Monday Musings ~ March 16, 2020

On this St. Patrick’s Day Eve, the mood around most of the world is not very festive. Even Ireland has cancelled its St. Patrick’s Day parade. People everywhere are struggling with new norms, i.e. social distancing, self-quarantine, lack of paper products and fear is the emotion that is deeply rooted in our psyches. It’s estimated that as many as 30 million children will be staying at home due to school closures. Restaurants are closed, many local government offices are shuttered as well; churches have resorted to technology to provide comfort through technology and everyone seems to be standing in line waiting to pay for food or waiting to get a coronavirus test at pop-up locations.


We get that. We here at the Ranch are trying to keep a healthy perspective on this disaster. While closures and shortages are inconvenient and unfamiliar to a society that is used to getting what it wants, when it wants it, we are trying to keep the mood light and spending quality time with the Ranch hands. Humans often use humor during serious times but acknowledge if you have been personally affected by this world-wide pandemic, it may not be that funny. We are not insensitive to that.

Hopefully the amazing online blogger community can make a difference to one another as we live through an unfathomable reality that is rife with uncertainty. Find out what services your community is offering in the form of assistance. Keep yourself grounded and don’t subscribe to or traffic in misinformation. Keep yourself informed. Don’t try to make hand sanitizer out of vodka. Keep as upbeat as you can.


1. HANDS Wash them often
2. ELBOW Cough into it
3. FACE Don’t touch it
4. FEET Stay more than 3-ft. apart
5. FEEL sick? Stay home

Part of dealing with this health crisis is to stay as positive and well-informed as possible. We all check Dr. Google the moment something is amiss with ourselves or our pets and I encourage you to continue to keep yourself as well-informed as possible. But for the love of all that’s holy, please use a reliable source such as The World Health Organization, local news stations, the CDC ( or your own country’s health ministry rather than every hoax or myth that’s posted on social media. And if you need to share your concerns, reach out to the blogger community for support to get a fresh perspective on your situation. Having children home and under foot for the next who-knows-how-long may be stressful, but reach out to people to see how they are doing it. When you’re up to your eyeballs in alligators, sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees sometimes, especially when you are faced with the kind of uncertainty and insecurity facing the world today.

So, how do you feel about this crisis? Has the coronavirus affected you and in what way? Leave a comment, let’s start a conversation. Remember we’re all in this together. And for Pete’s sake, please don’t become a hoarder-you’re just contributing to the problem. Besides, 500 rolls of toilet paper will not, I repeat, not keep you any safer than a 12-pack.

On a separate note, we were thrilled with all of your responses to last week’s “Meet the Breed” post and encourage each and every one of you to tell us about your good dog. Feel free to email photos and breed info to: There’s no reason to feel like you need to own a purebred pet either. We’re big fans of Heinz 57 pups and want to hear about your amazing pet. Send your submissions by April 5 to be featured in the April edition. We’ll draw a submission from the received entries. If your entry isn’t chosen for April, we’ll feature you in a subsequent edition. The point is, we want everyone to feel a part of this amazing and inclusive community.

Stay safe, keep smiling and know we’re here for you. Oh and wash your hands. Frequently.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

103 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ March 16, 2020

    1. It’s irresponsible not to practice social distancing. I say if you must drink alcohol, but a 6-pack and take it home with you. 😈

      1. Yes. Agree. This was when everyone thought it was only a flu. I don’t think the media did a good job in explaining why this is different than the flu. But St Patricks seems so long ago!!

  1. Besides your wonderful pups, I love your sense of humor. Mine is almost 100% coping mechanism. The Boy was sick part of last week and this week (not Corona – gastric virus) and the only thing that made it bearable for us both was finding ways to laugh. I sometimes fail to remember that some people might take it as being insensitive – so you make a good point there.

    1. In this day and age, it’s more important than ever to walk delicately. I hope your fiánce is feeling back in the pink. Green on men is very unattractive. Stay safe and keep smiling.

  2. Wise advice, my friend. No need to panic but not good to be too nonchalant either. We must be smart, stay home, use this gift of time to spend with our families (my son has made me breakfast three days in a row!)
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!

  3. It’s here the same, almost everything is closed and everyone is home and Granny was doing some groceries today and saw how empty everything was. It made her sad, not that everyone has taken all that toiletpapurrs and so, but she remembered her Grandmother and how it must have been during the war, but only for that moment. We’re all calm over here and make the best of the situation. Stay well, Monika and furry furriends😸💚Pawkisses for a Happy St. Patrick’s Day🐾😽💞

    1. You too. I remember the stories my mom told me about the war and rationing in Europe as a kid. Hope it doesn’t get to that point. Stay well.

