such lovely spring weather and mom made me sit-stay walked around our garden taking photos of various plants that were in bloom. I said, sure I’ll do this post…just as soon as I catch 40 winks…okay?

Here’s what’s shakin’ around the Ranch. One of mom’s all-time favorite flowers are Bleeding Hearts. I had to sniff them to see why they swing in the breeze. I thought mom was gonna have a cow. Sheesh, mom, I just wanted to see whether or not they squeaked when squeezed. Those puffy little pillows were fascinating.

Bleeding Hearts – a sure sign spring has arrived.

Last autumn, mom added a bunch of bulbs to the yard, mostly daffodils. In the past she hasn’t had much luck with tulips and was quite thrilled when she came back from vacation and they were blooming. The lupines are ready to bloom and it looks like we’ll have some nice bouquets of peonies. Mom said the bearded irises probably won’t be very good this year since they haven’t been thinned. She said anyone who wants some is free to put dibs on the extra ones.

We have tulips! And I sit and stay nicely these days.

While she’d love for our spring garden to look like this, it probably won’t ever happen since we don’t have a Volkswagen. {BOL} But how cool would an old yellow Bug be full of beautiful flowers?

Not related, but definitely in the pawsome news category, mom said I could share some great  news. Castle Rock, a town in Douglas County, about 35 miles south of Denver finally got its act together and rescinded the longstanding ban on Pit Bulls after 26 years. It had been one of the longest breed specific bans along the Front Range. Some 60 dogs had been expelled from the city over the past decade. This was just too wonderful to NOT to share. Mom has been  giddy and hopes there’s momentum building to rescind other backwater, outdated bans in Denver, Aurora and other cities within the state. We’ll do whatever we can to change opinions of narrow-minded officials and encourage others to do the same. Breed specific bans are shortsighted and unfair to a majority of responsible dog owners. We hope other cities will follow Castle Rock’s lead.

Now that you’ve had nice flowers and great news, we hope you have a super-duper weekend. I’ll be practicing more sit-stay commands. Are you doing anything exciting?

Live, love, bark! 🐾

95 thoughts on “Floral Friday

  1. We love squirrels here. They don’t bother anything in the garden. There’s that lovely Bleeding Heart again….awesome. Your tulips are beautiful. Mom loves the red ones. We have yellow….woopy ding. We would love some bearded irises. Mom has never grown them but the postage would kill you so we’ll just go buy them when it’s bulb planting time. The kids look so intelligent in the front yard.



  2. Do we want to talk about squirrels? I have an army of them, sitting under the palm trees munching on the dates that fall to the ground. I find stones everywhere. And the hounds don’t scare them anymore. (Lovely yard you have)

    1. Thanks. The squirrels re pure hoodlums, chewing tender beaches from the maple tree. I could pick up daily. They’ve figured out Elsa’s MO and deftly escape. One of these days she’s going to catch one and has come close in the alley. #ohthatdog

  3. Mommy loves Bleeding Hearts too but can’t keep them alive for some reason. We are so happy the ban was rescinded.

  4. Two thing I’m finding hard to believe …. 1) The rain dampened Sam’s interest in squirrels … and 2) Mom hasn’t run out to find a VW Bug as a flower pot!

  5. Pierre really misses chasing squirrels since our backyard doesn’t have trees. I left all of my bulbs when we moved with the exception of my heirloom spider lilies from my father-in-law’s home. I hope they bloom. I will be planting bulbs this fall. Great news on the breed ban reversal. I hope it spreads too!

  6. Oh gurl, I’m gonna have to side with Sam on this rain thing ~ I HATES to gets my furs wet! Butts, I will do a walkie in the rain IF I have my raincoat (the only time I wear ‘clothes’ btw!). Anyhu, you are rights abouts those tree rats! HOLY SQUIRREL NUTS! They NEVER take a day off! geesh! Butts, what else am I supposed to do, rights?? hehehee
    Anyhu, you guys look FABulous in your lovely garden! Your Moms trusts you guys more than Ma trusts me…she puts most of the plants in jail where I can’t eats….um, I MEAN sniff them. meanie.
    Have a most FABulous Cinco de Mayo guys!
    Ruby ♥

  7. I adore Bleeding Hearts! I’d never seen them before until I spotted them in Crested Butte a couple of summers ago. They are so gorgeous! And you have them in your yard. Wow! I adore tulips too (red are my faves) so I’d be so happy in your yard! I agree about Castle Rock! Finally!

  8. Mom loves the bleeding hearts and this has made her think about planting some!
    Hazel & Mabel

  9. Well, that was certainly a nice way to start off the weekend, Elsa, good news and beautiful flowers. It’s bound to be a good one now!

