Nature Friday ~ August 27, 2021

Nature FridayWelcome to the last Friday of August. As always, we’re joining those adorable hosts, Rosy, Sunny, Arty and Jakey from LLB in Our Backyard on their blog hop. Make sure you click on the link to see what others have shared. This edition is literally a wild one, with commentary from both Ranch Hands.

Norman: Mum, it was a wild week, wasn’t it? I mean…I’ve never seen as much wildlife since being rescued and immigrating here.

Mum: You’re right, Norman; it was a ‘wild’ week, critter-wise. Given our location a ere 3 miles from downtown, it’s always exciting for us when Nature in its wildest form crosses our paths.

Norman: Right-o, mum. I haven’t seen this many rabbits as I did this week. What’s up with that?

Elsa: (imitating her best Elmer Fudd voice) Wabbits??? Where?!?!?! You know how I “LOVE” hunting looking for wabbits.

Norman: You almost walked past this one, little sister and missed another one at Sprouts parking lot.


Elsa: Harrumph…wabbits are wily but I eventually picked up its scent. But I spotted the third one before you guys did. Just wish mom hadn’t spotted this one first, otherwise I’d have turned her into a kite. For the record, I don’t think that spot is reserved for bunny parking, so there.

Norman: Mum scans the landscape for wildlife for that exact reason. But seeing rabbits three times this week was a bit unusual and nothing compared to what else we encountered.

Elsa: I’m still blown away from that whole experience. The fact that we were running later than usual and had we be out at our usual time, well…we’d have missed them by several minutes. Sure we’ve seen one or two on a couple of occasions but nothing like that before.

Norman: [Head shaking] It was quite something. I mean to be a witness to a whole ‘family of criminals’…well, let’s just say that took us all by surprise. Seeing wildlife like this makes it even more remarkable.

Check out this morning neighborhood criminal family!

Elsa: No kidding! Seeing those masked bandits so close to me and posing no less…well I momentarily froze in my tracks. Luckily, it was just enough time for mum to realize what could have been a potential nightmare for all concerned so she instinctively shortened my leash. Doggone it anyway.

Norman: At first I thought it was a bunch of odd looking kitties but could tell from mum’s reaction it was something else. I’ve never seen six ‘cats’ like that at once.


Elsa: At least I managed to react a short distance away from the porch which took her shoulder by surprise. Heh, heh. It’s good keeping her on her toes.

Norman: Oh come on, sister, it’s not really her toes you want her to stay on…it’s more like you prefer her backside.

Elsa: Sshhh, don’t let her know that. Jeez, are you trying to get me in trouble?

Norman: You’re well enough equipped to do that on your own without any help from me.


Elsa: Not one, not two, not even three…but four on the front porch of that house at the same time. I distinctly remember mum rubbing her eyes in disbelief.

Norman: She sure did, though I think she might have been still half asleep. As we passed the front porch, we saw the others on the fence to the side though there were {only} six raccoons in total committing a burglary.

Elsa: I was so bummed they decided not to follow us in the opposite direction.

Norman: They probably had more houses to burglarize visit before breakfast was over. I did notice that one fella coming out from under the chair had munched on the tassels on the chair cushion.

Elsa: Not much of a breakfast by my mind’s thinking.

Norman: This coming from someone who considers wool socks a food group?

Elsa: That’s different, bro. Besides, it wasn’t me who ate a felted mini-OES figure that mom spent 8+ hours needle felting last week. Do I need to remind you of the day you spent at ER?

Norman: Ahem…not my finest moment I’ll agree, but all’s good now right mum?

Mum: {Eyes rolling} Yes, ‘dear‘ Norman. Just make sure you don’t countersurf anymore and we’ll be all good, ‘kay?

Norman: Right-o, mum. I love that you accept me for who I am. Just a big hunka-chunk who is apparently irresistible to nurses judging our visit to hospital yesterday. If feels good getting the first of two evaluations out of the way. One step closer to being a full therapy dog.

Mum: Yes, dear boy…you definitely know how to draw a crowd. Much like us gawking at those raccoons, people just couldn’t believe their eyes seeing you and began running down the hallway to say hello

Norman: Yes, it was somewhat overwhelming. Yawn. I’m still recovering from all that therapy work while trying to get over that whole riding the elevator experience.