  4. If my two lost comments show up, feel free to delete them.

    The gist of those comments was to practice the sound advice as you’ve listed here. And to never forget the most priceless of commodities. Peace of mind.

  5. We are retired and feeling relatively safe here for now. My biggest worry is my mom has been in Arizona visiting her brother (supposed to stay until the first week in April) and has decided that now would be a good to come home! She is 85 and has put my blood pressure through the roof. She is very stubborn and even though my sister and I have told her she should stay put she will probably do it any way. Thanks for letting me rant a little today.

    1. Rant away my friends, that’s what this community is all about. We’re virtually supporting one another as best as possible. These are challenging times and sometimes a little steam blowing is good thing.

      Those 80+years old…gotta love ’em. I hope I’m that much of a pill when I get there. Stay well, smile often and keep the tails a-waggin.

  6. I was relaxed until today. Now I don’t feel so good about things. I’m sure that many others are going through similar ups and downs. I mainly worry about my elderly dad who lives in Denver. He can’t even have any visitors during this crisis 🙁

    1. Things continue to get more real every day. While I typically don’t go out and about (other than with the dogs) it seems more challenging when it’s mandated. Stay safe; sending your dad positive healing energy.

  7. Such wise words. We put this on our bog but will repeat it here: Everyone is fine at my house. Daddy isn’t working for the foreseeable future. Since retirement is his main source of income he can afford to sit this one out, and his job requires in store sales. He would like the company to lay him off since no one can work. Mommy is going to be home a lot. All entertainment, restaurants, bars, most movie theaters, are shut down here. They are still going to have to make supply runs but hopefully they can just pick up and won’t have to go into stores. My parents aren’t afraid of the illness but they sure do respect it.

    1. So glad to hear you’re household is fine. Being 12 in dog years (i.e. high risk demographic), queuing in lines makes me somewhat nervous especially when people ignore social distancing recommendation. Stay safe and enjoy your ‘pawrents’ being home.

  8. Mom and I are feeling fine and are self-quarantining happily. We are grateful to have all we need right here. Mom is starting to obsess over her favorite bagel shop possibly closing soon. What if she can’t get her taylor ham and egg sandwich on a whole wheat bagel….? Yeah. She’ll be fine.

    Love and licks,

    1. Funny how it’s no problem until there’s a shutdown, then it bugs you. We hope your mum continues to be able to enjoy that tasty sounding bagel sandwich. Stay safe and keep that tail wagging.

  9. Thank you. Great advice. Isn’t it wonderful how this ugly situation has brought us to a simpler, gentler, kinder time? Families actually have to spend time with one another, talk to each other and eat together – because there’s no where else to be and nothing else to do. A huge silver lining in an awful cloud!

    1. Thanks for swinging by. You’re right, it’s nice to be able to connect to those closest to us. Stay safe and keep smiling.

  10. Good advice. Thank you. Isn’t it amazing how this ugly situation has taken us all back to kinder, simpler, gentler times? Families actually have to eat together, talk to one another and spend time with each other … because there’s nothing else to do and nowhere else to be. Such a huge blessing in disguise! Smiles xx

  11. We’re in pretty good shape where we are….though our governor has closed schools and restaurants out of an abundance of caution, there has been little community spread. That hasn’t stopped everyone from panicking, however!
    Things are fairly normal for us, though I do worry a bit about a new business I had planned and how all this will affect that. But we just keep plugging forward.
    And we like to keep it light as well….laughter is the best medicine….who would waste good vodka on making hand sanitizer? If people start hoarding alcohol, I might be running out to stock up on wine. LOL
    Here’s to everyone staying safe and healthy! ♥

    1. With each day something else shuts down. I feel so badly for those whose jobs are impacted. Even though I don’t go out much myself (other than with the dogs), it seems different when there’s quarantines are ordered. Hopefully we’ll be able to find TP soon and will add more wine to the shopping list. Stay safe and keep smiling.

