Monday Moanings ~ August 20, 2018

Yikes, we overslept this morning while it was a lovely 52F degrees outside. It felt so good to be snuggled up in a nice warm bed-even the pups were sound asleep. After our first walk of the day, this inspiration is guiding me to face the new week. Hope you had a good weekend and are now ready for a refill or three. Happy Monday, happy first day to a new school year.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

64 thoughts on “Monday Moanings ~ August 20, 2018

  1. I thought I wanted summer to linger. But walking this morning in jeans and a sweatshirt, without mosquitoes buzzing in my ears, made me realize I’m ready for fall! 🙂

  2. We had to get soggy rain yesterday to get our cooler temperatures… though I think we’ll have to wait another month or so for 52 degrees. At least the brats were all swept up off the streets and put back in school two whole weeks ago now!

    1. Oh gosh, what I’d do for rain about now is nearly criminal. Yup, kids are back to school which means having to watch extra carefully for them since they’re quite clueless about walking in traffic. 😲

  3. my two fourlegged alarm clock never oversleep …sigh… we sadly have to wait till september 9th, but we look forwards to this day when school starts again ;O)))

    1. I think because it’s getting darker, we all zonked out. Luckily this morning everyone was back on schedule for the morning. But because the fence is being replaced, they now don’t know how or where to pee. Ugh…it’s always something with these two knuckleheads.

  4. Oh 52 sounds FABulous! While we are starting to gets cooler nights/mornings, it never lasts. Most years, Sept. and Oct. can be the hottest months. So, while I am enjoying them, I’m not gonna pretend fall is here. Sleeping in sounds amazin’! I don’t thinks I could lets Ma do it….too many tree rats to chase! YOu knows the acorns are at their peak!
    Ruby ♥

  5. A nice drop in temperatures is always such a relief! We are wishing for rain here in Vancouver which we know we will regret having wished for, once the rainy season begins!! :p We hope your summer has been good so far and that you’ve had some fun adventures and walks XX

    the critters in the cottage xo

  6. You can feel autumn in the air here too, but not quite as much as you are. You’re sleeping in is an early day for me. LOL And, coffee is always needed first thing in the morning.

  7. You have cooler weather than we here. Coffee, we drink coffee more thank any other nation in the whole world, so we start the day with coffee, we have afternoon coffee, then coffee at five o’clock, and of course coffee in the evening.

  8. We were fogged in this morning and I didn’t open my eyes until 8!! Which meant finding pee on the kitchen floor…..Ottie’s weak bladder doesn’t last past 7 am.

  9. We were happy to wake up to cooler temps too, but Mom said it was still raining and too wet for much outside fun. No worries, we never run short of fun things to do:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. Up at 5:45 as usual. Got to get my chores done and hit the gym so I can go take a nap with a clear conscience. Also as usual, Max was the last one up and he had a bad case of Maltese bed head so he was grumpy, too.

  11. Not an early riser and hot tea is my morning “coffee”! I’m looking forward to turning off the AC and opening the windows for those cool nights.

    1. Caffeine anytime during the day is a good thing in my books in whatever form (coffee, tea, or chocolate!). Only 33 days until the official arrival of autumn. 😊 Here’s to cool days and nights.

  12. Awww, I linked this post to Awww Mondays. I didn’t get to sleep in this morning but it’s wonderful when it happens.

    Have a fabulous day filled with just enough coffee. ♥

    1. I have always risen early but now it’s more centered on getting a walk in before the first anti-seizure med gets administered with sufficient recovery time after the first walk of the day to avoid any potential digestive issue. It’s always something when dealing with ‘royalty.’ BOL

  13. Sunrise is later each day so we too have been sleeping in a little longer at the Golden K. Regarding first day of school…. why is it these days that school starts in the middle of August the prime of vacation season and hot weather? (Rhetorical question unless you have an opinion on that). When I was a kid (uh oh – watch out when even an old fart starts a sentence with that) school started the Tuesday after Labor Day. We got out second week of June and had almost a full three months to drive our mom’s crazy and ge bored to death to the point of almost wanting to go back to school. I haven’t had a kid in school for years and this still drives me nuts, [Ok rant over. My thanks to the staff at Tails Ariund The Ranch for listening]

    Oh yeah – have a great week!

    1. We are in closely aligned cohorts since school when I was a kid started after Labor Day and ended in June. Kids seem to get more time off during the year for ‘in-service’ days for teachers so maybe that’s how they justify it. Seems weird to me but then again what can you do when you have an “I remember when” story?

      1. Another of us who remembers starting school in September (the Wednesday after Labor Day so teachers could use that Tuesday to get their stuff together), and getting out the 3rd Wednesday of June. And high school graduation was the last Sunday of June.

  14. Monday – a day of rest – well almost. We spent Friday getting the RFDS Stand ready at the Show and on Saturday I was on duty from 1pm to just after 8:30. Not as bad as it sounds. I was sitting down much of the time and we did have two Daleks in the next stand to keep us company. Sunday was busy so today – was reasonably quiet – after the two weekly shopping. Hope you have a great week.

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