Nature Friday ~ March 20, 2020

Today is Friday where we normally share some of the beauty nature provides. As always, we’re joining our buddies, Rosy and her brothers from LLB in our Backyard for this week’s edition.

Welcome Springtime…now go back from where you came. What…you say?!?! Are you nuts? Ok, granted it was just shy of 70ºF on Wednesday, the day before Spring arrived but then on the launch date, she decided to play some leprechaun trickery by saying, “umm yeah…not so fast, my cousin Winter isn’t quite ready to exit.” Is this Mother Nature’s idea of social distancing where she spaced it out Spring’s arrival by a few days following the actual St. Patrick’s Day? Sure the parades were cancelled but sheesh…come on!


On Tuesday I looked out in the garden and saw a nice swath of baby blue grape hyacinths. These guys always make me happy. Their arrival signals Spring’s pending arrival. For about a week now, a number of springtime bulbs began to wake up the otherwise brown landscape. Early-bird crocuses, daffodils and even a few tulips, have taken center stage in the urban landscape. This time of year with its extended hours of sunlight, we begin to shake off winter doldrums in favor of hope and renewal, the season otherwise known as Spring. Earlier this week was no exception. Who wouldn’t smile when seeing colorful bulbs?

Spring SpringThen nature apparently had a case of hiccups upon realizing it was the first day of Spring. What started out as a cold, slushy rain quickly turned into white stuff with strong, windy conditions.


The dogs were not happy on the morning walk. Stormin’ Norman absolutely refused to relieve himself, instead opting to give me the stink eye showing he was clearly not a fan of getting wet. The walk was cut short in the face of stubbornness wet conditions.


Remember that nice bright blue patch of grape hyacinths? Here’s an expanded view of how they looked as ‘spring arrived.’


So…how was your first day of Spring? Any plans to get out this weekend? How are you coping with cabin fever while trying to follow social distancing guidelines? Whatever you do, we hope you stay well and dry and enjoy a wonderful first weekend of Spring.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

82 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ March 20, 2020

  1. I bet that your bulbs have bounced right back. I loved seeing your swath of purple! We got 2′ of the white stuff but that’s par for the course. It is funny that Norman is afraid of getting wet 🙂

    1. Wow…2 feet?! Holy cow. Can’t wait to see photos of the dogs hopping through it. It is rather funny that the gentle giant isn’t a fan of wet. He makes up for it however by not being bothered by mud. LOL

  2. I dislike the up and down weather. Right now I am WFH for who knows how long. The first day of Spring brought spring peepers. This is our first spring in this house so they are a surprise!

    1. It’s hard to know how to plan for every day. But the wind was the worst. Can’t stand wind!!

  3. We have small patches of earth under some trees & around the house but ice & snow remains to dominate & the temperature today is pawsitively cool❄️❄️
    Thank you for sharing your brief but wooftastic Spring sightings 🐾💜🐾

  4. Looks like Spring comes in all colours, Monika…MOL..We had a wonderful week, with Sun and 10 to 16 degrees C during the day, but it’s going to furreeze tonight and there’s a cold wind coming our side. We really enjoyed it so far. Hope you’ll have beautiful weather soon and no more snow. The flowers are beautiful btw and norman is so cute😸Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend to all of you🐾😽💞

  5. Snow on the first day of spring changed to rain the day after and temperatures in the high 50’s! Yes, Mother Nature is a fickle one. For the weekend we have sunshine back, but it’s quite chilly! We’re still waiting for our first splashes of color. It’s probably just as well they are waiting, since they are saying a bigger snow storm next week!

    1. Are spring storms in New England like the ones we get where there’s a big dumb followed by warm temps? Enjoy the sunshine while you can.

