MVP Monday ~ February 4, 2019

Puppy BowlHappy Monday morning all your armchair quarterbacks. Elsa here. So…I expect you watched the big game yesterday? No, not that game. We’re talking about Animal Planet’s cuteness fest, Puppy Bowl XV. Mom just couldn’t bear to watch the other one so while she finished up sewing a few things for a baby present she wants to send off, I laid my head in her lap and snoozed watched. Talk about entertainment-I mean a couple of times her giggling even woke me up. Even the halftime show hit some truly ‘pawsitive’ notes with a ‘pawformance’ by Purr-oon 5 featuring Adam Feline.

If you’ve watched before, you will recognize referee Dan Schachner. Dan has been the ref for all the Puppy Bowl games and a big supporter of fostering, bring one little pup from The Sato Project back from Puerto Rico that he will foster in Brooklyn until it’s adopted.

If you live in the US and have never watched the Puppy Bowl, you have missed out on a great opportunity to see gobs of shelters from all over the country providing adorable pets just waiting for their chance to find the ‘pawfect fur-ever’ home. This year was no exception. With contestants heralding from 51 shelters coming from 23 states (as well as Puerto Rico), there was an adorable pet just waiting for you. Big, small, long or short-haired, long-legged, big-boned, fluffy or smooth…you name it, it was there. Plus the entertainment of kangaroo cheerleaders, a ring-tailed parrot named Meep who handles the social media tweets, Shirley the Sloth in a return appearance as a co-referee, hamsters,  baby porcupines and a Capybara filling in as mascots, well trust me…there was something for EVERYONE. Add lots of zoomies up and down the playing field and it was a fun-filled event.

One thing extra special this year was the addition of a couple of competitors who were special needs pets which made Mom sniff a few tears. You know us special needs pets are harder to place and all too often we are euthanized. Bumble, a 20 week old Lab/Chow mix was hearing and sight-impaired and came from Double J Dog Ranch shelter in Idaho. Isn’t she precious?

Puppy Bowl
Bumble, Puppy Bowl XV Game voted MVP by fans

Will, a 18 week old Old English Sheepdog-Cocker Spaniel mix heralding from Doodle Rock Rescue in Texas was born with a defect in a front leg. He competed in the starting lineup with a temporary prosthetic along with MVP Bumble, who managed to score a field goal. Proving once again that us special needs dogs can lead full and productive lives just like any one else.

Puppy Bowl
Will, the special needs OES mix

How cool is that?! I’d have loved wrestling romping and barking with these pups. Mom sure laughed at their antics of all these wonderful pups, and we realized every single one of them was a Howl of Famer in our eyes. Did you watch Puppy Bowl or that other game? Did your team win? Team Fluff may have prevailed in the high scoring Puppy Bowl XV game and will no undoubtedly bark about winning the “Lombarky” Trophy, but we think all the puppies and kitties were winners in our eyes.

Puppy Bowl

Live, love, bark! 🐾


72 thoughts on “MVP Monday ~ February 4, 2019

  1. Luke gets way too excited about any animals on TV, so we can’t watch!! Hubby watched some of the football game, you kind of have to when you live in New England (only I didn’t…but don’t tell…LOL).

    1. How funny that Luke gets amped up. Neither of my two knuckleheads seem the slightest bit interested in TV animals whether they play football or not. 🤣

    1. The NFL is killing itself slowly. They’ve lost sight of the game aspect. I hope all the featured pups and kitties find their forever homes.

  2. Watched the highlights and it looks like a lot of work and love went into the organizing of this. Thank you for letting us see this.. Have no idea about anything else – the “Super Bowl” is not shown here.

    1. Glad you were able to check it out. The so-called Super Bowl wasn’t exactly what we’d call super so you didn’t miss much. 😊

  3. We do not get Animal planet, wish we could have watched. We did watch the boring game
    Hazel & Mabel

  4. What, no squirrels? Who wouldn’t want to adopt a precious little shelter squirrel, maybe with a chip in its front tooth. Give the players something to chase around?

