Throwback Thursday ~ October 10, 2019

As I look out the window and see the first snowfall of the season, I am reminded about another place with snow. The Alps. Makes you want to yodel, doesn’t it? Germany Nebelhorn, Obersdorf

A few years ago I traveled to the Nebelhorn, a major winter sports area near Obersdorf in the Allgäu Alps in southern Germany. The village of Oberstdorf has hosted Nordic skiing World Championships in both 1987 and 2005 and is expected to host World Championships in 2021. At 2204 metres (7,297 ft.) the Nebelhorn is small compared to peaks in the Rocky Mountains, but still an impressive mountain with an even more impressive view of the surrounding Bavarian Alps.

Thanks for going back in time with me as I sip a nice hot cup of chai and nostalgically watch the snow falling on a cold autumn morning. Maybe I should start consider working on my Christmas list today. Tschüss!


Live, love, bark! 🐾


46 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday ~ October 10, 2019

    1. I hear that! It’s all gone as of today (except for tiny little spots on shady north side). Will get up to 70 F tomorrow. #backtoautumn

  1. What a lovelee place inn Germany….LadyMew lovess to see yore photoess of her Fathur’ss birthplace!
    An LadyMew ree-wrote her Catmass an Chanukkah List today an sorted out THE cardss….mew mew mew…
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  2. Gorgeous view of the Alps… And it kills me how you guys can have the crazy heat you get but still have snow before us – and never as cold as we get…

  3. Gorgeous! Now for impawtant things….

    I could have sworn we wished Sam a Happy Barkday earlier this week but I can’t find the comment. So, Sam, if we missed your big day please forgive us!! It has been “a little nuts” around here since adding Radar to the family. We all love you, Elsa, and your Mom; and we’d never intentionally miss the chance to wish you all Happy Birthday/Gotcha Days when they come up! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Not a problem at all. Birthdays are meant to celebrate over several days. Besides I think you have your hands full with the new pupster. 😍

  4. Thank you for the view of snow and the Alps. I have a story about the expression tschüss. I was at an ad agency in Dusseldorf and after a number of drinks it came time to leave. On the way out, I air kissed an attrective account exec and ment to say, tschüss. What came out was tusch. Inspired a lotta laughs and my red face. We met later in a bar and was forgiven.

    1. The first is magical…then it becomes dreary and dull after repeated storms. Fingers crossed the dark season doesn’t start too soon for you, Kosmo.

    1. Being out in it can be a pain when you reach my age. Elsa sure loved making tracks in it this morning and had me giggling with her snow bunny imitation. 🤣

    1. You as well. By tomorrow it’ll be all gone. 🤞🏼Certainly by the weekend when it’ll be back in the 60’s-my kind of weather.

  5. the first snowfall of the season is ALWAYS magical!!!!! Enjoy!!! Because……….after that………it’s just a bunch of slush……well…..wait…..any snow til Christmas/New Years is ok………after that it can take a hike!! xoxoxo

    1. Exactly. Too often Halloween around here is just for the extra hardy (that is…foolhardy) souls. Come January, the cold, shoveling, bundling up and short daylight hours are dreary and have overstayed their welcome!

    1. Snow in October is not uncommon (many a Halloween has been ‘interesting’). The cold Arctic blast however is waaaay too early.

    1. The first snowfall is always the best. It seems so fresh, so romantic. After months of bundling up (and freezing anyway), shoveling walks 87 times per storm and short daylight hours, it loses any romantic allure. 😄 But for now, it is really beautiful (and really cold-just 21-yesterday was 81!)

        1. It’s easy when you’re toasty warm in fleece with two 4-pawed heating units on other side of you while you’re drinking a tasty, decadent hot beverage. ☕️

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