Nature Friday ~ March 12, 2021

Happy Friday where we’re joining our friends, Rosy, Sunny, Arty and Jakey from LLB in Our Backyard for another Nature Friday blog hop. Don’t forget to “hop” over to their backyard by clicking on the link and checking out all the other images that folks found this week in nature. Nature Friday

While the Mile High anxiously awaits a major storm scheduled to arrive sometime tonight, Elsa continues to look high and low for signs of Spring. The National Weather Service said Denver could expect between 15-24 inches and has issued a winter storm warning for the slow moving storm beginning early tomorrow. Snow should fall through the weekend and end around noon on Monday. Highs will only be in the mid-30’sF which may be a bit of an adjustment after approaching 70ºF earlier this week. The temperature yo-yo continues.

March snow storms are not unusual in Denver; I am reminded of another spring storm that pounded fell on Denver back on St. Patrick’s Day in 2003 when 30+ inches fell. That storm occurred when this was a two sheepdog household and my back was better equipped to shovel massive amounts of snow. Shoveling around these two crazy sheepdogs was always an adventure.

St. Patrick’s Day, 2003
Are you up there, Spring?

Alas, if only Elsa would looked a bit closer to ground level where spring bulbs continue their annual march toward sunny exposures.


The same garden that had those lovely reticulated irises and crocuses that I recently posted also has a small patch of miniature daffodils. These guys are the absolute cutest things and are only about 3-4 inches tall. Their bright color always elicits a smile from me in the sea of brown.


I mean how cheery is that little cutie pie?

Norman, on the other hand is somewhat less enthusiastic about “Springtime in the Rockies” and has taken a somewhat more laissez-faire attitude when looking for signs of spring usually from the comfort of his sofa. I’m sure he’ll most likely keep me company while I ‘bake up a storm’ in the kitchen as nature unleashes her own storm outside. Fingers crossed the power doesn’t go out. So what are your plans for the weekend?


Live, love, bark! 🐾

81 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ March 12, 2021

  1. Oh wow! That’s a lot of snow. It’s hot where I am now. Like freaking humid and hot that you don’t want to do anything because every movement means sweat.

    1. Yup, around 2 ft. fell. Personally I prefer the snow to heat and humidity. My body doesn’t deal well with humidity and it’s rough on the dogs as well.

  2. OMD, Ma just squeeled at the thought of TWO OES’s!!!! OMD, the funs! she is super duper jealous, and says that she can’t imagine snow covered OES fur! BOL!
    And those daffies are BEAUTIFULS!!!! I hopes you guys didn’t gets tooooo much snow this weekend.
    Stay warm, and just thinks , we’re gonna be bitchin’ abouts the heat in no time! 😂
    Ruby ♥

    1. Oh the stories I could tell you about those two sheepdogs, both of whom were rescued from the Dumb Friends. Puck, the female was a hoot and lived up to the Shakespearean character she was named after. Eliot, the male was a worry wart who looked like a wool sweater with feet. Everyone thought he looked like a stuffed animal. A real cutie.

  3. Stay warm and spacy….like be on your own planet. Don’t let this one get you down. This is winter’s last hurrah….think that way and I’ll bet it will be.


    1. I don’t mind it at all. Just glad I’m not out in the blizzard conditions and 25 mph winds today. A storm like this will melt fairly quickly this time of year but even with that I suspect it may take a few days to deal with the 18+ inches of wet white stuff. 😃

  4. Mee-yow wow those Minnie Daffydillss are so so cute Miss Monika! Our snowdropss came out but are huddlin twogether hangin their headss ‘casue it iss freezin out!
    Did youss’ get THAT BIG storm??? Mee poochie doggie frend Mani an his Guy gotted a HUGE amount of snow an they sumwhere inn yore state!!!
    Norman mee sweet man doggie may mee come snuggell with you on yore comfy couch? Wee can wait fore spring two-gether OKay??
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

    Pee S: Our weekend was busy~LadyMew an Aunty Sheila went shoppin ; LadyMew hung out online with frendss last nite. Today LadyMew did Laundry an choress an now wee watchin NASCAR~~vroom vroom~~
    An there was ALOT of happy nappiess two!

