Nature Friday ~ August 2, 2019

Hello troopers. I see you’ve made it to another Friday. Elsa here. HuMom told me she’s up to her eyeballs in alligators working on a couple of big projects and said I could be responsible for today’s post. Well actually she wanted my brother to do it but he passed. Not sure how that works, but I’m going to give it a go nonetheless. Like always we’re joining our ‘fur-iends’ Rosy and her brothers from LLB in Our Backyard. Be sure you visit them and all the other excellent contributors.

While I was pawing through her 87 jillion images (whew, that lady has got some serious organizing to do when she’s done with her projects), I came across a photo from before my time. Boy do I wish I could have been there with her and my brother that morning. Sloans Lake is an urban, man-made lake in the park with the same name that’s just a hop, skip and jump from the Ranch. There are lots of water sports activities on the lake, some ‘furbulous’ walking paths around it and a spectacular view of downtown Denver. And the geese…oh my! What strange and unfriendly creatures they can be. Can you imagine they want nothing to do with a gorgeous girl like me? I know…hard to believe. I just want to say hello for crying out loud but they don’t want to be sniffed by Ninja’s I guess and will let you know in no uncertain terms.

Sloans Lake

Sadly we don’t get over there as much as we’d like, it can be jammed with visitors which makes me go into full-on Ninja mode anxious but when we do make special trips, boy are we rewarded. A walk around the lake when it’s not crowded is well worth it.

Sloans Lake

This time of year, Rose of Sharon bushes are blooming and the ones here have gigantic flowers. Mom won’t let me go near them. Those blooms while very attractive to dogs in ‘pawticular,’ are extremely toxic and bad for us fur-babies. Be sure to click on the link to learn about the dangers of this shrub with pets.

Rose of Sharon

Well that’s it for me. I need to go harass play with my brother and then take my morning nap. Have a great weekend. We hope there are some beautiful sunrises in store for you this weekend. Mom hopes to have a big announcement soon so stay tuned.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾


70 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ August 2, 2019

    1. Us epi-warriors do better I think where there are less peeps and dogs around. Enjoy a lovely weekend.

  1. Thanks for sharing, Elsa! What a beautiful lake and a beautiful flower. We’re glad to know it needs to be kept away from the pups.

  2. You did great, Ninja Elsa. And good warning not to eat the Sharon flowers. What’s your Mom’s announcement? You can whisper it to us,…we won’t tell. Xox Lucy and Xena

  3. I am told that the big white birds at the wetlands are wild geese and the big duck looking birds are Muscovy Ducks. The ducks – ok but not really sure if they are wild geese or just some other form of big duck. Either way, they are non-aggressive. The Wetlands Kiosk is very popular. with locals and visitors alike.

    1. You’re lucky; Canadian Geese are big and grumpy toward peeps and pets and do not suffer the curious very well.

    1. They are about 5-6″ across. But that color is something else. Yes, vibrant says it all.

  4. Elsa you write so beautifully and thank you for sharing those photos!!!!! Just gorgeous! You did a pawesome job! We are excited to hear Mom’s announcement, we can’t wait! xoxo

    1. Thanks, we’ll all be glad when she’s finished. She’s been grumpy working on it for 87 days.

  5. We had over thirty geese when we lived in France…they were fine with us and our dogs, but distinctly grumpy with everyone else. They certainly put the gendarmerie to flight when they came to see if we had a permit to keep said geese in one of the bird ‘flu scares. Heard no more of that…
    Luckily a friend with a lake at a fair distance from his house took them when we moved…and it seems that eventually they accepted him and his family.

    1. Thanks; since we’re always up at sunrise, a pretty one seems a fair trade.

  6. Elsa,

    You chose truly beautiful photos… I know about the overabundance of those things. Mom has them in paper form and at least three gazillion on computer… Ridiculous, really. She needs to get organised but says there are other matters more important.

    Anyway. That’s a tough situation, those geese. Much as they are quite aggressive, I would hate to seem them all destroyed. That would be pawful.

    Anyway. Looks like Mom wants me to move. She wants to pass that awful thing called a vacuum and I hate it.

    Have a fantastic Friday!


    1. Thanks Zeke. My mom has digital as well as boxes of film that also needs to be digitized. Mom says she doesn’t understand how Mother Theresa, Madame Curry and other accomplished notables did it-she thinks they got more than 24 hours a day.

      1. She is right!! Mom says the same thing.
        Lemme tell you, the way she goes on, her retirement is gonna be busier than she is now!

