Monday Mutts

Image courtesy of Pinterest because mom’s not fast enough

Well it finally happened. Hiya. Elsa here.  It should have happened weeks ago but finally and thankfully…Denver is under a Winter Storm Warning for snow, ice, high winds, and low visibility with blizzard conditions for the eastern plains. Can I get an Amen, brother!? Speaking of brothers, Sam wasn’t that keen about going out to potty in this white stuff and I confess, I too had some reservations initially. But Mother Nature (and snow zoomies) called, so who am I to refuse that pressure?

Denver is experiencing one of the driest winters ever as are the various ski areas in the state. Statewide snowpack was 58% of normal. That’s scary if you are a ski resort, people! That graphic pretty much says it all. Even Hawaii experienced a blizzard before Christmas last month with Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa receiving up to two feet of snow.

Courtesy of the Mauna Kea Observatory

Mom said some of you have already experienced some major snow and cold lately but this is rather new this season (unless you count those few days in December when it was bitter cold but with no snow). Mostly we’ve been experiencing breaking days with many perennials still blooming in December. What the dog?!

How was your weekend weather? Anything exciting happening out there while we’re snuggling up on the sofa?

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

96 thoughts on “Monday Mutts

  1. I love playing in the snow! It tastes delicious and feels so weird. We have been having toooo much rain here in Portland, and I hope to have some sun soon so we can go to the doggie park! 🙂

  2. AWWW!! You guys are so lucky!! I wish we got some snow here!!! We thought it was going to be another really snowy winter like last year but all we’re getting is rain! Hmph! I love playing in the snow!

  3. Love the cuddle pic💜🐾
    Dog gone it! Crazy weather everywhere.
    Weekend weather here was strange even for Canadian standards.
    Be safe, stay warm & work those treats😉🐕🐾💜

    Nose nudges,
    CEO Olivia

  4. Oh my goodness!!! A picture of Elsa snuggling with Sam?!?!?!?! AWWWWWW!
    We’ve had frigid temperatures here – usually we get a few days of cold and then it’s back above freezing – but we’ve had a week or two of frigid temperatures – the only good part about it is that it’s been too cold to snow!

  5. The last time we had more than an inch of snow fall was sometime during the winter of 15/16. The occasional light snowfalls we were getting around Christmas and New Years stuck around so long only because it took several weeks for the temperature to get over freezing again. No winter sports being played here, other than flagpole tongue sticking…

  6. It was incredibly cold here last week and we had snow but it is back in the 60’s today. I prefer the 60’s!

  7. Last year we had the second highest snowfall on record. This year we are pretty dry too although we got a skiff today and more supposed to come later in the week
    Hazel & Mabel

  8. We have been having a REAL winter this year for sure. LOTS of snow and bitter, bitter cold weather! We were actually in the 40s though the past few days and most of the snow has melted. More coming later in the week. Hoping you are enjoying the snow!

  9. My sister just texted us pics of the snow they got today in Minneapolis – suffice to say, I’m glad I didn’t have to shovel that. We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm here (Choppy doesn’t mind them, so it’s better around here than in many houses).

  10. Mom doesn’t like snow, but at this point she is so tired of the muddy paws that she thinks snow might not be so bad. Hope your storm isn’t too bad, and maybe send a little here.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  11. We were so happy for some warmer weather this weekend so we could get out in our woods for a walk. We just have gotten your share of snow before Christmas, Elsa. I couldn’t believe we had several feet on the ground that early. However, now we’re having these warm spells off and on and much of it is gone! Tomorrow they are predicting heavy rain and that might really be the end of it!

  12. We bet you both love the snow ! We love it when we get snow but that might be because it never stays for long! 🙂 Our winter has been good so far . ..lots of rain but also enough sun to balance the grey days!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  13. What a cute and cozy photo! We have had a very dry winter here too. The ski resorts are very happy they finally got some snow over the weekend!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. I just love seeing the pups snuggling together, even if there is a blanket between them. My two haven’t gotten to that point yet. Well, the weekend a week ago brought snow and temps in the low teens and frozen water pipes. This past weekend had me out in a tank top raking leaves and sitting in the sun. Go figure.

    1. They don’t do it often but when they do…it makes me swoon. The weather is getting crazier and more weird all the time across the country. Maybe there IS something to this whole climate change thing? 😇

  15. Very very dry winter here. Some snow in the mountains but no rain. In fact, it rained only once and no more in the forecast. We are in for another Summer of water restrictions.

  16. It’s not about the snow, it’s about the moisture here I guess. It’s all foreign to me, the concern over moisture. Coming from the East, a snowfall is pretty but inconvenient since it’s not rare, but neither is rain. We have the moisture thing covered. I was surprised how excited natives here were at the upcoming storm, that I still see as inconvenient. I thought if a state got a lot of snow they would be set up to plow and clear it but nope. No plowing, no shoveling except my dh. If they were slow to plow in MD, people said “we don’t get enough to be prepared for it” but I thought it would be the opposite here. Seems like micro climates too as I’m about 40 min from you and we’ve had snow 5 times in 5 weeks here… the ice is really a problem. Hard to believe from this amount of precip that there’s a moisture issue!! I know there is… I heard… but I can’t go out today for the ice. I met a person in Littleton this weekend who said they get less snow than Aurora. shrug. It’s all foreign to me.

    1. We’ve only had 2 skiffs of snow, not even enough to partially cover the sidewalks. Come this summer when everything is brown from day after day of relentless dry heat, you’ll be praising these storms though it’s hard to imagine today.