    1. We’re in the midst of a bona fide blizzard with about 18″ of white stuff and it’s still snowing and blowing. Haven’t seen one of these kinds of storms in a long while. Good weekend to stay indoors and cuddle.

        1. Oh yes, we’re even limiting potty breaks. Norman thinks he has a cast iron bladder and can hold it. He doesn’t want to go outside in it and I don’t blame him. We’re nice and toasty cozy.

  5. It’s cool here but not freezing. When I got up I looked at the clock and thought I overslept. No, I didn’t. We don’t go on daylight savings time but the clocks automatically adjusted for it. They work off the time signal wave. The clocks don’t have a setting to stop the time change. In the winter, we’re on the same time as Denver and in the summer, we’re with San Francisco.

    1. DST is my least favorite day of the year. And then there’s the return to regular time. So disruptive to natural biorhythms. 😬

  6. Such cheerful little garden of little daffodils and crocus. We sure hope the snow doesn’t stay around too long!

    1. Spring storms don’t usually last too long but it supposed to snow the rest of the night and all day tomorrow. Then the melting can begin. 😉

    2. Spring storms don’t usually last long. But the fresh 18+ inches might stick around for a day or two. 🤣

  7. I can never get over how much crazier your weather is than ours, with those extremes! We hope you enjoy being hunkered down with the dogs, I’m sure you are used to making the best of it!
    It makes me said to think of all those pretty flowers getting buried under snow though!

    1. Springtime in the Rockies! It finally started snowing about a couple of hours ago (finally) and it’s coming down like a snow globe. So pretty. And very wet! Yay, the trees will be drinking up for a while.

  8. Lulu: “Sounds like there might be some interesting weather times heading your way! Here, it rained this week, which is unusual for us, even during the so-called rainy season, but we’re glad to have it. For one thing, it makes the ground easier to dig in when hunting for gophers, which is the main thing I have planned for this weekend.”
    Charlee: “I’m planning to sleep this weekend.”
    Chaplin: “Me too.”
    Lulu: “Whoa, let’s rein in the ambition a little there, guys.”

    1. Aren’t they adorable? And oh-so hardy which they’ll need to be if the forecasts are accurate. 🤞🏻

  9. Wow! That’s a lot of snow in the forecast! I hope you can “enjoy” it, get some baking done, and the power doesn’t go out! I probably won’t be doing much this weekend. We’re getting rain. I think I would prefer snow. At least it’s pretty. LOL

  10. It sounds like a lot of snow is headed your way. The OP Pack wants to know if you have room for three more:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

    1. You’re always welcome. We could use the company and more snow shovelers. 😁

    1. Thanks. I’m pretty partial to them myself. It should be a good weekend to kick back and chill. Literally. LOL

    1. It’s ok. These bulbs are hardy and should be fine. When they eventually emerge from under all that white stuff. LOL

    1. It’ll be fine (so long as the power stays on). I planned ahead so there’s really no reason to get out in it.

  11. We fully expect that by this weekend you’ll be treating blog readers to a private viewing of Norman’s favorite painting: “Swan Flying Through a Snowstorm While Wearing a White Bedsheet.”

    1. Erm…maybe. We’ll have to wait and see. He is definitely NOT a fan of snow and tends to act like he’s being punished. Elsa turns into a musher dog and thinks she’s competing in the Iditarod.

        1. You’re presuming I didn’t stop by there earlier in the week when the weather was warm. 😇

          1. Actually, I was fully confident that you HAD been by there earlier but so what…it could be a long storm! You think the Donner Party would have settled for one trip to the wine store had they a choice? Huh? Huh? You can’t be too prepared!!! 🌨🍺🍸🍹🥂❄

  12. Pretty blooms!! Always nice to see the flowers returning each year, so faithfully!

    Hope the snow you will have won’t be too awful…and that the power stays on, else how will you bake, or make hot chocolate?