Mum: You’ll be fine, sweet boy. You have the whole weekend to recover.

Elsa: We’re so proud of you, Big Brother! Let’s plot plan some extra special recovery plans for the weekend…you know just to give mum a run for her money on her toes.

Mum: Sigh. Whatever you do this weekend, we hope it’s relaxing and fun but you give yourself plenty of time to see all the amazing sights Mother Nature offers.

Live, love, bark!  🐾


63 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ August 27, 2021

  1. How very cool, it’s like a critter safari out there. Those masked bandits sure were up to something, probably not good, but at least they have their masks on . Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    1. Thanks. Yes, those guys were no doubt up to no good. It hey, who can resist those adorable faces? 🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝

  2. WOW!!!! Talk about Trash Pandamonium! (haha) This morning we had two raccoons on our front porch wondering where the bowl of food was that we usually take outside when one of our visiting cats shows up for breakfast. Well we didn’t have a visiting cat this morning and oh boy did the raccoons look SAD about no leftovers. They scampered off when my husband tapped the window by the front door. Try again tomorrow guys. We have seen TONS of BUNS (bunnies….) around here this year. Never before have we seen more than a couple during the summer but this year – LOTS. I am equally sure that’s why we have seen so many foxes – because there are so many bunnies. Anyway, happy Saturday!!!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. They’re so stinikin’ cute but talk about opportunistic! Your visitor probably didn’t want to get any of “Rocky’s” cooties. LOL Have a great weekend!

  3. We have plenty of coons here, too…but we hardly ever see that many all at once. Must have been a large litter of kits. Now they can all work together as the ‘coonie hoodlum team’! LOL!

    Bunnies we have too…and woe to any of their kin or other fauna who dare trespass here into our fenced yard. We have removed more than a few off the face of the earth…poor petcretary who has to clean them away…

    Sorry the elevator scares you Norman. We used to be scared to go out of the fenced yard on our leashes cause we had to bypass the van parked there…no idea why that scared us, but not too bad anymore thankfully! Going through the sally port gate means a trip in the car or a good walkie!

    1. My other (and long time) therapy dog, Sam was bothered by the elevator too but he eventually got used to them. I’m sure Norman will eventually figure it out. Distraction from people fawning over him will help.

      I’ve never that many raccoons in the nearly 20 years of living here! Their life of crime must pay handsomely since they all looked pretty chubby. 😉

      1. Agreed! Even if they look kind of cute, they’re not critters I like to see around our place.
        Have a great weekend,

        1. They can be pretty mischievous and make a real mess especially if you don’t secure your trash bins.

  4. Oh dear, this is where I show my higorance —- never having seen a Racoon, let alone a clan of them, I thought Possums . Well, what can I say, we don’t have either of them here. and we don’t have them in Scotland either. Great post and I learned something, so thank you Norman and the Ninja……

    1. Always our pleasure to impart a bit of info. Didn’t realize these crafty little critters are only found in North America. I learned something myself!

  5. Wow! What an unexpected sight with the racoons and the little bunny is cute.
    Enjoyed hearing Norm and Elsa talk about it. 🙂
    Cheers to you Norm in being one step closer to a therapy dog, you do deserve a restful weekend!
    Happy weekend to you! Have a great one!

    1. Thanks, we were pretty excited about seeing those guys. 🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝

  6. Oh WOW about the raccoons! And the bunnies!

    Happy to hear how well Norman is progressing with his therapy dog assessments! Elevators can be pretty scary for dogs with all the weird noises they make. My Kissy was terrified of them when she was a youngster.

    1. The noises aren’t so bad, think it’s the vibration that causes the most terror.

      Bet we never see that many raccoons again for a very long time, if ever. Have a super weekend!

    1. But the real question is who’s protecting whom in this bunny/raccoon scenario? LOL

  7. Although we call them “trash pandas” too I just discovered that a group of raccoons is properly called a “gaze” or “nursery.” I will promptly forget that fact but pass it along in case Elsa or Norman are ever questioned on their experience by erudite dogs who are sticklers for detail. Have a good weekend. Hot here. Smoky. Yuck.

