Remembering Madi

While we didn’t know Madi, we do know that she was beloved here in Blogville. Today as Sam and I are visiting patients at West Pines, we are participating in a remember Madi blog hop hosted by Raz and our fur-iends, Rosy and the Gang.

The loss of a beloved pet is always hard and we know she will be greatly missed by her friends and family. Had we known Madi, no doubt we would have had oodles of poodles fun following along her ‘pawsome’ adventures. But because we didn’t, alas we have no personal smiles to share per se, and offer some remembrance poppies from our garden instead with the hope her family finds comfort from tender memories.

Live, love, bark! 🐾


32 thoughts on “Remembering Madi

    1. Losing a beloved fur-iend in Blogville is always hard and we wanted to share a tribute for her peeps.💔

    1. Thanks Ruby. From what I’ve read about Madi since the announcement, it was clear she was well thought of by all who knew her.

  1. Red poppies are purrfect as a tribute to Madi. You would have loved her if you’d known her. Her mom is still blogging (Down Home in NC), and I bet you’d enjoy her amazing love of life.

    1. From all I’ve read, she sounded like one truly special kitty. I hope her family finds some peace and comfort knowing how much she meant to everyone.

  2. That was just so very nice of you to do today for Madi. Her mom will be so appreciative of your thoughtfulness. And the red remembrance poppies are just perfect.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

    1. We wished we could have known her; she seemed like the kind of character we would have enjoyed.

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