Monday Musings ~ April 8, 2019

It’s T-minus six days until the premier of the final season of The Game of Thrones…but who’s counting. It’s been way too long since hunky Jon Snow graced our television screens and at least at my house, his absence has been sorely missed. He may know nothing, but who cares? Am I right? I am however feeling slightly gypped that there are only six seasons for the beloved series’ final season. What the bloody blue blazes, HBO? #notfair

Then there’s the dwarf Lannister who has entertained us over the years and reminded us that true to his family motto, “always paid his debts.” Couldn’t help but chuckle with this pun which has been floating around social media lately. Elsa was quite willing to ‘pass along’ her updated version of the PSA to start out the week.


We hope you had a lovely weekend and that this smile is the beginning of a terrific week, culminating with the season premiere. Let’s hope the final season satisfies ‘The Pack Survives’ needs.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

87 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ April 8, 2019

  1. Pawtacular Elsa!
    HuMom hasn’t watched that series but knows your pain when a favourite comes to an end. She always feels a pinch of grief but then reminds herself that wooftastic series knows when & how to end a wagnificent story🐾
    Have a furbulous week🐾
    💜nose nudges 💜

    1. In entertainment, nothing lasts forever so we can only hope there’s something else as good. 🤞🏼

  2. I know I am totally retarded. I’ve never watched it.
    And they are mean like hell to make a last season with only 6 episodes…

    1. In fairness, a couple of episodes are feature length but for fans in the last season, probably not enough. 🙃

      1. I shall, one day, treat myself to a binge-watch of it. Right now, I’m bingeing on “Justified” – cowboys and hillbillies, lotsa shootings and a bit of whoopie and cussing – what’s not to like?

          1. Ain’t he just yummy? Ah fand maself speakin’ with a suthern ayccent after watchin’ 5-6 episodes in a row…

              1. Ah tells ya… ah we supposed to lahk such a hoodlum? He has got hisself a chahm that is irresistible ain’t he?

                1. I knew he was rotten to the core but he was one bad guy I had a strong affinity for. This probably explains my love life (being attracted to those bad guys!! Bwahahaha.

                    1. I have seen who’s coming in. Man. So much talent has already dropped by – sad to see Margo Martindale go, at least it was via “Apple Pie” – that broad is terrific. (literally – they all drop eventually, don’t they?) and so much is coming.

                    2. Wasn’t she fabulous?! Love that woman. She was awesome in The Americans series too.

                    3. That’s another good series from FX about the Cold War. Kerri Russell and Matthew Rhys are fabulous (and became romantically involved during the filming of it and eventually married). Nice chemistry and she. is. a. bada$$. character. Despised the daughter’s character though-she’s a bit of a know-it-all brat.

                    4. Those two played lovers in one of my favourite movies “August Rush”… No, dummy. That was Jonathan Rhys Meyers. d’oh! LOL (Figured I’d leave it all out here so you can see my thought process)
                      So. Another one to check out. Sheesh I am SO behind on good shows.

                    5. Bwahaha! Rhys, Schmys! So close but no cigar. Yeah, there is a lot of good content out there though I’m trying to watch less. Some days I do better than others. Don’t want my brain to turn into more mush than it already is! 🤫

                    6. LOL! Yeah. No. I was typing away and then felt my eyes go back to your comment. Yo, dumbass (to self) ya di’n’t read the name right! I am a binger. I have some shows that tape all by themselves – have been for years – that I watch while I cook. And there are others (Like Justified) where I have to force myself to stop after 4-5 episodes.
                      What’s wrong with mush?

                    7. Not. a. bloody. thing! Ok, so I’m justifying my mushy brain, but there are times when it’s important to ‘escape’ especially in this political climate which is guaranteed to drive one’s blood pressure up. I have the Game of Thrones HBO marathon on right now. It’s lovely background noise (I absolutely LOVE that theme song and opening minute while it plays before each episode) and I’ve seen every episode more than once!

                    8. That’s what I’m sayin’.
                      And, you ready for this? I have never watched Game of Thrones. Except for one episode where that chick was walking naked, food being thrown at her, and the nun clanging her damn bell yelling ‘Shame! Shame!’ I was thinking poor woman and when mentioned it to a friend they yelled at me “Bitch deserved it!” I said to myself, Alrighty then. Keep your mouth shut and your head down until you finally find it in you to watch it…
                      I don’t have damn HBO so I can’t binge. But one day.