  10. You should see Momma when I get close to something breakable … sometimes I sniff them just to stress her out 😉
    Gorgeous flowers … I’ve got a weakness for tulips.

  11. Our bleeding heart hasn’t come up yet this year but it is a tough plant. The City tried to asphalt over it one year and it broke through the asphalt. It refuses to die.

  12. Help! This is Xena (and Lucy) and our folks are going away for the whole weekend starting today and leaving us all alone. They’ve got this really nice, young, fun, er, I mean this mean old sitter who is going to move and invade our space and stuff. Sam, help, help! Make our Mom and Dad stay home or take us with them!! Aroooooo!

  13. Those bleeding hearts are spectacular. I don’t think we have those around here. I’ve got an iris blooming in my yard. Yep, that’s it. Wonderful news about the bullie ban!! Yay!

  14. I have to work with Ducky on her sit-stay with distractions; but she does a beautiful stand-stay when she’s focused on stalking the squirrels! Well, actually it’s more of a crouch-stay. 😁

  15. Elsa and Sam, your spring is great already, our “bleeding hearts” just showed their nose above the ground, and tulips are open soon. I love your garden, it is very beautiful.
    a cat in faraway Finland.

  16. Pawsome post Elsa! Great news about Castle Rock and such beautiful pictures. LOVE the pic of you two gorgeous pups in that lovely front garden! <3

  17. Your babies are adorable. So well behaved it appears. Love your yard. Very nice.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to your babies. ♥

  18. Elsa you are such a good sitter and stayer! And your mom is obviously a very proficient gardener. Even with the chilly damp air it seems that spring has sprung at the Ranch. Warm dry air is close behind. Enjoy!

        1. Not particularly. I realized long ago not to fight nature and would rather work ‘with’ it by using as many native plants as possible. Garden woes mostly disappeared after that 🙂 but thank you.

    1. Yes, the removal of this ban was ‘fur-bulous’ news to us. I hope other cities follow suit. Thank you for swinging by the Ranch. We 💞 visitors. Share the VW image with your neighbors, maybe it’ll inspire them. 😊

  19. Such a lovely yard. At my last house I removed all the grass except for a small patch in front. It was wonderful. I put in some paths and plantings around a huge deck. Easy peasy and very pretty.

    1. Exactly. This corner lot is too big to water, mow repeat, in this climate. Besides, I think the ground covers (once they start blooming), bulbs and perennials are so much more interesting. 😍

      1. My step-daughters live in Denver and their grass isn’t great (except for one with an auto sprinkler). One has started to replace with perennials and it’s so much more interesting. Here in the northeast with lots of water, it’s very grass intensive.

        1. Denver is considered a high mountain desert and yet some try their hardest taking care of turf. Seems counter intuitive. Hope your step daughter enjoys the results. It’s hard work but ultimately rewarding and far easily to maintain.

  20. Wonderful job at posting Elsa! Lovely flowers, always loved the bleeding heart flower and I think your Mom should go get a VW bug so you can fill it with flowers. 🙂
    Sorry about Sam, you know how some guys are! You just gotta put up with them 🙂 He can be very charming though. Hope the sun shines soon for you all so you can get out on squirrel patrol again.

  21. Oh my goodness – mom is in love with those Bleeding Hearts. They are so beautiful!! Do they smell? They are gorgeous. And you two looked so sweet in the picture together. You go sweet Elsa. XOXO – Bacon

  22. Good morning, Elsa,
    You must tell your Mom she has a wonderful front yard. What if she comes here and does ours?! 😀
    Have a wonderful weekend, y’alls,
    P.S.: Finally, we have some rain here, too. Actually, just now it’s a downpour.

    1. Thanks, Pit. Her garden has been evolving over the years and the day the last blade of grass was removed one of the happiest she’s had in this house. I’ll ask her to stop by to see your lovely ranch acres the next time she’s in Texas. 😊 Isn’t the rain wonderful? Drink up!

      1. We’re really having a downpour, and so “our” wet-weather creek is running – quite a bit. I just took some pictures and posted one on Instagram and Twitter.

  23. Hi Elsa. Anything full of flowers would be nice. I have – shall we say – a non white thumb. I go to the garden shop, buy plants which are healthy until I hand over my pennies and they instantly go into self-destruct. I have a a certain plants that is supposed to grow anywhere and it has spent the last year disguised as a stick. Flowers are nice until I touch them….Ho well :o(

  24. bwe have no volkswagen either… but I bet the mama is one of the bidders when there is one available on eBay once… that idea is just great!!!

  25. Hey Elsa! Go easy on Sam. He and I go back a few years now, and I don’t like rain either. He has done great things in his life so I might have to come and visit and straighten you out a little. WOOF! Ray.

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