New Dog in Town Wednesday

So…you know I had to get a bath and groom in order to dogtor this week. Sam here. Look what happened after mom trimmed my toes, nose and tail area. What the dog?! Seems there’s a Mini-Sam now but he seems more flexible than me. Mom even made him his own bandana. Maybe he’ll be less pesky than my Ninja sister.

Funny thing about Elsa on these days when I get a bath or groomed. She now goes MIA, the traitor. Used to be she would at keep me company when the water torture began and I used to think she would watch protect me. Now she leaves skid marks to avoid even being remotely close to me. Maybe she thinks it’s contagious. Don’t tell Elsa but I overheared mom mutter something about Elsa needing a clean up once she recovers from doing me.

Oops, gotta run get floofed up again after the water torture. Sigh. Today we’re visiting West Pines. That always makes me tail wagging happy to see the peeps there.

Mini Sam

Live, love, bark! 🐾

56 thoughts on “New Dog in Town Wednesday

  1. We try to run and hide too when mom gets ready to water torture us
    Hazel & Mabel

  2. There is no loyalty is there Sam? Our newest member Molly goes for evaluation on Sat. to see if she qualifies for Therapy Dog…not sure she’ll make it this time (more me than her) but if not we shall try again, she is just a year old now!! Fingers crossed!!

  3. Zeke hates baths so much, I pay to have it done. However, the new house has a real garage so, things is gonna change ’round here!

    Love the mini-me!! Ya kill me!

    1. Poor Zeke. He has Sam and Elsa’s deepest sympathies. Just remember, it’s the clean up after fighting with the dog that really tests your meddle. 🤣

        1. 😕 Sorry. It’s not horrible mind you, just mind numbingly time consuming. Luckily he probably doesn’t require bathing every month like Sam for his hospital visits.

    1. We won’t tell her that part…just spring it on her…and hope for the best. Gulp!

  4. Concerned about Elsa’s skid marks. Meanwhile, Sam is looking outstanding. Maybe you could save the mini-me and create a companion for your annual Elf on a Shelf. You know, put him on a box of pasta and have a Poodle on a Noodle. snorf.

    1. Poodle on a noodle! Only you’d come up with something like that.

      I swear, I thought Elsa was going to climb up the brick wall, she was determined to catch that dastardly squirrel.

    1. Heh, heh…Elsa ‘contributed’ a little for that. She wasn’t all that happy about it either. ☺️

  5. Don’t know how mom will manage now with two and a half poodles, but I have to say, you are looking good Sam. Enjoy West Pines, the peeps will love you.

    1. It’s gonna be oodles of poodles around here and that much more to share at West Pines. 😊

  6. Haha, your sister is steering clear because she doesn’t want to be next! Every dog for him or herself, Sam! 🙂

    1. 🛁This is no way to spend a glorious spring day. My sympathies to Lucy and Twiggy.

  7. You are so handsome, Sam! That’s just how my foot looks underneath my red boot but evil mom says that AireFeets are not supposed to look like PoodleFeets. Have fun at West Pines!

    1. You’re lucky you don’t have to have your toes crazed like me. The clipper tickles me something fierce!

  8. Your mom did a great job turning you into the dogtor, Sam. I think is funny how Lucy always watches me get groomed and bathed. Guess she thinks she’s safe. Xox Xena

  9. Hi Sam – I hope that you have a wonderful visit at West Pines today! You look fabulous. Perhaps you could bring mini-Sam with you on your visit?!?

    1. We will certainly try. I hope it means more treats for me for working so hard.

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