    1. Dogs in general despise the rain. I think it has something to do with the fact that the sound of it hitting pavement is amplified in their ears. With strong winds, that probably makes it even more unpleasant for dogs. Today we have clear blue skies and a forecast for close to 50ºF temps. Just another fun weather event in springtime in the Rockies. 😄

    1. There’s plenty of that as well. But tomorrow will be warm again and a chunk of it will melt.

  6. 🐬The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is that one comes from a strong will; and the other from a strong won’t. 🐬
    Henry Ward Beecher (1813 – 1887)🐬

  7. Mother Nature must be rebelling against Covid-19. We didn’t have snow, but after 72 degrees yesterday, Mom wasn’t too happy with today’s 33 degrees:(

    Love that new header.

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

    1. Yeah, what’s up with that yo-yo weather? We’re expected to go back toward 50ºF again today. Mother Nature is giving me whiplash.

  8. The first two weeks of Autumn (Fall) have been interesting. Apart from the obvious, the temperature has been good and only once did it hit 38c Now it has returned to a more normal 23c I take the dogs out in the early morning as usual but “a few days” has now blown out and Dougal has now been with us for five weeks. I have transplanted Geraniums so I shall see how they manage – given that I have a black thumb. They seemed to have been doing well in the flower pots. Perhaps I should have just left them there..

    1. Geraniums in pots are nice-they can be brought in when the weather is too extreme. Enjoy those temperate days as you shift toward autumn.

  9. You have, had, already crocuses, my favorites in spring. We had today great sunshine, but really cold, 32F. I can see the heads of crocuses above the ground. We saw also three huge crane wedges.
    Happy spring days to you, without snow.
    Kosmo sends hugs to Elsa and Norman.

    1. Your temp seems practically balmy after the earlier days near 70. Crocuses are one of my favorites too. Have a wonderful weekend, Kosmo.

  10. Spring is a magical time of year. Even the snow isn’t stopping spring.

    We are doing fine here. Staying in and our hair salon just cancelled our next cut as they are in lock down. We’re just rolling with the punches.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, my friend. Big hug. ♥

  11. Mew mew mew Norman yore ‘stink eye’ iss GRATE!!! Mee wuud not want to walk inn crummy cold snowy rainy what efurr that weather iss apposta bee!
    Mee bin out inn Condo Monday thru Fursday an it was nice. Today iss freezin cold an tryin to snow!! Furry funny Spring….*sighss*
    Miss Monika wee LOVEyore new header on bloggie! Lookin guud!
    Wee not just socail diss-tancin; wee inn FULL selfie….umm no self isolation since Wednesday…iss not too bad now; meow to mee inn 2 weekss an wee see if LadyMew still sane!! 😉
    LadyMew sayss shee iss sorta glad to bee inn isolation so peepell can not ask her to do stuff fore them an wee can hang out inn peece together…..
    Have a grate weekend…
    **purrsss** BellaDharma

  12. I like that new header painting although for obvious reasons I will also miss the original and follow ups. You know, I didn’t even realize it was Friday. So deep in the “stay home and bon’t even think of going out” mode that I’ve lost track of the days. Being retired helps, too. We’re in a patch of cold and dreary weather with rain showers which we will send your way over the next few days. Lots of Spring being sprung!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. While I loved the old one, it was always a bit of a dagger in the heart when I saw it.

      Yes, the new normal makes everyday the same. Perhaps we should just call every day…Same-day. 😕

  13. Poor Norman! LOL.

    We’re staying in this weekend, because well . . we have been asked to do so and really, why venture out except for necessities?

    Stay safe Monika.

  14. Your flower pictures are so beautiful, and then we see the poor hyacinth social distancing itself in a white blanket of cold. When I heard on the radio this morning that Denver was in the 30’s, I immediately thought of you. Here it is misty, sprinkly, short-sleeve weather today. Yesterday it was in the low 80’s and sunny, and I raked and bagged leaves after work. Personally, I like being at home, and when cabin fever sets in I drive the 1 mile to the local grocery. My work even did our team meeting yesterday over Zoom, and it cut the time down from between 1.5 to 2 hours to a succinct one hour meeting!

