Nature Friday ~ April 5, 2019 Edition

It’s Friday-yippee we made it! Please join us as we visit our friends, Rosy and her brothers from LLB in Our Backyard for this week’s edition of the Nature Friday Blog Hop. Spring has definitely sprung this week. Warm days in the 70’s have coaxed loads of springtime bulbs to bloom and with all the snow we received this winter, they are quite lovely.

Come along with us on our walk, where we took a different route to see what else was blooming around the ‘hood. We first came upon a front strip of bi-colored tulips. This formal garden is laid out symmetrically with straight borders along the sidewalk and around the house (unlike my hodge-podge cottage garden).


Pops of red make quite the statement in an early spring garden shouting to all pollinators, “Stop here, free lunch!”

Tulip Flowers

Further along our walk, we came upon another sunny border of pretty hyacinths. I’ve now seen hyacinths in six colors from white, pale yellow, pink, magenta, lavender and deep purple varieties. This border makes me long for a sunnier front garden since part of the day my garden is shaded by a large tree. Still they can’t be beat for fragrance and splashy color and even Sam buries his snout in these beauties for a nice deep inhale of their exquisite fragrance. It should be noted that most spring bulbs are poisonous for pets and definitely monitored when encountering them.

Apologies for the excessive bokeh effect; I had to hang over the fence to capture these blooms and was nervous I’d either fall on my head or get all tangled up upside down on the chain link fence. Imagine that for a moment. Entertaining for the you perhaps, but definitely not pretty.

Hyacinth Flowers

Many neighbors have started setting out pansies which do well despite chilly evenings and provide needed color in a brown landscape. Planting tender annuals doesn’t occur around here before Mother’s Day due to frost dangers. We’ve even experienced snow squalls in the first week of May over the past couple of years so patience is definitely a virtue when gardening here. Pansies with their smiling faces provide us cabin fevered peeps an easy way to shake off the winter doldrums.


We hope you are able to take a walk around your neighborhood this weekend and see how spring is waking up. Enjoy a spot of nature and have a terrific weekend.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾


66 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ April 5, 2019 Edition

    1. It’s winter here today too but before it got too bad, I went out and found some more gorgeous tulips to savor. At least on screen if not in person. 😊

  1. Sadly, nothing like that around here, just dull green bushes and the flowers that I did plant were killed off with the week long heatwave when the temp climbed to 49.5C. Oh well, I can still admire other’s flowers.

    1. Well hopefully we’ll always have something especially just for you. 😍

  2. Looks like not only Spring is in, but your writers block is open too again 😀 Great pictures and the tulips look amazing. We’re still waiting for ours to open up🌹Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead🐾😽💞

    1. Thanks, Binky. Some days are better than others. Here’s hoping your tulips open soon to decorate the garden.

  3. Oh Ma loooooves the hyacinths! they smell amazin’! I wouldn’t knows, they are in ‘jail’….somethings about me not getting anywheres NEAR them…..sigh.
    Anyhu, such beautiful blooms! I loved them all!
    Ruby ♥

    1. Your mum is good to restrict your presence. I can’t think of any springtime bulbs that aren’t toxic to pups. It’s one way of saying how much she loves you and there are probably enough around for her to still enjoy their beauty.

  4. Your flowers are SO BEAUTIFUL! Some spring flowers popped up around our apartment because the lawn guys planted them all over the place yesterday. Poof! Flowers everywhere! I am not allowed to step on them…

    Love and licks,

    1. We’re at an advantage with our high altitude-the sunshine wakes up spring bulbs even though it’s chilly at night.

  5. What lovely flowers coming in! It’s amazing how 1,000 ft elevation difference between your ‘hood and ours makes such a difference – we don’t have any flowers popping up yet here. Just tiny specks of green on the edges of some lawns. I’m looking forward to the “bloom”!🌷

    1. The green is also a welcome sight. If the deer don’t trample or nosh on them, your bulbs should be appearing soon. 🤞🏼

    1. That hyacinth scent is definitely something else. Can’t get enough of it!

  6. Pansies!!! They were my mom’s favorite. My neighbor from up here was just telling me that he can grow those in the summer – wow! Sometimes I feel as if you and I live on different continents. There are NO flowers up here yet. Just lots and lots of snow – sigh. Keep posting your flower photos 🙂 Thanks!

    1. 😍 You’re too sweet. We’re happy to share one of the few advantages to city living these days.

  7. Thanks for the lovely walk. We are about 6 weeks behind where we usually are in our spring blooms…too much rain and cold. I never thought I would say that.

    1. But the California poppies have been incredible this year due to all the rain!

  8. Some great flowers. This week we officially launched Spring planting season for both home and garden. Up to my elbows in mulch. But given my luck, expect a snowstorm, cyclone, tsunami or…dare I mention the word…earthquake.

    1. Let’s hope the weather cooperates enough to finish everything on the AJF’s list. For your sake. 😇

  9. I love them all, but those tulips are especially striking with those bright colors! I can’t wait for our flowers to show up here!

    1. I’ve been trolling for some bright pink ones-so far they’re not out yet but hopefully soon.

  10. the flowers are gorgeous! We can walk around our neighborhood all we want………it’s early April…………we don’t get any flowers blooming til late April early May 🙂

    1. Well bummer for you guys. It’s still pretty brownish here but at least we have early bulbs blooming. The advantage of being at a mile high in elevation, I guess. Have a super weekend!

  11. Spring is absolutely my favourite season, new life, new hope the signs of everything coming back to life after a long winter spent resting…it fills my heart with anticipation! Thank you for sharing the beauty that is your world!!

    1. Our pleasure. After the winter we’ve had, this earth renewal is a very good thing. ☺️

  12. What a wonderful stroll you took us on. And puh-leeze, why worry about the bokeh effect? All the photos were lovely! Have a most wonderful week-end, lovely lady!

    1. Thank you, sweet Dale. I tried to capture the pink and purple in that row of hyacinths but strangling myself on the fence wasn’t enticing enough to make a complete fool of myself. 🤪

        1. Thanks, me too. Besides arms, legs and a big backside sticking through a fence are not attractive. One bit! 😆

    1. Sorry for the rainy weather, but you know what it brings…eventually. Have a good weekend. Stay warm.

        1. We try to be optimistic around here. You have to be with the knuckleheads. 😆

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