Wish I Was There Wednesday ~ April 3, 2019


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42 thoughts on “Wish I Was There Wednesday ~ April 3, 2019

  1. When I was a little girl I drew voraciously…..and…I was COMPLETELY and TOTALLY obsessed with windmills and tulips. I was ALWAYS drawing windmills with tulips by them. To this day I have no clue why I was so obsessed with them! Maybe from a former life? lol

    1. Indeed it would; I’m battling technology dragons and losing. I’d much prefer to be looking at a beautiful old windmill. *Sigh*

    1. It’s a really interesting place to visit. And on a gorgeous day, the view can’t be beat.

    1. Good point, though economy of scale isn’t quite the same. The modern world is hard to easily navigate with stuff like that.

  2. Very pretty!!! After winter here in the hills, I’d rather get very far away from anywhere that someone might build a windmill because…. that means that they have wind!!! But I’d visit that windmill in non-wind season!

    1. It seems as if life along the Front Range is windier than ever. Not crazy about that either.

    1. Modern day windmills aren’t exactly the most aesthetic looking devices. I am convinced the saying “I remember when…” is a clear sign of old age. 😉

  3. OK, I can’t resist the oldest of windmill jokes…
    Two windmills are standing in the field.
    One asks the other “what kind of music do you like?”
    “Do you like ‘Blowing in the Wind?”
    “No,” replies the other. “I’m not a….fan.”
    Snorf. I’ll leave now.

  4. That is a beautiful old windmill. That sky is the most perfect blue!

  5. A mouse lived in a windmill in old Amsterdam
    A windmill with a mouse in and he wasn’t grousin’
    He sang every morning, „How lucky I am
    Living in a windmill in old Amsterdam!“

    Goodness that’s a blast from the past!!

    1. Howe adorable. The pictured windmill is a ways away from Holland, it’s located in Germany where I’ve seen a number of them. Here’s to mousies everywhere. 🐭

    1. In Europe they value old structures, here in the states, not as much. It was such a beautiful day when I saw that windmill.

    1. 😁 It’s closer to you than to me. Sorry if it’s chilly on your side of the pond.

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