    1. Low 30’s will be the high, right now it’s just 25. Brrrr. But it should be back to 50 by tomorrow. Springtime in the Rockies is always an adventure and not for the faint of heart. Enjoy a mild weekend and rake a few leaves for me. 🤣

  15. Enjoyed a nice walk this morning, even though it wasn’t sunny, it was cloudy, but the birds were singing for our entire walk and it really was lovely. Happy Spring to you! <3

    1. Sounds wonderful. The only noise I heard was the crunch, crunch sound of breaking frozen ice. By tomorrow it’ll be 50ºF. Springtime in the Rockies…always an adventure.

        1. It’ll be back in the 50’s in no time. Good day to binge watch TV, eat popcorn and cuddle with two fur balls.

            1. The Fur balls switched to 4-paw drive this morning and bounced happily along the tundra. The deeper the better in Elsa’s mind.

  16. You must have taken your snowy picture of hyacinths early yesterday. If they were at my house, at least, they would be totally obscured by snow in the late afternoon or this morning. Holy moly! We got a LOT of heavy wet snow. Our gardens will be grateful.

    1. Quite true. By the afternoon neither the dogs or I wanted to go outside in the sideway- accumulating snow. This morning there were some seriously unhappy trees bending toward the ground after yesterday’s storm. On the plus side, both dogs turned into snow cats hopping through piles of white stuff.

        1. You’re right, pups with caterpillar legs aren’t particularly keen on dashing through the snow.

  17. And you did not hold an umbrella over him…shame on you!
    First day of spring – or whatever it is here – marked by the usual dry season two hour watering session.

    1. Oh yes, add juggling umbrella, two leashes, a bag of relief from Elsa, heavy thick mittens and my cell phone chiming every other minute from family members while trying to stay upright on icy sidewalks. Yeah, I neglected to add that part thinking it might be a bit hyperbolic. LOL

      Stay dry and safe and have a lovely weekend.

        1. {Snicker} There’s nothing simple about walking a reluctant dog in a wet icy snowstorm. 🤣

  18. Yesterday was sunshiny and beautiful. I have yet to see a crocus or any other spring flower but that is to be expected up here. I ran into my friend who was also out on a walk (It is amazing how it feels like Sunday every day with all the cars parked in their driveways and whole families out and about). She had me over for too many drinks, me on her bench, her on her stoop – six feet apart. Was a beautiful afternoon.

    Today is even warmer but raining cats and dogs (Zeke gives me the sink eye when I say that no, there will be no walk in the rain. He doesn’t understand that he ends up a mucky stinky mess and I don’t really enjoy getting wet and cold. That said, I might as well enjoy the 55F weather as overnight? It’s going down to 21F!! Not cool. Not cool at all.

    Stay safe with your two furbabies!

    1. Mother Nature can be her cruelest in Springtime. Enjoy a friendly (and safe distancing) visit with friends this weekend. 🥃Cheers!

        1. Uh-oh…days after a good time = not so much fun. Try some lavender or lemon essential oil across the back of the neck and forehead.

            1. Now that’s the kind of news we all want after an evening of frivolity with friends. Well done!

  19. All the nurseries were going full blast, full of people getting summer vegies–I will only admit to cucumbers, peppers, and 1 tomato. Then last weekend hit. 6′ or more of snow in the high mountains, snow down to 2000′. Dogs don’t want to go outside to do their business. Good thing I have 2 boxes of pee pads.

    1. Yup…a few days of nice weather and people all over jump the gun. Around here, we cannot put tender veggies or annuals out until after Mother’s Day-last year it snowed Mother’s Day week!

  20. Spring was greeted here with 6” of wet sloppy snow. Since we’re Social Distancing it doesn’t seem so bad! Stay warm down there on The Ranch!

  21. I like your new painting on the header! Norman is like Cole, he once refused to “go” in MD snowstorm for a day because nothing smelled right and there was no grass. I had to refuse to let him back in the house until he finally went poops in a shoveled area, and it distressed him. Norman is so cute.

    1. Thanks! It’s hilarious this hulking pile of hair is such a wuss in wet conditions. I’ve never had a dog who totally refused to relieve themselves in a storm. Definitely learning new strategies managing a ‘strong’ personality.

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