Nature Friday ~ November 20, 2020

Welcome to Friday where we join our furry friends, Rosy, Sunny, Arty and Jakey from LLB in Our Backyard for another Blogville edition of Nature Friday. So how was your week? It’s been breezy in the 303 which means the leaves have fallen and now lay strewn over lawns and flower beds basically mocking residents to rake them up. Mostly I’ve resisted any urge to rake most of them up, instead hoping the wind will carry them down toward the next street over. Yeah, I’m ‘that‘ kind of person.

I did however take some collected garden waste to the city’s recycling program at Sloan’s Lake (which is where all these images were taken).

The local Canadian geese population have pretty much stopped migrating south for the winter preferring instead the hospitality of Denver’s 250+ city parks. There’s something about these large birds that always makes me stop and watch them for long stretches of time whether they are on the water or chasing uprights and their pets waddling around the park. They aren’t one bit afraid of humans or dogs and will chase you if you invade their comfort zone. One might even accuse them of being aggressive.


Hanging out in Sloan’s Lake shallow waters, these guys were bathing and sunning themselves. Notice the Mallard herding them into a circle. Kidding…my guess is the Mallards avoid the geese as much as the rest of us, but what a striking fella motoring around the fringes of the gaggle.


One might speculate the increasing COVID conditions have encouraged these guys to congregate much like upright visitors (and unfortunately far too many maskless ones at that-come on people-stop being a mask-hole!) walking and bicycling around the park yesterday in the gorgeous November weather. While we repeatedly hear of storms in the forecast, nothing has materialized yet. Still it’s hard to knock 70 degree days, despite the area being desperate for moisture-just check out the parched looking grasses around the park.



Then there’s always that one guy who has to show off to the chicks by spreading his wings. Show-off. Who knew there were obnoxious jocks in the geese world?Nature

We hope you’ve enjoyed checking out the Canadian geese of Sloan’s Lake and hope you will get out this weekend to enjoy some beautiful weather as well as some of beautiful sights Mother Nature offers in autumn.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

74 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ November 20, 2020

  1. What a beautiful collection of nature pictures! I always enjoy watching the social interactions of these silly feathered friends!

  2. We’re surrounded by woods, so my hope is that all the leaves will just blow into the woods. However, it doesn’t usually work that way and I’ll be doing raking in the spring!
    There is a huge flock of geese hanging out on a horse farm that I drive by on my way to work. I love to see them, I think they are such pretty birds!
    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  3. Our geese seem to hang around the city parks all the year long, too. Hmmm, I think they are becoming too dependent on humans for food and shelter…
    Yesterday while driving to and fro, I saw some wild turkeys, a Tom, and his hens. He began to display to them…but sheesh, you’d think turkeys would be hiding this time of the year, LOL!
    (And of course I had no camera…sigh…)

    1. Birds don’t seem to be the brightest light in the chandelier. ‘Cept they sure seem to know how to enjoy a good buffet from the local park or golf course. 😊

          1. Financially, it will help; morally also, I’m thinking. I will be working there and not in my own home. It will be nice to get out of the house! Thank you!

  4. Bright November day you have! We are ” that” kind of people with the leaves too, the oak leaves we drive to peaces with a lawn mover. Here geese also stop in parks and beaches and guess what? People want to shoot them, they are a nuisance, because they poop. They are here some weeks and then fly South, and this is a huge problem. I don’t know know what is wrong with these people, wolves must be killed, also bears, jackdaws, crows, moose, deers and we have past the stone age already.
    Have a great sunny weekend, forehead kisses to doggies.

    1. It really is quite astounding. Thanks for the well wishes. It’s a clear blue sky today though a tad cooler and yet I’d trade it for a nice shower in a minute. Ear and belly rubs for Kosmo. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 💙

  5. The western Canadian geese are out here too, they’re wild little guys! The part about the show off is so true! We try to stay as far away from them as possible because I think they could take out Scarlett 😉

    1. I think they can take out just about anything they encounter! Have a great weekend and give Scarlett some ear rubs from us.

    1. The ones here are like relatives you’re not that crazy about. They overstay any welcome.

  6. We love watching the geese here, too! They congregate on certain streets and don’t seem to mind if a car is coming or not – they go at their own leisurely pace wherever they want to go.

    And Missouri, I think, has even more “mask-holes” than Colorado (I think I’m going to have to steal that phrase!).