    We don’t have the crocuses or daffs yet, but I saw the snowdrops have begun to bloom. They amaze me with their very early blooming, even in freezing night temps.

    Stay safe and warm!
    Woofs from our hooligans to yours:)

    1. Thanks for the woofs. Yes, I’m hoping there aren’t any power cuts. Baking won’t happen if there are and will be a real bummer. Nothing like yummy scents coming from the kitchen on a snowy day.

  13. I like Norman’s approach to life. I’ll be in the kitchen with you waiting for the baking to come out of the oven. That’s a lot of snow expected after that taste of spring. Same yo-yo here, but no snow.

    We’re home and intend to stay home. It’s to cold for boating right now. There’s nothing like boat cold. Not a good thing.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the pups and a smooch to Norman. ♥

    1. I can only imagine what boat cold is like. From Norman’s perch of course. 😉 Have yourself a nice cozy weekend.

    1. Beer on hand though I’ll probably switch to hot chocolate and Schnapps. Just to keep warm mind you.

  14. When any snow is predicted here, there is a mass buying of bread, milk and bottled water (not toilet paper, but that may be added to the list going forward). Does anything like that happen there when you get predictions of huge snow storms like what’s coming?

    1. Here too. People go insane and resemble locusts consuming everything off the shelves that may possibly fit in their SUVs. 😬

        1. Pretty much. I was shocked at how full the parking lot was at the store I drove past yesterday. 😲

  15. LOVE the happy flowers peeking through the brown…..Sounds like you’re expecting some white stuff this weekend – we will have some snow (but I bet not as much as you will!) on Sunday. Probably just enough to be irritating! Hope the power stays on so you can bake, bake, bake!!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

    1. Fingers crossed on the power staying on too. Cooking and baking should be a nice diversion to watching all the snow accumulating. 😇

  16. I love that you have daffodils and crocuses and irises and are still expecting snow. Cray-cray! Here? Major snow melt happening. Muck abounds everywhere. Still in the slightly below to slightly above freezing temps (great for walking – I ain’t complaining). I’d say half my lawn in front is uncovered and the half that is has a good 8-10 inches still left. still. I know it’s too early to celebrate. Just last year we had a good dump on March 23rd that was pretty much gone by March 25th.
    Enjoy your (hopefully snowbound (for much needed precipitation) but not without power) weekend!

    1. You want cray-cray…last year about 4 inches fell during Mother’s Day weekend!

        1. It’s definitely an eye-opener but I don’t mind so much-it goes away very quickly.

  17. I love daffodils – they are my favorites! We have the little crocuses but the daffs aren’t up yet. Soon. Good luck with the weekend snow storm – yuck!! My husband has resisted a snow blower, and they’re not my favorite either, but as we have both passed the 65 mark, I think one is in our future some winter soon.

    1. I know what you mean. I’ve thought about it many times on snowy days. I always ask myself why did I buy a house on a large corner lot when it snows?

  18. Hopefully when wet weather returns next week it’ll be warm rain. I’ve had enough of dreary, cold rain for now. I’m ready for Spring. We have a few of those mini daffodils in our one flower bed, too. The crocuses have withered away, so it’s fun to see the mini daffys.

    Weekend will be quiet – maybe a car ride for Ducky. She enjoys laying on the back seat while we drive around town.

    1. Hoping you guys have a lovely drive around and warm rain if there’s any moisture involved. Storms in March are not uncommon but this one could be a real haymaker. ❄️

  19. I hope you stay safe and snug during the storm, Monika, and your power stays on. The good news is that at this point, any snow that falls will melt fairly quickly. It helps me to remember that!

    1. I rather enjoy spring storms; they tend to dump a lot of snow but leave and melt fairly quickly. Plus the fact it’ll provide a nice drink for the trees is a cherry on top. Have a great weekend!

    1. Color right now is really important. Everything is brown and drab so a pop of yellow makes for a lovely change on the scenery front. Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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