Nature Friday ~ November 19, 2021

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Well it finally happened, the leaves have been wrested away from trees that have been hanging on  (yeah, I’m talking about you, Mr. Passive Aggressive Catalpa). Bags, bags and more bags have been raked up and carted off to the city’s composting station at Sloans Lake…so now what? It’s November and although temps are still pretty mild, with no leaves on trees to check out, let’s just say the month of November can be pretty dull and boring. Could that be why there’ve been some pretty colorful sunsets?

After Wednesday’s post showing off the Oregon coastline at sunset, you probably think I’m a bit obsessed with sunsets. And you’d probably be right (though truth be told I enjoy a beautiful sunrise every bit as much). The sunsets have been pretty amazing lately (despite the fact that my urban sunsets unfortunately include power lines with no rugged coastline). This one started early on and it only got better.


This week I’ve been charmed with Nick Offerman’s latest book, “Where the Deer and the Antelope Play (wherein he waxes on philosophically about Mother Nature) and on one evening, I looked up to see why the living room was so brightly lit up by orange light. Getting up from my comfy reading spot and disturbing a couple of furry snugglers, I went outside to see a brilliant sunset highlighting stately evergreen trees across the street.


It was as if a wildfire was burning close by (which sadly there is-the Kruger Rock wildfire near Estes Park, where a fire fighting tanker plane crashed, killing the pilot). It’s so hard to comprehend that we’re still in the midst of wildfire season. In November!

The evening skies have been exceptionally vivid lately. I guess if you’re November, you’ll do just about anything to make yourself look good now that autumn leaves are history.

With this being the last weekend before the Thanksgiving Day holiday, do you have any special plans? Whatever you decide to do, we hope your sunsets are spectacular and that you’re able to enjoy some time outdoors appreciating Mother Nature’s evening light show.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

46 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ November 19, 2021

  1. Wee are furry sorry THE Pie-lot died inn crash! An wee hope THE fire will bee putted out ASAP an even sooner!
    Miss Monika yore Sunset fotoss are lovelee an wee enjoy seein them wheneffur you post them!
    Yore so talleneted capturin such beeutee inn our werld….
    Wee need yore fotoss beecause when wee see THE Mewss from Bee Cee province wee are so furry sad!
    What a deesastur…..
    Thanx fore yore beeuteefull fotoss’.
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) BellaSita Mum

    Oee S: Pleese give Sweet Norman lotss off ***kissess*** from mee Okay???
    An sum snuggellss to deer Elsa two!

    1. Thank you, sweet kitty and mum. You’re always so complimentary…you make me blush. 😍

  2. That pink sky is amazing, so magical. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in our Country, but we’ll be all celebrate it with you😺We also want to Thank you for your Birthday wishes for Me and My Granny, Norman, Elza and Monika, they warmed our heart and brightened up our day💗 Extra Pawkisses for all of you🐾😽💞

    1. Many thanks to you and your Granny for the kind words and thoughts. We’re glad you both had a bright birthday celebration.

  3. I also love beautiful sunsets, knowing the star keeping everything on earth alive will be back in a few hours. I plan to stop grooming dogs Sunday in time to get down to the Tennessee Pavilion where the “Market” is to listen to the band Jeff is in play. There will be ballroom dancers there who will cut a rug with me, and Jeff always comes out of the band for a couple of dances, too! I am really looking forward to it, despite the temps a bit cooler than I like. I am telling myself to just dress like I was back up north and keep dancing!
    Hope you have a good weekend too.

    1. I missed the eclipse too. Not that I’d easily be able to see one with the light pollution and tall mature trees & buildings around my house.

      Raking…my autumnal bane in life!! 🍁🍂🍁

      1. I went out to look for it but I couldn’t find it and by then it was 5:30 in the AM and I don’t even know if it was still doing its thing anyways.

        Bane I tell you! Bane!

  4. We still have leaves hanging tenaciously onto trees. Our garden recycling centers will close in about 2 weeks. We are hoping to get the last there. If not, they’ll be flying around until next spring! Lovely pictures.

    1. My Catalpa resisted dropping its leaves forever but lost 95% of them on Wednesday when the temps dropped. They of course all landed in my yard along with the catalpa leaves from the neighbor across the street. It’s a conspiracy I tell ya!

      1. We used to have that at our old house. Everyone’s leaves ended up in our yard. We had a fence at the back and they would be knee deep. New house is much better. So far no one’s leaves have blown here and we back up to a wooded area where we can blow them if they would.

        1. Ooh, lucky you. That catalpa across the street has since the day I moved in some 19+ years ago deposited it’s leaves and those wretched bean pods in my yard. Then there are the ornamental pears at the house next to it that drop their leaves after all other trees have shed theirs…you guessed it…in my front yard as well. Never thought trees could be so passive aggressive!

  5. The warm days persist here in Socal, so much so that I have crop of kabu (Japanese turnip) getting ready to harvest and there are still numerous flowers in the garden. Tomatoes and cukes are still growing albeit much more slowly with shorter, cooler days. 70s most days and occasional 80s appear from time to time.

  6. Such beautiful colors!! We are lucky and the rains have moved in for the winter and finaly put an end to wildfire season. Unfortunately, it has now turned into “Mud slide” season. Mother Nature sure is fickle.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you-Mother Nature knows how to do sunsets. At this point, I’d roll out the red carpet for mud! It’s been so doggone dry. Whenever the forecast suggests a shower and then pushes it to the following week, I can only roll my eyes.

  7. I have a personal attachment to November … but be that as it may … it is sad (if) the sunsets are enhanced by fires, as they are so often spectacular on their own … living now in the downtown/heart of a city, such sights are rarely seen anymore. Your photos are beautiful …

    1. With the location of that wildfire and the direction of the wind, I suspect the brilliant sunsets are just November trying to act like it’s not a drab month on the calendar. They are especially welcome given that I’m just 3 miles for the city center.

  8. I love the pinks and reds in sunsets. So beautiful. Nature is a magical lady.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to Norman and a hug to mom. ♥

  9. I have to agree with you, Monika. November’s blahness is made less so by the spectacular skies. I’ve taken more than a few sunsets. Try as I might, sunrise just isn’t in the cards for where I live… So yeah, power lines and traffic and all sorts of stuff I’d rather not see get included!
    Happy Friday to you!

    1. Happy Friday to you! Urban living does have its shortcomings, but when the sky lights up like that, who cares, eh? Have a great weekend.

  10. First of all, so sad about the firefighter plane/pilot. That is such a tough job and it’s been an AWFUL year for fires hasn’t it. Love the sky photos – beautiful!!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Thank you. Yes, it was so tragic. He had over 40 years of piloting experience to boot. He had made one drop and was on a second run. We’re still waiting to hear what caused the crash.

    1. A view of the Flatirons is really something to savor. I was heartbroken when my brother moved from El Dorado Canyon to Parker. Those views are really something else.

  11. Not a holiday we observe, but am making a mental note to avoid any supermarket offering turkeys of whatever variety. Nearly squashed in the crush of American expats at one of the upmarket -i.e. expensive – shops when someone posted on FB that the turkeys were in stock! Leo would have needed scythes on the hubs of his wheelchair to get through the Gadarene rush.

    1. There’s a shortage of turkeys this year (more panDAMNic casualties and supply chain issues). Here’s hoping you survive the insanity by certain people and have a great weekend.

  12. the sunsets have been colorful and I got a shot like that of the moon too. Did you see comets this week? dh saw one and said it was stunning. A partial eclipse of moon last night. November is pulling out the stops

    1. Meteor showers don’t usually show up in the city. Too much light pollution and (in my case) tall trees).

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