    1. This whole mask thing just baffles me. I don’t get it and don’t understand why it’s such a problem for people. Don’t you want to keep Grandma and Grandpa safe? Then wear a damn mask!! 😷 #COVIDIOTS

  7. Yep, geese can be quite aggresive. Maybe that male is practicing for mating season, catching the eyes of the girls and hoping they’ll remember him come spring. Or, with 70 degrees, maybe he’s just confused about the season!

  8. Happy Friday … but I have to be a party pooper. A work colleague of many years ago was an avid hunter – and he corrected me … they are Canada Geese. Just another reason to have a beer. Cheers.

        1. Bwahahaha. Good one. I surprisingly was rooting for the goose and I’m not a fan of geese!

  9. Mew mew mew that lookss like G. Gordon Goose from our ‘hood Miss Monika…hee iss all wayss showin off his wingss! An inn all fareness, hee iss purrty hansum fore a Goose!!
    THE Geese all look furry happy to bee down there….say are they ‘Snowbirdss’??? Mew mew mew…
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew
    Pee S: THE G inn Gordon’ss name iss fore Gorgeeus! Liek you were even sirprized rite??

  10. Geese can be aggressive, so glad you were able to enjoy them from afar. As for leaves, I live on a hill, surrounded by trees. That means I, too, have leaves falling through Dec, but they are relatively easy to either rake or blow into the woods. Getting them off the roof and out of the gutters is another thing altogether though.

  11. Gorgeous photos! And to the geese, yes, they can be quite aggressive.

    I remember a time when my parents rented a summer cottage in a town called Cutchogue, NY(on the north fork of Long Island)…the house faced a small body of water appropriately named Goose Creek. My Mom – whose patience rivaled even the most patient saint’s own – would take a lawn chair down to the water’s edge and sit there for hours waiting for the geese to come to her to get pieces of day-old bread. (Those were the days before we knew bread was not necessarily good for water fowl.) By summer’s end, Mom had almost every goose in the gaggle taking bread GENTLY out of her hand.

    I don’t know where Mom got that much patience from, but I wish she had filtered more of it down to me. (I’ve pretty much run out of what little patience I had left when this pandemic started.)

    Anyway, too many mask-holes here in Greenville (SC) for my liking, so we’ll probably just continue to enjoy the fresh air in our own backyard.

    1. Watching them from a distance is ok by me. Truth is birds kind of terrify me in general. Not sure I’d have your mum’s patience COVID or not! 😃

  12. Beautiful colours in those photographs… a nice reward for recycling.
    We kept geese when in France…about thirty of them. They were fine with us but not with strangers and, yes, their calling cards were all over the place so cutting the grass was a hazard in itself needing goggles and old clothes – but it was worth it for the sight of two gendarmes who had come to check up on us during one of the avian ‘flu outbreaks legging it at speed before the onslaught of thirty outstretched necks and flapping wings.

    1. Now that would have been some sight! And I’m just enough of a pill to have enjoyed it. 😂

    1. “Too successful” is a kind way of putting it. 😈 The Park Dept. had a capture and euthanasia program for another park that had residents up in arms, on both sides. It’s a pain to remove the evidence of their presence from one’s shoes or paws.

    1. They’re no fools, why fly thousands of miles when all their needs are met here. Yeah, the ‘souvenirs’ I can definitely live without!

  13. Here, I let the leaves sit on the lawn and decay by themselves.I could blow/rake them into a heap at the curb, where the city would pick them up. We have this programme every autum and spring [when the oaks shed their leaves].
    Have a great weekend,

    1. The city will mulch them but you have to bag them and get them to a recycle center. And some of the immediate trees shed leaves into the middle of December. Ugh. 🍁

    1. Yeah, one must be careful where you walk-they tend waddle all over the bike/walking path. Ewwww

        1. LOL, yes, they were liked more before they became too aggressive and too many of them. The park department had to conduct a ‘capture and euthanize” program that had some residents in the Wash Park area up in arms. Don’t suspect anyn golfers complained much. 😉

    1. More like bullies. They’re fun to watch from a distance but can be quite aggressive at times.

    1. They’re a nuisance at some parks-so much so they’ve instituted “capture and euthanize” programs from some parks after neighbors complained about all the geese poop.

    1. Thanks, John. I do enjoy taking a walk around the lake and seeing the wildlife and ‘wagnificent’ views of downtown from the western edge of the lake. The sunrises there are to die for!

  14. I love birds and we see these birds on our way to the boat. In the spring they head south and in the fall they head north. Beautiful.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the pups. ♥

    1. Let me just say many would love for them to actually migrate, rather than crash all year long here. The food sources are way too plentiful for these guys to move on. Still I do enjoy watching them especially on cold bleak days. Have a great weekend!

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