Nature Friday ~ January 20, 2022

Setting the stage…{Classical music playing from the Bugs Bunny cartoons playing in the background}

Norman: {stretching} Wha…erm…what day is it?

Elsa: {y-a-w-n} Huh? Oh, you woke me up from a great dream to ask what day it is?

Norman: No, I just woke up and was a bit disoriented-mostly I was just thinking out loud. Well…do you know what day it is?

Elsa: Of course I know what day it is…it’s Sleep in Friday…that’s what day it is!

Norman: {eyes rolling} Oh sister…I think it’s actually Nature Friday, where we join the cute pups from Adventures of the LLB Gang in celebrating the wonderful moments in Nature.

Nature Friday

Elsa: Whatev. I still would love to go back to bed and resume dreaming but I know you never can pick up where you left off. So…whaddu got from Nature this week?

Norman: Well, dear sister…it was as Mum puts it…another yoyo week. We started out in the season of mud with a spot of Spring and then…well you know how it turned out.

Elsa: Oh yeah, I remember now {still yawning and stretching}. The dog run was a bit of a mess wasn’t it? Mom went crazy trying to keep our paws clean. Boy, she gets really wound up about muddy paw prints, doesn’t she?

Paw prints

Norman: Tell me about it…She grabbed me as soon as we came back inside with a chamois and began wiping me down. Ugh.

Elsa: Yeah, she nailed me too. Why are moms such clean freaks?

Norman: No clue. But the beginning of the week when she wasn’t zero-ing on my paw prints, she was squealing about something in the front garden.

Elsa: So that’s what she was doing. I heard her and when I looked at what she was checking out, I did the double, dog blink, rolled my eyes and walked back inside to steal one of your toys play with one of the new Christmas toys.

Norman: Mum told me she’s never seen anything like that in January. I had to look closely. Those little things were pretty small but I guess that shock of green really got her gardening juices flowing.


Elsa: What the…what are those things anyway?

Norman:  I think she squealed they were Hyacinths. She shooed me away saying they were dangerous to us dogs.

Elsa: Yeah, like we’d ever chew on anything like that?

Norman: Ha, ha, ha…good one, Elsa. I may only have been here 3 years but Angel Sam told me stories about all the weird things you’ve eaten.

Elsa: Yeah, yeah…doggone blabbermouth…ugh. Back on point, brother…what else do you have about “Nature” this week?

Norman: Well, Ninja…a couple of days after Mum was crowing about those teeny, tiny little hyacinths growing, this happened .


Elsa: Yeah, more snow. Makes you wonder how those Hyacinths are doing now, doesn’t it? Back to winter temps and snow. But isn’t January the driest month in Denver? We’ve received the most snow this January in 30 years. What the dog?!

Norman: Tell me about it. You know how I feel about snow. I keep wondering what I’ve done to deserve all this white stuff?


Elsa: Guess Nature exacts a heavy toll on oaf brothers.

Snow on trees

Norman:  Well, that was kind of rude.

Snow on trees

Elsa: Hey, I don’t write the rules…they just…are. I only report them.


Norman: It was sort of pretty, I guess. I’m glad Mum didn’t take me for a walk in it though. You know, I’ve got my aging joints to worry about.

Elsa: You’d come up with any kind of excuse to not have to go out in that weather. I, on the other hand, happily bounce outside. Snow doesn’t bother me, in fact, I love it.

Norman: There’s just no accounting for taste, is there?

Winter snow

Elsa: Wheeeeee! Bouncing through all that snow is what us Standards love to do.

Norman:  That’s not what Sam told me.

Elsa: Hey…he bounced with me on numerous occasions!

Norman: That may well be, but I think he’d prefer snuggling in Mum’s lap over shushing through drifts of snow. No matter how pretty it is.Snugglers

Elsa: You gotta admit, it sure makes for some comfy snoozing. Mom can go out walking and finding dripping icicles all she wants. Heck, I didn’t even mind sharing her lap with the likes of you.

Little icicles

Norman: You’re right, I’m right there with you little sister.

Elsa: Well that looks like that’s all from us this week. Mom did want me to tell everyone how much she appreciated all the kind thoughts and comments on whether she should continue to blog in the future. She was truly touched by everyone and that was the main reason she let us pen this week’s post in Nature Friday. Hopefully she’ll let us do more, I mean…after all, she’s a got a resident award-winning correspondent right in her house. I mean, how does it get any better than that?