    1. Fascinating. Both Elsa and Norman noted the proper reference and are looking forward to the next gaze! Sorry ’bout the weather. Heard about the latest wildfire. If it makes you feel better, it’s hot here too and likely for the next 10 days at least. Ugh.

  8. HURRAH fore wildlife!!! 6 Raccoonss!! Toetallee amazin…mee not seen 6 Rockiess since THE meen streetss of Wireton many yeerss ago!
    An that littel bunny iss too cute fore werdss!! LadyMew sayss seein alot of Bunniess iss a guud sign that NO Coyotess about 😉
    Our two ressydent Bunniess Bindy an Mindy come to vissit allmsot efurry nite!!
    An ChewyTwo Chipmunk an Mimi Squirrel even…
    An all mee Birdie frendss two!
    Nature iss speck-taculur!
    ***purrss*** an ***nose kissess*** to mee Sweet Norman an **purrss** to you Miss Monika an Elsa from mee BellaDharma an ((hugss)) LadyMew

    1. There have been the occasional coyote sightings over the years but judging by the number of bunnies, they seem to be hanging in there okay. In all the years I’ve lived here, I’ve never seen that many raccoons at once…in fact, I probably haven’t seen that many before. Such a wonderful surprise.

      1. Mew mew mew those Bunniess are so cute an so are Raccoonss…
        BellaSita meowed to mee a story ’bout when shee lived on West Hill. Shee used to feed a Raccoon furmailly of 7 Raccoonss~~GranPaw; Meowy; PawPaw an 4 kittss!! They were allwayss gentell an cuased no trubbell….an ate ALOT of kitty kibble!!!!
        Mew mew mew…..

        1. Whoa…7 eh? No wonder they kept coming by for dinner if you were feeding all of them!

          1. Hello Monika~~Sherri-Ellen here….oh yeah I was feeding all 7 Raccoons! At first I only saw Mom & 2 kits….then Dad showed up a few nites later with 2 kits. And then Grandpa showed up…he was GINORMUS!! All of them were so gentle tho’. I’d bring out 2 bowls of kibble & the raccoon kits would stand on hind legs gently pawing at my legs…they were so cute. Once the kits were fed I’d get more food for Parents & Grandpa. And then my Landlady started putting fruit & veg scraps out for them….they were the best fed Raccoons in town!!! 😉

            1. No doubt! Heck I’d paw at your legs for free meals like that too! 😊🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝

  9. I love the raccoon pics! I wonder what attracted them to that particular house? We’ve had a bunny living in the front yard for two years now. Luckily, the dogs are uninterested. Clearly, they feel too sophisticated to get their paws and mouth dirty. Thank goodness! Keep up the good work, Norman!

  10. oh my word! We have a family of them in our corner too, and Milo just goes out and barks at them every. night. all the critters just stare at him behind the fence and don’t even hurry to run off.

    1. Raccoons in our hood aren’t overly concerned about the dogs. Maybe because they always seem to have a good escape route in their crafty little minds makes them realize they’re probably safe.

  11. Those are exciting animal encounters you had. We live surrounded by woods so critters aren’t new to us but this year they seem more determined to come inside our fenced yard. The foxes that live on our property have even gotten in our yard and left their calling cards behind. Too bad our mom and dad found the “calling cards” before we did because they would have been fun to roll in. BOL!

    1. Foxes used to live here when I moved in back in 2002 but have left the area to my great sadness. I loved watching them and always cheered them on against the squirrels. 😈

    1. Trash pandas! LOVE it-what a great description. So true, especially with those busy little fingers.

  12. that’s highly unusual to see racoons in daylight like that……..glad you kept your distance, often if they are out in the light they are rabid. So glad Norman is progressing nicely!!

    1. Thanks, Caren. You’re right, we usually seem them at dawn or dusk. They were quite ballsy about being on that porch after 6:30 am!

  13. Wow…that’s a lot of raccoons in one spot! And glad that the therapy work is proceeding apace too! Even if the elevator isn’t a favorite yet.

    1. Talk about a whole “kitten-caboodle” of criminals! Yes, the elevator is a real problem for Norman (far more so than Sam) but I think he’ll learn how to accept it as a momentary detour before the treats and ear rub onslaught. 😉

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