                    9. Bwahaha! Yeah, your friends were totally right. Cersei Lannister is one wicked woman! I think HBO hooked me with one of their free weekends which is probably how they manage to snag a fair number of subscribers. I piggyback off my daughter’s NetFlix account to watch some of that stuff. Seems fair, she has my Costco account benefits. LOL

                    10. LOL!
                      I share my Netflix with my boys and my youngest pays for Amazon Prime (which is where I am watching Justified) so. Fair is Fair.
                      I got HBO for the two months of True Detective. Then flushed it again when it was over 😉

                    11. Season 1 was AWESOME. I couldn’t get into the subsequent one but have read good things about the most recent one. Luckily there’s on demand I can tap into if I don’t have enough variety to watch. As if! 😇

                    12. The ways to game free stuff is sometimes a narrow path. *Sigh*

                    13. ’tain’t free! So I don’t feel bad using it. Costs about the same as Netflix. I have friends with “Streamers” and I dunno…

                    14. I know…it’s hard to keep the Hulu’s, Hulu Plus, etc. options straight. It’s only free when your kid pays for it. 😉

                    15. Buahaha! Well, like I mentioned… fair exchange. He has binged on How I Met Your Mother, The Office, That 70’s Show and now is watching Friends.
                      He never watches a thing on Prime. I’ve watched Mr. Robot and now Justified, maybe next I’ll finally do the GoT thing.

                    16. I figured I brought ’em into the world, they owe me. LOL Not really, but combining memberships is a good way to help us all out. #notthevanderbilts

                    17. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Or a free streaming service in our world. LOL

  3. We too are anxiously awaiting the final season of GOT. It may be only 6 episodes but many of them are over an hour and near 1 1/2 hours long so that kind of makes up for the short season.

  4. Elsa…winter is going. I read all the books but never saw a single episode until I was flying to Japan and put one on the screen on the back of the seat. I happened to hit a major nude scene ( the dragon lady) just as a Mom and little kids strolled down the aisle pointing and giggling. AJF looked at me in disgust. Felt like Joe Biden.

  5. BOL…what a great Meme with Elsa! I have never gotten past the first season of GoT(Have read thebooks tho)…Waiting for the show to conclude so I can power through the whole thing.

    1. As you can imagine, the books are ‘somewhat’ different than the series. But the series is still quite entertaining!

    1. There’s definitely a lot of blood and gore, but the character development makes it worth it. If you like fantasy type programs, this is definitely a good one.

    1. A couple of the episodes are ‘feature length’ (80 minutes or better) but still…it almost seems there won’t be a reason to keep paying for HBO after it’s done. 😞

  6. Monika,

    I didn’t even realize it was coming back next week! LOL.

    I got HBO last year JUST for the final season, and then forgot about it. As for the six episodes, isn’t every episode like an hour and a half? That’s the great thing (one of) about the show, every episode feels like a movie.

    1. Just a few are ‘feature’ length, the others are more normal. The series has been so intense-I’m sure that’s why they seem longer. How many wars and devious plots can you cram into each episode? 😊

      1. I loved it for the fact that nobody was safe. And I screamed at it for the fact that nobody was safe. And then I drank a couple beverage of choice, cursed and watched it again.

          1. Don’t even get me started on Red Wedding. I remember I was on the phone with my gal pal, enjoying brew number whatever it was and LOVING the . . as I called them “It Couple” . . .Robb and Talisa.

            And then.

            1. EXACTLY!! But I should have known, I mean they killed off Ned Stark early in the first season!

                1. No kidding. And yet (here again another kid actor-insert appropriate expletive about that) they kept that hideous King Joffrey going for a long time. I’m surprised you didn’t hear me cheering when his MIL offed him!

                  1. Ugh! King Joffrey was the most annoying little shit in the history of annoying little shits. I probably didn’t hear you cheering because I was cheering too!

                    1. I almost felt bad for the guy-he gave up acting because his character was so despised by everyone. Couldn’t handle the horrible backlash…and threats. What is wrong with people?

                    2. That is just sad! I do believe we are living in a present day “Bread and Circuses” world. It’s disturbing.

    1. I have so enjoyed this series and jealous of your premiere party. Have a blast and enjoy this last season. I’ve heard one spoiler that bummed me out. I was rooting for that character.

  7. I’ve not seen this show, but we just have Netflix and Amazon Prime. We don’t watch much of anything. It’s good to have a show you love though. We’ve found many on Netflix that have been most fun.

    We had a nice weekend on our boat. It was warm and the sun was shining.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

    1. NetFlix is a great way to watch some series and they certainly have some original content that is quite good. Enjoy another great week.

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