Monday Musings ~ March 23, 2020

Saw this on one of our weekend walks following the arrival of a spring storm. In the face of self-quarantines, it made me smile. Hope you had a good weekend. Have you been able to keep your good humor during the epidemic?


Live, love, bark! 🐾

63 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ March 23, 2020

    1. You and Elsa both would have loved the nose but sadly the neighborhood tree rat beat you both to it. Darn squirrels!

    1. Boy, isn’t that the truth?! πŸ’–Luckily the pet blogging community has stepped up sharing lots of virtual hugs with ‘pawsitive’ posts.

  1. I thought it would be really great if we had a freak storm that dropped a few feet of snow around here. Annabell was not very impressed. Perhaps I should have not thought out loud…

  2. Lovely new header Monika.

    And a snowman . . why does it always offer such comfort? Well . . it offers just a little bit more right about now huh?

    Peace and good health

    1. Why thank you, Marc. There is something somewhat comforting from seeing a germ free snowman. ⛄️

  3. We could all use more hugs these days, but that would be a chilly one!
    We’re doing OK here so far, more just worried than anything! I should probably turn off the news….

    1. Definitely! I turned the news off a few days ago and only allow myself one update a day; it was just getting to me and making me even more depressed. Add dealing with the loss of Sam to this dystopian world was too much to bear. It has made a difference. Keep smiling and know we’re sending digital hugs to our fur-iends.

  4. No pun intended Monika: What a ‘cool’ photo!!! Love it!

    I am in day 4 of self isolation…I listen to SEAL alot on FB & try not to worry. I am a bit stir crazy but as I am housebound alot anyway I know it is just my brain rebelling to an ‘enforced’ isolation!
    All I can do is stay away from people & stay inside. I hope when I do have to go out in April I will be safe….
    {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen

    1. Like you, it’ easy for me to self-isolate yet it feels different when it’s mandated. But think it’s better to be safe than sorry. Thinking of you and sending loads of positive healthful energy.

  5. How sweet is that? Good for you on searching for and sharing the smiles

    I have to admit the blogosphere is inundated with Covid-19 -I just can’t read another. I know peeps are frightened (or not enough) but man… Can we find something else to share?

    So yay, you!

    1. Yeah, I’m with you…and it isn’t just the blogosphere that inundated. I almost didn’t post this because it was virus-related. But it did make me chuckle so thought why not share the smile. God knows we can use a smile or seventy these days.

      1. That’s EXACTLY how I feel but this kind of post (as mine I’m working on) is what we need. If I read one more whinging and whining post, Imma shut down.

        1. Yeah, the whining is insufferable. Society is waaaay too spoiled and few of today’s occupants would have survived WWII if they’d have lived in Europe.

          1. It’s annoying as hell. Toughen up, Butter Cup. This ain’t over by a long shot. Be glad you are. Not living on food stamps or standing in line for bread only to have none left by the time you get there
            Your bellies are full and you have a roof over your head!

            1. Amen! Imagine being a homeless person especially in a city like New York where authorities will be cracking down on people out wandering around. Not to mention not great access to a shower, let alone TP. Snowflakes aren’t just associated with politics. 😬

    1. Snow is already about 95% gone (weekend was beautifully lovely). That snowman was mostly a pile of buttons and stick arms when I walked past it late yesterday afternoon. We’re riding out the virus storm as best as we can. As long as Chewy’s will still ship dog food, I’ll be ok and go to Plan B for myself. Hope you, Holly and the girls are all in good shape. Stay well and keep smiling.

  6. Feeling better now that Hannah is feeling so much better! Sense of humor still in tact…very essential. I love the new watercolor – just wonderful.

    1. Thanks! And thank goodness Hannah, and by extension, you are feeling better.

  7. So in this world is still something Corona free! The water color of Elsa and Norman is great, they came friends very fast. We are in a quarantine, we just walk in our yard, tomorrow our goverment gives new orders, maybe a ban on outdoor activities, a word in a dictionary, because the situation is getting worse.

    1. So sorry to hear it’s getting worse. Sadly too many people are ignoring the stay inside and social distancing orders. They are making it worse. Thanks for the kind words about the new header. They are getting better together. She’s been lost without Sam.

    1. Pretty much all the snow is gone after the weekend. It’s like the grass was painted.

  8. Hot as hell and dry, dry, dry….thank goodness we have water from a spring on the mountain because the water board is cutting people down to a supply of a couple of hours a day if they are on the mains. And all down to incompetence, idleness and lack of foresight. No wonder their offices are closed….there are any amount of people after their blood.

    1. Water departments are too critical to botch up. Glad to hear you at least have a spring to tap into. Stay safe.

  9. Our spring is in full force. Blooming trees and spring flowers. Snow is the last thing on my mind although we’ve had late storms in years past. We are hanging in here hoping that there is a sense of normalcy soon.

    1. Good for you! We know there’s probably more snow in the near future-we’ve had storms the week of Mother’s Day for the past 3 years.

  10. Good morning, Monika!
    Things are still fine here with us. Thanks for asking.
    Stay well and healthy, all of you,

    1. Glad to hear all is well in Texas. If you decide you need a virus-free snowman hug, let me know. I’ll try to send one down your way.

    1. Glad there are some folks with a sense of humor out there during this health crisis. We hope things are beginning to improve in France.

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