      Just came back from walking the dogs who had a blast mushing like they were in the Iditarod. Elsa loves the snow and bounced along grabbing big mouthfuls of it. Intersections are a bit sketchy with ice from cars traveling over it. But there’s even some slush in sunny spots and it’s a gorgeous winter day with that clear blue sky.

  17. We have had a few days of snow here and there, so far. I am happy to report that no snow touched my belly. There was enough rock salt, however; that I had to wear my pawboots FOREVER. We’re having a break this week, but time will tell….

    Love and licks,

  18. Wow! 58%, we are jealous. Here in CA we were at around 28%. Things improved this week a bit, we may be approaching 35% now.
    My dogs are too wimpy to go out into any theoretical snow we might have, even rain discourages them. All except my foster puppy, all 3 lbs of her–rain and mud? No problem, she loves it

    1. For the ski areas, 58% is catastrophic. With yesterday’s storm we hope things get back on track. Most dogs don’t like rain (it bothers their hearing). A 3 lbs. foster? Oh my, bet she’s an adorable little pocket pooch. 😍

      1. Up until this week the only ski resorts that had any snow at all–think 3-4 thinly covered runs–were the resorts who made their own snow. My 3 lb foster, and her mother were found starving in the Central Valley, a second puppy died in the hospital the first night. Mom is a mini schnauzer mix, baby–who weighed .2 lbs when found–tales after her father, who was obviously a chihuahua.

  19. I live a little north of you and we got 6 fluffy inches of snow! We had a few minutes outside playing, but for the most part, they are watching the snow from the couch! My elderly dog was not interested at all in checking out the snow. I’m ecstatic that the area is getting snow. It’s about time!

    1. Those 20 crisp degrees that greeted us at pee o’clock kept the morning potty break brief. We’ll go out a tad later with snow boots to keep the ice balls at bay. We received about 6-8″ too and after yesterday, have a bit of cabin fever and will need to let off a bit of canine steam. Should be in the mid 50’s by Wednesday so that old adage of ‘don’t like the weather in Colorado, wait 10 minutes and it’ll change to something you will’ is gonna be very true. Stay safe and warm today 😍

    1. 40’s?! Hmm, we’d probably have to find our thongs for weather that warm! It was a good day for football (if you liked the outcomes). Hopefully it will be a pretty entertaining Super Bowl game. Fingers crossed.

  20. Amen brother’! Nice to see you got a chance at the keyboard Elsa. Glad you are getting some seasonal weather out there at The Ranch! We’re still waiting for something, anything out here in the Wild West. Maybe some flurries on Friday; we’ll see. We are right at the snow line so we don’t get too much. Wet, frozen, cold, we’ll take whatever we can get to avoid the dreaded D word. And BTW Elsa you would never be able to hide in the snow with that beautiful and contrasting jet black coat of yours. Glad you are enjoying the snow!

    1. Thanks, Michael! Yeah, mom tells me I can’t hide in a snow storm. That’s supposedly it for ‘weather’ this week and we’re headed for mid-50’s by Wednesday. Which will be ok by me since Sam and I have a little cabin fever and couldn’t do our normal walkies yesterday. Even the squirrels were hiding. BTW, do you know WHERE squirrels go in a snow storm? I sure couldn’t find any!

  21. I always appreciate the Denver weather updates! Haven’t lived there in 3 years and I can’t say that I miss howling winds, freezing temps, and the street in front of my house like an ice rink because my town never plowed!

    1. All in a day, right? Restoring our water supplies is critical for the Front Range, especially with all the new folks moving here over the past 5 years. I personally love having 4 distinct seasons and do better without miserable humidity and hot temps. Still, shoveling walks can be a pain. Literally! 😊

      1. I’ll never forget the day I couldn’t drive a *Jeep Cherokee* over the giant ruts of ice in front of my driveway. I went into the house and cried. My husband went out and spent 2 hours chipping away at them with a pick ax.

  22. Bless ya’lls hearts. Snow is cold and wet! We had our share unfortunately last week. Thank goodness everything is gone now. -1 windchill Wednesday with the snow and then this weekend it was sunny and in the 70’s. Yep you read that right. We didn’t know if we were coming or going. Stay warm friends. XOXO – Bacon

      1. This is true. This is very true. Mom never knows to wear galoshes, fur boots and sneakers these days. The temperatures outside have had some massive mood swings. LOL XOXO – Bacon

  23. Any idea how long that will last? Our cousin from Denver is here with us just now, for Mary’s birthday, and will fly back on Wednesday.

  24. Here in PA we’ve had a long bitter seize with a few snow storms. However, this week we’ll be in the 50s and 60s and I’m not complaining! No drought here.

    1. Oh yes, we leave our calling card footprints for the mama after storms. We’ll have to wear snow boots to keep the snow balls from forming. That won’t be too fun but the brisk air will make for fun walks.🐾

  25. So good to see you actually got to the computer. Hi there, Elsa. So you have got some snow at last. This is good in that you don’t feel left out – like Florida. I guess the resort people will be happy again. Our weather has been – well weather for summer in the Arid Lands, South Australia – warm, warm, very warm, hot, hot, very warm – crash-cool. This weekend is to be very hot again. Couple of the schools in the far north closed down because of the hot weather – too small to justify total air conditioning. Benji has to stay home because it’s too hot to take him out in the car. I have to put up with “The Look” if I go out without him, but I can, knowing that he’s safe. Take care. Look after Sam and Mom

    1. Mom tried to explain extreme weather patterns to us dogs but we won’t hear of it. So she makes us walk at more optimum times which throws off our bio-rhythms. Us dogs like routine and don’t understand that kind of stuff. Hopefully things won’t be too bad for you this week. We’ll keep our paws crossed our fur-iend, Benji won’t have to give you that look.

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