  12. When you’re up to your eyeballs in alligators, sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees…

    No, no, no…the actual quote is “When you’re up to your eyeballs in alligators you can’t lead a horse to water.” Well, we did some hoardin’ at the Japanese store because I don’t want a hungry AJF around a locked-in house. Max, who looks plump and tasty all the time, agrees. They had Japanese beer on sale, too, so our frig looks better than that sad, lonely Corona pic. I think things may get significantly worse before they get better and from what I read, the Denver area is particularly worrisome because of demographics. Around here, we expect that lock-downs will be put in place soon; pretty much everything is already closed. Looks like good timing on my vegetable cages. Along with the local squirrels and all the soy sauce that the AJF now owns, we will have some good eatin’ this Spring and Summer. 🙂

    1. Oh well, beer is a whole other story. You can never have too much beer on hand.

      Yup, Millennial-land is making life ‘interesting.’ Stood in line at the post office this afternoon and had the guy behind me climbing up my backside and then sniffling. Are you kidding me?! So much for practicing social distancing. Jeez. 👿 Looks like I better start planning on a vegetable garden this for this summer.

        1. Umm, exactly. My first attempt in a response was more than salty so needed to clean up the language. Can you say “word fail?”

  13. Crazy times for sure. The peeps here are hunkered down and just hoping to stay healthy and happy until this storm passes. Thanks for a great post.

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

    1. Thanks, here’s wishing you health and happiness. Being 12 in dog years, I’m a little nervous when standing in line at the grocery store with someone who is right up on your backside coughing/sniffling. Most likely it’s just allergies, but Jeez Louise mate, have you not been hearing about social distancing? Ok, just breathe, ohm…

  14. On kitten watch! Wasn’t expecting to be, but my foster had other plans. Since our pet sitting business is basically closed, we hope for healthy kittens any time now, and lots of cuteness to get us through.

    1. Kitten watch will help with some of the craziness going on. Hopefully your pet sitting biz will be back on. 🤞🏼

    1. Wow, where were you when we had our editors meeting this morning? Great advice!

  15. SO FAR, grocery stores, vet offices, etc., are all still open HERE. How long it will last, I have no idea. BUT, I refuse to panic over this. We’re going to go to the stores here in a few minutes and get what we can for the week and we’ll take it from there. I also ordered some food from Chewy for Ducky for emergencies. We’ll figure it out. You all take care and be safe!!!

    1. Glad you’re in good shape. We’re taking it one day at a time and making do with what is available. Getting creative is not a bad thing and thank goodness for Chewy’s. Stay safe, keep smiling and know we’re sending loads of virtual hugs and tail wags your way.

  16. Your fridge picture made me LOL. We’re both well and not going out much. I work completely from home now, and Jeff only works in an outside office 2x a week. Our church services have been cancelled, our dances have been cancelled, we go to the grocery and back and I get dogs in to groom. Today I commented to my SO that it’s a good thing I like to be with him, cause it’s you and me, baby! Stay safe, stay well, and yes, wash your hands -often.

    1. There were some truly dumb notions about Corona beer on Facebook that reminded me to avoid being on that platform since it’s worse than sugar for rotting the brain of all normalcy. Stay safe, keep smiling and hug all the SO’s in your life. 💙

  17. I am grateful that the bars/restaurants are closed (except for delivery/carry out)…sorry..I was fearful of the drunks cramming the bars tomorrow. Like MANY others we are going to be taking a huge financial hit because my husband is a substitute teacher and they do NOT get the two weeks pay that others are receiving. My heart goes out to servers and so many others whose livelihood is dependent upon their tips/hourly wages……….other service workers too………….the government should send a check to every family that makes $150, 000 or less! Stay safe and healthy.

    1. Hopefully workers like Lenny will get some relief from the package Congress is working on. There are a lot of waiters, Lyft drivers and others who participate in the gig economy who are really taking it on the chin and I send best wishes to them. Stay safe, keep your chin up and know there is help out there.

      1. We need to remember to be nice. Everyone has their own cross to bear and it’s unfair to judge their shoe size by our feet.

        1. As the famous quote goes, “You cannot judge a person until you’ve walked along side the red, red robin who goes bob, bob bobbin along. Wait a minute, that doesn’t sound right. “A journey of a thousand miles starts when you can’t beat a dead horse.” No wait…

  18. We’re staying in for the most part. We aren’t short of things as hubby is one who always makes sure we can last a crisis. Bless him for that. Adjustments for fresh veggies perhaps, but not much else.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. Big hug. ♥

    1. Stay safe. Staying in isn’t the worst thing we can do. 😉 Hugs and tail wags.

    1. I agree, though I know that some peeps have different situations. I just hope we as a society can reach out to those in need and help them get through it.

  19. As things are closing around us, not much is changing for us. We are retired. We did a major shopping before all this started so we are good that way too. Weather is cooperating so I have someplace to walk. In all this crazy, I am blessed. I only worry that a cat will get sick but so far my vet is open. (They only get sick weekends, holidays and for pandemics).

