Monday Musings ~ November 23, 2020

As peeps in the U.S. prepare for the Thanksgiving ‘howliday’ this week, we hope you and yours stay safe as you give thanks. Maybe be like Duke and impress your tribe on Facetime rather than in person. But wherever you’re at, we hope you stay smiling.


Live, love, bark! 🐾

65 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ November 23, 2020

  1. That’s hilarious! It really does look like a turkey and I had to look more than once to see how he was actually folded up. At first, I thought his head was under the pillows. LOL Tippy and I hope you and your crew have a great holiday week.

    1. Thanks, I thought it was hilarious and had to study the image to figure out which end was which. We hope you and Tippy have a splendid ‘howliday.’

      1. Dude is huge already. He’s two of his sister and growing stronger every day. But he’s such a lovable lug. I’m telling you, he was a dog in his previous life. And he’s going to be the size of one in this life.

            1. Those big-un’s tend to be absolute love bugs. Norman is the same way and I wouldn’t trade him for all the beer in Ireland. 😉

              1. Wednesday is trouble, but she’s just too cute so she gets away with it. And Jack is the one who will walk right beside you. When you put him, he lays down and lets you go. LOL.

    1. After thinking long and hard, I decided to not travel to my folks figuring it would be the best for both us. It’ll be sad but better to be safe than sorry. Nearly every county in the state is red with COVID cases and the hospital in their town stopped accepting patients last week. Yikes!! Stay safe. Our best wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. 🦃

        1. It absolutely is the best decision. I only wish others would take the same approach so we can get the numbers down.

            1. Dad turned 90 and mom will be 90 Christmas Day. Both in good health. And I’d like to keep it that way. 😍

                1. About 110 miles away. Congrats to your wife’s dad on reaching 91. That’s really awesome!

  2. No wonder there were turkeys in Pricesmart last week…..not being a British event it usually passes me by until the expats here fire up FB asking where to purchase the essentials.

    1. I’m sure those who live abroad wonder about this all the time. Too often there isn’t much sensitivity that what goes on here doesn’t elsewhere. In any event, we hope you, Leo and the ‘thugs’ have a great week. We’re thankful to have made your acquaintance and love your comments.

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