  7. Beautiful and I would love to walk around that like with your mom. Just saying.

    Geese are wonderful watch birds. You can’t get past them if they don’t want you to.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the pups. ♥

  8. Elsa,

    Furbulous post, lady!

    I agree about the geese. Did you know in certain parts of Europe, they’re used as guards for residences? Kinda makes sense if you’ve come across them when they’re not in the socializing mood (which is basically always).

    And I forgot it was Friday! LOL

    1. There’s a huge kerfuffle over at Wash Park where part of the neighborhood wants the flock culled and the other part has launched a ‘save our geese’ movement. Park geese rarely migrate; they continue to be aggressive with park visitors, and poop EVERYWHERE at the park and nearby properties. I’m an animal lover of all stripes but puleez, this whole brouhaha seems ridiculous. Yo peeps, this isn’t Disneyland! Enjoy the weekend-even if pre-season begins this week.

      1. The culling involved killing 2,200 geese. I ain’t down with any of that. If they can transport, can’t they relocate? Or would they just come back? Whatever, I don’t go for that, as ornery and messy as they can be.

        There was a Broncos game last night and Drew Lock proved he was indeed, a rookie.

        1. I’m not for wholesale slaughter either but something apparently needs to be done since the geese have no natural predator. Because the park is so popular amongst uprights, there’s lots of food available and no need for the birds to migrate. That’s a pretty toney neighborhood, and I suspect more than a fair share of “Disney-like” visitors. I thought both sides were extreme. Seriously, that’s what you’re focusing on? Not the over the top traffic, potholes, and stupid electric rental bikes and scooters that get dumped all over sidewalks where you can barely navigate unfettered passage? Don’t know ’bout you, but I’m not good with the whole Sanford & Son look; I prefer goose poop on the sidewalks than those things!

          1. Could not agree more!
            But isn’t that always the way it goes? When our elected officials ain’t got the time, smarts or wherewithal to get stuff done, they do the next best thing. Focus on OTHER stuff instead. Ridiculous.

            1. And politicians are not held accountable by their constituents, you continue to suffer from power hungry pols who follow the money.

                1. True dat. But the fact they continue to get reelected doesn’t speak highly of those who elect them. People yell “term limits, term limits” to which I say, there are already term limits…it’s called voting.

                  1. Eggsactly!

                    I interviewed Joe Pitts, who was entrenched here in PA like few others before or since. If he was running, he was winning. Like that.

                    I disagreed with most everything he said and did. The interview, I was told, was to be about his art work. He is a very talented artist and we spoke on that. I gave them a vanilla interview (my opinion) but they loved it. Of course.

                    1. Sometimes I think I’m too subtle for most people. They just don’t get that I’m actually bashing them with a velvet hammer.

                    2. I was told, in no uncertain terms by my editor, that there was to be no talk about politics. WTF.

                      It’s like interviewing a librarian and being told not to mention books. But, it speaks to the shield these people are able to hide behind.

                    3. Bwahaha! Shield…sometimes call protectors of the agenda. 😈

                    4. Sadly too often it revolves around maintaining their position.

    1. It usually is in the early mornings but then there’s a bevy of activity throughout most of the day. Still, we love walking there early or near dusk with it’s much calmer.

    1. The Canadian Geese (who no longer migrate because life is far too cushy here) tend to be fairly aggressive. With peeps and pets.

    1. He passed on doing something mom wanted him to. He tends to not get on board with being cooperative.

  9. What a glorious sunrise!!! My brother used to live near that lake… so I know about the crowds. Bummer but so beautiful!!! And that’s a gorgeous flower – but toxic? Oh no… We need to ban it 😉

    1. A dear friend’s little Westie got very sick after noshing on the blooms that fell off; I had no idea.

    1. It’s a lovely park judging by the number of visitors. But it is a great spot of nature in the middle of the city. It’s such a small world, isn’t it?

      1. It sure is a small world. Btw, she’ll be moving to Fredericksburg. A few days ago she bought a place here. She’ll sell her place in Lakewood, but keep her second place in Buena Vista. She might become a “snowbird”, wintering here and summering in Buena Vista.

        1. I envy her ability to enjoy both worlds (family and the mountains). No doubt the sale of her Lakewood property will be a good one-the market here is insanely high. Best of luck to her.

    1. It’s beautiful all the time, but mom tries to minimize anxious moments for me which tend to be a trigger for seizures.

  10. Hi Elsa, thanks for the visit to the lake. Milo’s been there, and it was pretty. When we came there was a craft festival and a dog came after Milo, scary. There is a lot going on for a ninja to relax there…

    1. A bit much for me, I think, but early in the morning or late in the evening isn’t too bad.

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