West Pines Wednesday ~ October 23, 2019

As October quickly advances toward Halloween, we’re enjoying the gorgeous autumn weather. Today we’re headed for West Pines (if you’re not familiar with WP, you can read more about West Pines in the link). Sam really enjoys visiting with the folks at this facility located just south of the hospital. From the staff to the residents, he is extra calm, patient and sweet to those whose hurts are invisible.


The outdoor grounds make for a nice place to contemplate what burdens some folks carry in their hearts and minds. So today, we raise a paw to those brave patients trying to improve their lot and to the people who help them on their journey.

We’re halfway through the week. It that Friday I hear beckoning us?

Live, love, bark! 🐾

53 thoughts on “West Pines Wednesday ~ October 23, 2019

  1. Thank you so much. My dad is in a rehab hospital now, and the therapy dog who they have there makes a world of difference to all of us offspring. She makes us smile. So it’s not only the patients who benefit. You are angels.

    1. Your point is well taken; we always make a point of visiting patients, staff and visitors. Patients aren’t the only ones who benefit from therapy dogs. I hope your dad is doing well at the facility. 😍

  2. Oh, you guys really are the bestest!!! Sam, I knows you are the best medicine they had all week. I wish I could be as calm as you (BOL!!!! sorry, couldn’t keep that one in….), I would so the same amazin’ work you and your Moms do! High Paw! and a WooHoo! from your furiend….who has margaritas…and cookies……
    Ruby ♥

    1. People are always surprised (as am I) with Sam’s level of calmness when we visit the hospital. At home he’s more like a pogo stick. People wouldn’t recognize him as the same dog! BOL

  3. I must say that Master Sammy looks especially fluffy and puffy in that photo. Oh wait…bath day always precedes a visit to West Pines, doesn’t it? OK, carry on….

    1. Yup, dreaded water torture always happens the day before our visits. Luckily Sam is most forgiving about that. 😍

    1. He is quite special and that was proven again today. I love this knucklehead so much for his sweetness and his loving attention to those who need it so much.

    1. Thanks. He lives going there to see patients and staff. As a bonus there are geese and bunnies for him to check out. 🦆🐰
      P. S. Thanks for swinging by; we 💞 visitors.

    1. There are some nice open spaces where patients can check out all the geese and bunnies who live there.

        1. Sometimes it’s hard to realize you’re in a very vibrant and busy city as you walk around some of the water features and amongst the wildlife.

            1. Indeed, it can especially with all the hordes of people (and the accompanying traffic) moving here. 😊

    1. That’s Michael! The real heros are the folks who help those patients overcome their challenges and addictions. If we can make them smile even for a few minutes, we feel like we’ve had a good day.

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