Norman: {eyes rolling again} Yes, Ninja. She’s very lucky having us. Let’s wish everyone a great weekend. I personally hope everyone stays warm but fancies about in whatever Nature’s dishes out. I know Mum will. I just hope she lets me do what I do best (next to loving her).  Oh, and we want to wish everyone 新年快乐 (xīnnián kuàilè) a very Happy Chinese New Year.

Snoozing Norman

Live, love, bark! 🐾

58 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ January 20, 2022

  1. Aww! So good to hear from you both again. 🙂 Wonderful job. Love the photos of the snow, but I am like Norman would rather watch it from out the window, bundled up in a blanket.
    “what the dog!” That cracked me up, may be my new saying.
    Love hyacinths, I would have squealed too.
    Love to you both and your dear Mom! <3

    1. Thanks for the love. We all can use unlimited amounts of that, right? Mom loves those hyacinths and was flabbergasted to see them peaking their little heads out of the ground.

  2. Wonderful post and seriously… hyacinths to snow. It’s January! Did the plants not realise their folly?
    And what’s this? Did I miss a post stating you were not sure to keep on keeping on? Man… this falling behind is not a good thing for me…

    1. I know, right? Crazy. Mom’s been contemplating shutting the blog down for a while but she’s lately. We’ll see-Norman and I have volunteered to step in for a while till she gets her mojo back. She adores the readers and comradery but hasn’t been feeling creatively inspired lately. Paws crossed we can fill in for her until she feels better. 🤞🏼🐾🤞🏼🐾

      1. Maybe the solution is to post only when inspired? There need not be a schedule per se… Of course, I speak because I’ve been pretty scarce lately, myself. Hoping my mojo is on the return…

        1. Thanks. She’s still torn between occasional posts and growing her followers. It’s a hard line to navigate. But perhaps intermittent posts if better than shuttering our silly little acre of the ‘Net up. 🥰

    1. The whole situation is still in flux but we’re hopeful. Thanks for swinging by-visits are good from all Mom’s souls.

  3. My person gets excited about the hiya sis sprouts, too.
    And the ones that give the frogs their voices- the croak-assists.
    Haven’t seen any yet, though it’s been a real mild winter, doggone it.
    Maybe you could mail some of that snow to me or something, ’cause we’re running low here.



    1. Thank you, Sasha. Mom can’t even begin to think about crocuses…they’re one of her spring favorites. But winter will be here for a good 6 more weeks…even before we get the rodent report from the Groundhog in 11 days. 😆

  4. Yeah, our Mom isn’t too crazy about the mud either, but we three would love it if we could get some of that snow here. Today we had rainy snow, it melted before it hit the ground:(

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

    1. We’ll put in an order for you tonight. We had more flurries today and a big storm is expected Monday. 😲

  5. Rabbits and cats…do they get along?? We were wondering about that…depends on the culture I guess.
    Some of our tree buds are looking fat…hope they stay closed…and I am sure fruit farmers around here, hope so too.

    Nice snuggles, you guys! We are doing a lot of that too, with all the dreary wet, drizzly days we’ve been having. We might even forget what the sun looks like, and bright blue skies?? Where have they gone?

    1. We doubt that rabbits and cats get along. Rabbits seem wary of anything that moves. What IS it about Nature’s clock being so crazy despite all signs that should make it easy for it to operate normally? Talk about head scratching! Hope blue skies arrive soon. Living in a state that is known for its 300+ days of sunshine, cloudy days bug us too. Hopefully blue skies will arrive soon. 🤞🏼

    1. She’s become OCD obsessed with her Apple watch and the closing rings. Yesterday was too cold/snowy/icy for her to do much walking about the neighborhood so she walked around the house 9,000 times. We both got dizzy watching her and took a nap without her. Humans are such weirdos.
      Your fur-iends,
      Elsa & Norman 🐾

  6. We’re all glad to see you both, especially cuddling in your Mom’s lap, which we wouldn’t be able to do if she stopped blogging. The weather’s still schizophrenic here, too. XOX Lucy, Chia, Riley and Xena

    1. Schizophrenic is an understatement. Glad you enjoyed our share. We’re trying to boost Mom’s mental health so she’ll feel more comfortable about continuing to blog. We know she’d miss it if stopped so all this encouragement should be good for her soul. Stay warm (and dry) this weekend.

