Nature Friday ~ December 14, 2018

Welcome to Friday where we join our fur-iends Rosy and her brothers from LLB in Our Backyard for more Nature Friday.

So far Denver has not had any significant snowfall. While snow has fallen in places that are far less used to it, we remain dry as a bone with breezy conditions most days. It did snow the day I left for Mexico last month; I was afraid I-70 might be adversely impacted for the ride out to the airport. But I arrived with plenty of time and in 3 hours I was sipping a tasty margarita on the beach in Mexico basking in upper 80’s temperature while folks back home were shoveling 4-6 inches of the white stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being on the beach but missed one of the very few storms we’ve had this year. The only other notable one was back in October when leaves were just beginning to fall. The bird bath proved to be a fine canvas for displaying a touch of autumn in the snow.

Autumn snow

The foreseeable forecast doesn’t offer any chance of snow but I’m hoping Denver enjoys some white stuff from a weather system soon from the outer edge of the Gulf Stream which normally would provide it in El Niño years like 2018-19. Till then we’ll try to get our butts in gear for Christmas preparations by making fudge today and hopefully sending out cards and starting some shopping. I know, it’s an ambitious plan, right? Then again, probably all that will be accomplished will be to store the bathroom scale until February 1st. I know my limitations.

Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend as you make your final push toward Santa Paws’ visit to all good dogs, cats, birds, bunnies and other pets. Happy weekend!

Live, love, bark! 🐾

63 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ December 14, 2018

  1. It’s funny that it’s so different down there. We’ve had a good year for snow so far… although most of our snowpack is from November. It’s been dry so far this month.

    I hope that your weekend was great!

    1. It’s been dry as a bone in NW Denver but I’ve heard Aurora has had several storms. The weather fronts are hopscotching over us 😬

  2. I started my shopping yesterday – didn’t get very far, but at least it was a start. As for fudge – I’d love some, but if I made it myself it would probably taste like what the nurses made in their tent in that one episode of MASH. 🤣

  3. The two snows we’ve gotten in St. Louis already have equaled the amount that fell in the past two winters combined, which were unusually dry (last year) or warm (2017). We did the Denver thing about a decade ago, though. That was the year it snowed in places like Vegas, mid Texas, New Orleans and even Florida early in the winter… but we didn’t see a flake until late January. Weirdness abounds…

  4. It sounds like you are getting into the Christmas spirit now! I hope you at least have some snow still on the ground, or a storm shows up so you’ll have a white one. As you know, we started out strong, but we haven’t really seen any snow for a couple weeks now; though we do expect a small storm tomorrow night. But we have plenty left that I’m not worried about our Christmas not being white! 🙂

    1. More like necessity is the mother of invention! LOL No snow remaining, just brown everywhere you look.

  5. We loved seeing your snow, we very seldom get snow and then it’s only a light dusting that melts by lunch so we always enjoy seeing snow.

    1. I miss it too, plus it’s a source of water in the metro area-the reservoirs are low already.

    1. I totally understand. The main reason I moan the fact we’ve not had any for such a long while are the extreme drought conditions we’re encountering.

  6. You knows, I would looooooves for it to snow here!!!! Alas, it hasn’t done that since 1969! I hopes you gets some soon. Our Winter so far has been pawsome ~ cold storms from the north, as nature intended! (that’s what Ma says, cause she HATES the sub-tropical ones with all their humidity ~ she’s a wimp when it comes to humidity! BOL!)
    Ma lol at your ‘hide the scale’ line ~ she is doin’ the same thingie! She has decided that she is goin’ to TRY to cut down on her sugar intake starting next month, and she doesn’t know how she’s gonna manage! Cause it’s gonna mean no root beer! she LOOOOVES root beer! (kinda like I likes margaritas! BOL!) Anyhu, she is eating all the good stuffs she can now before the new year ☺
    (I don’t thinks she’ll last a week btw…..)
    Ruby ♥

    1. Best of luck to your mum, Ruby…sugar has a stranglehold over me. They might as well call it crack cuz I’m very much addicted. *Sigh*

    1. We’ll keep our paws crossed but figure any storms coming from the PNW usually bounce over our side of town and hit the eastern suburbs. *Sigh*

  7. Monika,

    I like a snowfall now and again. I don’t even mind driving in it. It’s the other peeps who don’t know how to drive in it that I mind! LOL

    1. Especially the flat-landers! They scare the Be-Jesus outa me in normal weather and then they come to Colorado and think the big SUV they are driving is invincible. Ah yes, ice…the great equalizer no matter what vehicle you’re in!