    1. Sorry you missed it. If you are so inclined Animal Planet has some videos and of course a full line up of the starters. Hope whatever it was that occupied your time was enjoyable.

  5. I did watch some of the puppy bowl, butts Ma missed the OES!!! OMD, she is in looooooves with the OES mix! She thought he was a stuffie at furst! Oh, what a cutie! She would take him in a second if it wasn’t for MOI!!! You knows she loves the OES”s ☺ (should I be offended???? geesh.)
    Anyhu, sorry the Rams lost. was really rooting for them. Maybe next year her Niners can make it….heheheeee
    Ruby ♥

    1. I know how your mum feels…about football teams and OES’s. I’m thinking about getting another one-wouldn’t that make for a pawsome therapy dog for when Sam retires from visiting patients?!?!

    1. Luckily there are lots of videos on Animal Planet to wash the NFL stench off. Just saying. 😇

      1. You’re right about that. And I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have mentioned last nights dumpster fire and the Puppy Bowl in the same comment. Yikes . . I did it again! 🙂

  6. The Puppy Bowl is always so much fun to watch. And compared to the real SuperBowl, it was way more exciting. How wonderful that they included those with special needs too!!!

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

    1. It was so much better than the football game. Dogs don’t play politics either. 😉

  7. I love the Puppy Bowl and love the referee. They had a Basset Hound this year in the senior division. #BeStillMyHeart I also laugh so much at their play-by-play.

  8. We didn’t watch either game. We watched some MASH episodes and then “The Darkest Hour”. The Puppy Bowl just isn’t hubby’s cup of Puppacino, what can I say. And neither of the teams playing the other game interest him, which made he happy.

    1. We rooted for Team Ruff too but would have been equally happy if Team Fluff would have won. It was an afternoon of good belly laughs. 😊

  9. Oh, that must have been so puppy fun🐶 We don’t have these games in our Country, but will check out the linky on animalplanet. We’re ready for it😸Pawkisses for a Happy Monday🐾😙😻

    1. It truly was a hoot. Hope you can see the videos. Worth it. You’d love the kitties, Binky.

  10. It was the best puppy bowl ever. I loved seeing the place that takes in hundreds of strays!!! The dogs all get along very well too. The special needs dogs broke my heart! The resilience of them gave me strength!

  11. If we had television that’s what we would have watched. Haven’t watched football in years and now that it’s a political statement don’t ever intend to watch football ever. This is far more fun.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays. Couldn’t help myself.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

    1. Aww, thank you. Between the absurd politics and the endless commercials, I’ve pretty much stop watching football too. The puppy bowl makes me far happier.

  12. Alas, I did not watch the puppy bowl. I watched the snooze fest bowl for reasons unknown other than it’s a lifelong habit to watch “America’s biggest sporting event of the year”. There were a few good commercials which kept my four investment from being a total bust. Hope you and the Ranch hands have a great week. We’re supposed to get snow at The Golden K starting this afternoon. I’m looking forward to seeing how Koda reacts; as if I don’t already know… 🙃. Wish me luck containing her “unbridled enthusiasm.

    1. The Super Bowl commercials are the only reason to watch anymore but I heard a number of regulars passed this year. The NFL is slowly killing itself with its politics and endless breaks in the game. No fun to watch any more. You can see some videos and the full line up on Animal Planet’s webpage. I loved the national anthem segment (no one complained about pups sitting in solidarity for other pups in shelters). Check out

        1. America could take notes from its northern neighbor. I heard about the big traffic jam in Quebec where people ended up playing hockey while they waited for it to clear.

          1. Indeed! It was so funny… not the accident from hell but whiling away the time till all became unblocked. So Canadian – or rather, so Quebecer!

  13. we sadly have no puppy nor kitty bowl and also the commercials are the same boring stuff here like always… we are dogtired today and a little sad for the rams …

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