    1. Got my fingers crossed the cats adhere to a ‘normal business hours’ schedule.

    2. boy is that ever the truth with our pets…especially the cats! Our cat seems to ALWAYS know when our Vet is on vacation…and yep, weekends and holidays are his favorite times to be ill!

      1. Yup, those sick vet visits seem to happen much like plumbing problems–they only seem to occur after normal business hours. *sigh*

  20. Just got a message that everyone over 65 as to stay indoors. In California. Doubtful that a lot of people in my local town will comply. It’s healthy to be outside for a walk and I think that’s a good idea. Keep a distance, sure, but get some fresh air and commune with nature. Sending you a big hug. This wasn’t a post I could just click “like” and move on.

    1. Aww, you’re too kind, Paulette. Yeah there are restrictions coming out every day here too. The hospital has put age restrictions on volunteers from visiting patients at hospice. Here’s to loads of walks outside communing in sunshine and nature. Stay safe, smile and keep doing all the wonderful things you do for shelter dogs. Hugs and tail wags.

    1. No kidding!! Talk about apropos. You need to attend our editorial meetings to give us more inspiration. Thanks, Eliza.

        1. 😍That’s what’s so special about this community-we all have so much to offer one another.

  21. I am at home for at least 3 weeks now. I have some work I should be doing but can’t concentrate. Part of the issue is I have a flight I am not getting on in 1.5 days that I can’t get through to cancel. They keep dropping me after a long wait. I am sure that can be resolved. They won’t let us change online. I hope tomorrow to be more focused, since I will know I am home bound. Also I am just excited. This is my dream!

    1. We’ll keep our fingers crossed you are able to get through on the cancellation. Enjoy the time with Lee and Phod. They’re such sweet office mates.

  22. Toss some of those TP rolls Northern Virginia way? Costco and local grocery stores have been wiped clean. In all my 60+ years never seen grocery shelves so empty: no meat, produce,potatoes, onions, cleaning supplies…etc. Surreal. Still, I’ve got the important stuff covered: coffee, wine and strangely enough, mac and cheese. And, there is always, thankfully, The Poodle and a good book to curl up with. Stay well 🙏❤️

    1. It’s the same here. People have lost their damn minds. Shelves look like locusts have cleared everything out. And then you have those who are profiting from scoring things by jacking up prices. Humanity definitely has a black eye right now but continue to hope we come to our senses and focus on the important stuff. Your list is spot on. 💖

  23. I am worried as Leo is particularly vulnerable. We have reasonable stocks and good friends who will help if needed so will stay at home and hope for the best.
    Leo is a great believer in buying bargains…two months ago a discount supermarket had an offer on loo rolls so he bought enough to keep a small town in business for weeks! They are stocked in the spare bedroom with all his other bargains – cooking oil, wine, UHT milk good until October – and all this before he had even heard of the virus!

    1. Certainly the vulnerable need take extra precautions. Avoiding the obvious situations that increase one’s risk is probably top fo the list. I’m off a certain age group (read…old) where I too think it’s important to follow the ‘Top 5.’ The hospital has included me in the group they will no longer visit patients. Disappointing, you betcha, but better to be safe than sorry. Since Amazon and all stores seem to be without paper products, you think Leo might sell any to me? 🙂

      1. All we need now is for someone to start a scam selling virtual loo rolls….
        Leo always buys in bulk when he sees a bargain. Which other household boasts a tray of 48 tins of smoked oysters?

        1. Sell some of those smoked oysters as aphrodisiacs around the neighborhood. You could make a small fortune unless you don’t mind eating oysters on crackers for the next 5 years.

  24. Other than taking the obvious precautions, I am not doing much different, and I refuse to fret about something over which I have no control. Life goes on … just a bit differently …. but still goes on! Keep smiling!

    1. That’s a great way to look at it. Way to keep things in perspective, Colin!

  25. thanks Monika, met another neighbor on our walk yesterday who said this is a political hoax. I didn’t know how to respond nicely so I just looked away.

    1. Avoiding the toxic is as important as keeping oneself informed. Stay positive; you can’t want something for someone else who isn’t interested in it more than they want it for themselves. As I come across folks like that, I can only smile and get away as quickly as possible and reach out to someone who I know will make me feel better. I’m here. Just saying. 🥰

    1. More and more things are shut down here too. So long as emergency calls are still be taken, I think you’re covered.

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