    1. Thanks, John. We just wish she’s stop being so compulsive about shoveling the walks and spend more time with us. Have a good weekend.

    1. We heard something about a storm warning for parts south of us so maybe this weekend? Either way, we hope you have a pawsome one.

  7. Elsa & Norman, Mother Nature is quite puzzling. No snow here, and even though we had our coldest Christmas in 30 years weather since has been Spring-like. The snow looks lovely in your pictures and I would love to vicariously live through these and let snow try again to come here next Christmas. I was thinking of doing a post down the road when our hyacinth sprouts forth. It is as resilient as any plant I have ever seen. It lives near our front porch, and no matter whether we’ve had 80 inches of snow and ice on top of it or not, it at least makes an attempt to be all it can be every year. Here’s to clean paws, warm hugs, and shared toys for the weekend!

    1. Mother Nature seems quite hormonal, Bruce. We’re never seen hyacinths sprouting this early (and it’s been chilly as is typical during the National Western Stock Show for some weird reason). There’s more snow in the forecast but we’d be happy to kiss it on the forehead and forward it on to parts east of us. 😉 Have a good weekend.
      Your furry pals,
      Elsa & Norman 🐾

  8. Sleep-inn Furiday here two Sweet Norman!!! Iss freezin rain an sum snow… iss reelly confused!!
    Sweet Norman mee lovess yore sleepin foto….bring THE nappin on!
    Lovelee fotoss Miss Monika!
    Elsa yore liek BellaSita allwayss wantin to bounce inn THE snow 😉
    ***nose kissess*** BellaDharma an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum

    1. When it’s cold, sleeping in seems like the perfect way to spend the day. We hope your weekend is totally ‘furbulous!’

    1. At this point we’re beginning to wonder if there’s such a things as too much pretty? 😆

    1. How in the bloody blue blazes is that possible??? Hopefully (if you are so inclined at this point in the season) it’ll arrive soon.

    1. It’s especially strange since January is the driest month of the year. And yet we’ve received more snow this January than in the past 30+ years. Soooo weird!

        1. We’ve had snow in early May the past few years. I think at this point, I’d be happy with just some nice rain. 😉

    1. With our elevation at a mile high, snow is expected but THIS much snow in the driest month of the year, is truly odd.

  9. Oh what a wonderful post!!! Interesting (of course!) conversations and gorgeous photos of winter in all her COLD majesty. We STILL are awaiting our first snow as usually we’ve had at least one by now. WOW on hyacinths already poking up through the cold earth – they are lovely to see but (as one of you knows!) not good to eat. You all stay warm and happy. We’re just always happy to see your Mom doing a post so we can see what you’re up to!!!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

    1. You’re too kind, Teddy and Mom. Thank you. After the latest 7″ of snow we received, we’re wondering about those hyacinths now.

  10. It is that time of year isn’t it? Where Ol’ Ma Nature assumes the role of her evil twin sister and messes with our psyches! Boots or shoes? Sweater or jacket? Actually after living in the atmospheric river the past few weeks I’d welcome a tee shirt and flip flip day! We’ve got sun in the forecast and high 40’s for the next 10 days and I will take what Ma gives me and like it. 😎

    1. To which we can add, igloo or {fill in the blank}. Hope you guys start drying out soon. We hope the next storm skips us 🤞🏻but we’ll have to see (as of this minute light flurries are falling again). Have a nice dry weekend.

    1. Thanks. We’re trying to show Mom we can do it in case she favors a bit of a break. 😉

  11. Tomorrow is National Hugging Day. Jus’ sayin’.
    You have hyacinths sprouting????!!! Lucky you! And here I thought it had been one of the colder winters we’ve seen in a long time. I do not understand what prompts plants to sprout.

    1. That’s what we thought. Mother Nature continues to be very confused. We’ll be sure to tell Mom about tomorrow. We can never get enough hugs from her! Here’s hoping Teagan and Zoe get their fair sure this weekend.

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