Happy July 4th ~ 2022

July 4th

Two hundred and forty-six years ago, a scrappy bunch of folks in the New World  stomped their feet and declared independence from their British rulers and they’ve managed to remain scrappy ever since. Sadly, not all of that ‘scrapiness’ has been attractive or positive. These days we tend to delude ourselves that we managed that ‘more perfect union’ that was originally sought. Still all us Ranch hands continue to pray that we can actually achieve it for everyone.

As the U.S. celebrates its country’s independence with the culmination of a long weekend, the Ranch hands and I wish our U.S. based readers a safe and happy Fourth of July. To everyone, we hope you have a great Monday and even better week. With temps hovering in the pizza oven range all week long, we hope you manage to stay cool with a minimum of cowering in the bathroom today.

July 4th

Live, love, bark! 🐾

49 thoughts on “Happy July 4th ~ 2022

  1. Happy 4th of July!!
    Wee had sum firewerkss here fore Catnada Day an then sum on Monday butt mee was not even scaredy-cat!
    Ferst time efurr Sweet Norman an Elda an Miss Monika!!!!!
    **nose kissess** BellaDharma

    1. Glad to hear that! We had a few both Sunday and Monday nights but not nearly as bad as the past two years. Thank dog!

  2. Well the cartoon is perfect – Teddy will be in “his” basement under the stairs which is his safe place and his Dad and I will be wishing the fireworks were OVER for the night so we can get some rest since everyone around here celebrated the THIRD as well. Sigh.

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Fourth of July fireworks has turned into a season. It starts several days before and usually goes several days after. It feels like we’re in a war zone with all those kabooms. 😫

  3. I was at work…and missed a lot of the daytime noise, the neighbours were busy sleeping off their camping trip, the unfrubros didn’t come over…likely because I was working, LOL…and when I got off work, i was going to drive over to see the fireworks, but as soon as zi got outside the rain started up. Perfect timing. NOT!
    So I went home and enjoyed a quiet night…along with the pups and hubby…but it actually was not quiet at all, because a little while after I got home, Nature had its own fireworks with loud thunder, heavy rain and all kinds of lightning!
    We rejoiced in the rain…to give drink to the thirsty drought stricken land.

    1. Our rain has totalled somewhere in the 16 drops range so with high temps, things are once again getting crunchy. Last night there were more fireworks but because it was so hot, the air conditioner kept us from opening windows and for the most part we got through it fairly well. I still just shake my head, I don’t get why people have to set them off at home when there are so many professional shows where they can see them. One house in the southern part of the metro area had a fire from their setting expended firework refuse into their garage. It destroyed the garage; they were lucky the whole house didn’t burn. People are stupid when it comes to fireworks-so stupid.

  4. Happy July 4th, Monika. Just love that cartoon! Our crew is doing well except for Lucy, who we can tell is afraid, even though she’s not shaking or acting crazy. Everyone is sleeping with us until these kabooms are over. How are your two doing?

    1. So far they’re ok. A few boomers last night, hopefully it’ll be over tonight. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  5. Lulu: “Happy Independence Day! We got through it pretty well here, with not too many explosions, unless you count Bean having a little bout of diarrh—”
    Java Bean: “I thought we agreed not to mention that!”

  6. Happy 4th to all on the Ranch, and here’s hoping for a quiet one at that. It’s been quiet around here this year so far. I think people are finally “getting it” to go watch the pros put on the fireworks and not “host” them at home.

  7. Shall I help you digging, I still can you know cartoon-dogs😻Pawkisses for a Happy 4th of July and thank you for your support on my bloggie, Norman, Elza and Monika💗 It’s great to have so many caring blogfurriends around🐾😽💞

  8. Happy 4th to all the Ranch Hands and the Ranch boss. Our country is still a babe when compared to most others and clearly we have a lot to learn. Can you say “growing pains”? Yet I am happy and fortunate to be “here” and not “ somewhere” else. Stay cool, stay calm, and stay happy. All our best from the Golden K!

  9. It was noisy last night and I know it will be even noisier tonight.

    Thanks for the history lesson.

    Have a fabulous Independence Day. Stay cool. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to Norman and a big hug to you. ♥

    1. We’re just praying for peace and quiet. Hope you get some too. Hugs and tail wags.

  10. Yup, tonight is the big blow em up extravaganza. Our two have finally gotten used to the noise. It does help that the house is pretty tight sound wise. At the coast it was a nightmare. Fire works up and down the beach. Here’s wishing you three a peaceful evening.

  11. We had a noisy night last night but it wasn’t close by. I couldn’t find the cats so they were either in the basement or under the bed. Fortunately they can’t get out but I’ve already seen postings of pups (one a puppy) that got frightened and ran off. I hope people soon convert to drones and people with pups take extra precautions early. Hope they find the little guy. Scary world out there for him.

    1. With the planet crisping, you’d think there’d be a trend to lasers or other ways to show patriotism, like public service over a day better known for sales extravaganzas.

  12. Last night was relatively quite here, may firework/firecracker production be permanently curtailed. Also, most of my dogs are seniors, and hard of hearing, and for the others CBD oil was available. I stole some feral kittens from their mom this week, not sure how they took it. At least they were inside instead of outside. Their mother keeps giving me the evil eye.

    1. So glad to hear folks have been kind for the pups. I know we all can use some peace and quiet these days. Have a great week!

      1. We also put the radio on – some classical (or local Christian radio has some fresh songs) and it helps
        – our friends had a Rottweiler rescue and used classical music with them often

        1. Music, fans, TV, CBD, Thundershirts, we’ve tried them all. When you have an epileptic dog, you have to get creative trying to keep them seizing.

            1. Pretty much. It’s so hard on the dogs, I’ve had to try everything.

  13. Thankfully, Zen is unaffected by all the noise of the fireworks. I guess he’s used to it because of his huDad’s dementia tantrums. Anyway, hope Everyone has a great Monday/4th of July. And like you, my immigrant friend, hope is all I have right now that the crap going on ends during my lifetime. And soon! As I said to John, I’m reminded of FDR’s “Four Freedoms” speech toward the end of WWII. But I won’t get on my soapbox.

    1. Soapbox away…my friend. It’s all we seem to have to copy anymore. Hugs and tail wags to you.

  14. That cartoon is funny/not funny, considering how many pets are terrified of fireworks.
    I hope your ‘hood is reasonable so the ranch hands don’t suffer too much.
    Happy Fourth!!

    1. Thank you-you’re right, funny/not funny but surprisingly, it’s been the better this year than most (I think a lot of people are still recovering from the Stanley Cup celebration. 😉 Only a few pops last night, not the kabooms we had the past two years.

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