Wish I Were There Wednesday

Has it really been two weeks since I was in beautiful Roatán? Where did the time go? Faced with another wintery day with cold temps and possibly more snow later today, I think a reminder of a warm day is in order. Anyone else with me?


Happy mid-week.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

50 thoughts on “Wish I Were There Wednesday

  1. Oh, that is just BEAUTIFULS!!!!! Hey, if you wants, you can come and stay with us ~ don’t hate us, butts it’s 72 and sunny and beautiful! Nows that I gots my stitches out, I can go for walkies! It’s most beautiful weather, butts the peeps on the teevees say that we really needs to gets some rain, or we will go back in the drought. And no one wants that! Butts, we are gonna bask in it, while it lasts….wanna join??
    Ruby ♥

    1. You guys are lucky with your nice temps in February and hope some rain comes your way. Nobody wants to live in a drought. Glad your stitches have come out. Look out world, Ruby’s bacckk!

    1. Warm sun, blue sky, a tasty beverage, and a good book…ah yes, the stuff of contentment.

  2. I had ten days in London…minus 5 at he best…but coming back to 32 in Costa Rica nearly knocked me out…I suppose i sm just a northern person at heart…or body..

  3. It really has been quite wintery lately. When I try to leave the sort of packed trail, I fall into the snow up to my waist. Rumor has it that a big storm might hit us next week. Keep remembering those warm tropical days!

    1. I saw that forecast; hard to believe this kind of snow is happening in February. March and April sure but February is usually just cold and dry. 🙃

    1. Usually don’t mind snowy weather but after a beautiful week in the Caribbean, I’m kind of over winter.

  4. Oh yes, we are totally with you! We just got through another snow storm, and now are (not) looking forward to two days of frigid temps!

  5. Yes, I am with you! Its cold and windy here! And you all can feel free to send some snow here! If I am going to be so cold I would really like a little snow to add some beauty at least! Can’t believe how little snow we have had this winter.

    1. One a morning where it’s a mere 10ºF scenes like that will have to warm my cold joints.

  6. I’m with you. I hate socks and shoes. I love flip flops, short sleeved shirts and shorts. I would like to wear them year around.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

  7. We got another dumping yesterday and then high winds over night which keep gusting today… can you say I am counting down until February 29th, day I leave for a week?

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