  8. thank you. in her memory i will continue to use this picture when i post a comment. she had such a joy-filled smile. even saw the joy in her eyes.

  9. We had one storm a few weeks ago that gave us more snow in that one fall that we have had for a winter total in years. It didn’t last long so we are ready for more.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

    1. There’s nothing quite like romping in a fresh snow. Let’s hope we both get some. ❄️

  10. off topic..have not been up to writing this before. on Nov. 28th Lily passed away peaceful at the vets while we held her. for 14 years she has been my service dog and our heart dog. we had been to the vets two weeks earlier and diagnosed with Cushing. we decided to not take any action as she was doing well and not in pain.
    we we’re coming to terms with it and honestly thought we had a few months left. one morning she was her normal self then she wasn’t. we got her the vets within the hour. she was never in much pain and was fully alert. feel very blessed that she wasn’t in much pain.
    it happened so fast..a blessing but still a great shock.
    there is nature park with creek running thu it that we have taken Lily to since she was a puppy. she loved to romp and play and swim there. we plan to spread most of her ashes there. we found a beautiful frame that holds a picture on one half. the other half has a hook that holds a heart locket. there is a tiny vial inside to place ashes.
    I do need a service dog but can manage for now.
    i told my husband that it seems as though the floors in our home our littered with invisible tacks each holding a memory that hurt and brings tears. he agreed and untill the time comes when the memories bring us joy ( which we know will happen ) we won’t get another dog.
    Lily always slept next to my feet and legs. the cats would settle in and around Lily any where on the bed. since Lilys passing our cat Olivia has been sleeping curled up against my legs all night. even when I move alittle bit she settles right back against me. sometimes she will even lay across my legs. I truly believe she sensed my need. she is bringing me great comfort laying where Lily always slept.

    1. I hope the tender memories of days gone by provide some comfort. So sorry for your loss. 💔

  11. Our snow is mostly still here and more to come maybe tonight. 80 degrees sounds mighty nice about now
    Hazel & Mabel

  12. I love seeing the snow but not a fan of cold weather. LOL! Seeing other people and pups enjoy the white stuff is enough for me.

    1. I don’t mind snow, I like the seasonal changes. What I don’t enjoy is endless months of shoveling sidewalks or any wind, the later has been our constant companion most of the time. 😕

  13. We’ve had the cold, but not the snowfall …. traces several times. I’m sure it will come – but you’ll get it sooner. …. and you can have my share. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. I’d happily take it. The entire state is well below average for snowfall, despite some recent storms in the high country. Considering almost no snow fell last winter, I suspect it’ll be not very wet again this year. Happy weekend-catch up with you tomorrow on the pronouns musical challenge.

  14. The first snowfall is always met with such glee… by March? Buh-bye… ya lost all the glamour!
    That said, nothing better than a light snowfall on Christmas day…
    Enjoy the preps! I’m preparing for my last shift of work for the year! Woot!
    Then back to baking and stuff… 😉
    Have a great week-end, Monika and family

    1. I agree completely! Savor your last work shift and then savor those yummy goodies you’ll be whipping up. Have a great weekend!

  15. no significant snow yet here either. Guess what? We have family members coming in from Denver that we will see on December 26th….I figure that is when we will have our blizzard lol

  16. I remember flying into Denver once and there was quite a lot of snow. It was beautiful from the air.

    Enjoy your holiday prep. It’s such a busy time of year.

    Now to hide my scales.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the pups. ♥

    1. Sometimes I-70 to the airport is a regular ice rink. Mostly due to blowing snow but boy it can be treacherous and often shuts down farther east on the plains. Enjoy your Friday!

  17. We got your snow… come get it. There are still patches of it from three weeks ago in people’s yards
    fudge? I love fudge? Do you make it without corn syrup or powdered sugar (corn product) ? If so I need a recipe

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