Nature Friday ~ December 9, 2022

Well, well, well…it’s Friday and you know what that means-it’s time for us to join our pals over at Adventures of the LLB Gang for their weekly Nature Friday blog hop.

Greetings, fellow Nature Lovers, ’tis I, Norman bringing you a few scenes from around our urban ‘Hood. Mum has been busy trying to catch up reading all your blogs while working at  holiday preparations like decorating (I do say, I’m rather embarrassed at her pitiful attempt and not convinced at all it should even be considered decorating but we’ll let her have that mantle if that makes her happy). She did put up a teensy little tree on the table and other than showcasing the special ornaments for me and my sister, you gotta admit it’s pretty dismal when it comes to Christmas decorations. I’ll give her credit-she’s been busy trying to catch up from being sick. But I hope she doesn’t tell anyone she’s decorated the house. Just say you’ve been busy, Mum and leave it at that, okay?

Christmas tree

Notice the little sock monkey she recently ordered for us me. Umm, I’m afraid I was so excited at playing with the little guy I ‘might’ have poked out a spot next to one eye. Mum said she’s transferring him to the toy hospital for repairs but she said because the hospital is full of other toys and sewing projects it may be awhile before I actually get to enjoy him again. {Sigh.} Fortunately there are enough other toys I can play with until monkey-boy is well enough to play with us me.

Christmas Ornament

Notice the handmade ornament made by Mum’s friend with my name on it. She is an artist and hand painted it just for me-isn’t it adorable! Mum dug out the felted poodle ornament so the Ninja would be represented on the tree as well. It’s kind of hard to see, just like her. Black dogs pose all sorts of visibility issues for human eyes. Sigh. It reminded Mum she’s going have to spiff Elsa up so she doesn’t look so much like a furry Muppet. I think she needs a bath in the worst way but she said she’s trying to dissuade Mum about that. It’s bad enough losing one’s furs let alone having to deal with water torture on top of that.

Christmas Poodle

Mum’s Christmas cactus seems to display more holiday spirit than Mum, bursting into full bloom even before Thanksgiving. The color is so welcome on these drab days heading toward winter.

Christmas Cactus

One of the first walks Mum was able to make after recovering from COVID was to a favorite neighborhood spot, Sloan’s Lake. It was a chilly day, there was a thin layer of ice on the water and even the normally sure-footed Canadian Geese were slip-siding around. Mum said they looked a bit like her hockey team who is struggling with gobs of injuries. Although it’s technically a color pic, it looks more black/white with shades of grey. That’s the way things look like this time of year unfortunately.

Sloan's Lake

Some people get into decorating their yards. Mum passed this house on the way to the lake. We’ve seen those giant guys and both my sister and I don’t get why they constantly make noise. We prefer a quiet neighborhood. Mum just shakes her head and whispers…”pssst’ whenever we walk by and then laughs loudly.

Christmas Yard Decor

Even the little shops nearby have gotten into the spirit. I always enjoy walking past the flower shop-they always have holiday decorations outside. We didn’t go inside which was fully decorated but I did do a full sniff around this guy. Mum made sure I didn’t ‘water’ him though. COVID seemed to make her extra grumpy about that. {huff}


A couple blocks away, a historic church always puts up a 12-ft.  tree in their parking lot. It’s tastefully decorated with ornaments and lights and brings more holiday spirit to  the neighborhood. The snow is real but the tree is artificial.

Christmas decor

A bit of snow looks pretty but it makes a fair weather boy like me move slower. Mum said I’m getting older and she has to make sure I don’t spend a lot of time outside when it’s cold. You won’t get any arguments from me but I feel like I’m missing out on time spent with her even though she puts a coat on me to keep my hip joints warm.

Well mates, that’s about it for our look at nature in the city this week. We hope you are enjoying this magical time of year. Stay warm and enjoy seeing all the holiday sights in nature. Do you have special plans for the weekend? Mum said she’s going to start her baking. For my part, I plan on helping her by laying at her feet in the hopes of dropped morsels of tasty treats. She may even make some special treats for Elsa and me-won’t that be grand? Whatever you do, enjoy spending some time taking in the sights Nature gifts us.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

53 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ December 9, 2022

  1. Loved your trip, Norman and Elsa, it’s very atmospheric, so is your Christmastree, what a cute monkeysock too😸 Glad your mom is feeling better! We were busy creating our cards, but boy oh boy, that wasn’t easy this year, so it took her the whole weekend plus yesterday to finish them…sigh…Extra Double Pawkiss to all of you🐾😽💞

    1. Thanks…glad you enjoyed our little holiday excursion. It’s really hectic here too so I empathize with your Granny. Hope things level off and you are all able to enjoy a relaxing holiday. 😍

    1. Elsa and Dennis could have been kindred spirits. Especially when it comes to munching things. 🤪

  2. Sweet Norman what a furabuluss post!!!!
    Beefore mee meow on ’bout this, mee wanted to meow to you an Elsa an Miss Monika wee gotted yore beeuteefull Catmass foto card!!! Iss propped up on ‘angel’ Purrince Siddhartha’ss Memoree Box so mee can stare at yore foto any time mee wantss two……
    Miss Monika BellaSita put out Murphy Moose snowglobe an that iss it! Shee has no energy to due more. Shee two iss racin to get cardss ritten an mailed. Efurryone will understand ’bout you beein ill with Covid.
    Wee all must bee ind to each other rite ? 😉
    Now back to yore psot Norman! THE Catmass tree iss lovelee. Yore ornyment iss ADOORBSS (like you) an Elsa yore stuffie ornyment iss so kewl (like you)!!
    An wee can see yore purrty reefelction inn black ball ornymentss Miss Monika.
    Wishin youss’ THE best of THE Seeson.
    ~~~head rubss~~~ an ***nose kissess*** BellaDharma an {{{huggiess}}} BellaDharma

    1. You’re too kind. We’re truly stunned our post office delivered your card already. Mum mailed it early because she figured it’d take forever!

      Mum couldn’t figure out how to crop her reflection out of the pic but she couldn’t get a good angle on the tree. Oh well. Have a super weekend!

      1. Wee are purrty sirprized cardss arrivin efurry day! Statess mail iss movin well. Overseas speshelly U-Kay not so guud! Wee not even have a Catnadian card yet?!?!
        Weerd huh Miss Monika?!?!
        Sweet Norman an Elsa wee LOVE yore Meowmy’ss reefelction inn Catamss decko’ss….it adds purrsonality! 😉

    1. Many thanks. It’s one of the prettiest I’ve seen blooming-just love that vibrant color.

  3. Well now that was a wonderful walk! The pink tree was interesting for sure. We think you all need to cut your Mom some slack this Christmas since she WAS very sick you know……don’t eat any sock monkeys so she has more sewing to do, don’t make any messes in the house so she has to do extra clean-up….you know….just be adorable like you ALWAYS are!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

    1. The adorable part is pretty easy for me but I’ll definitely give Mum a break on things. As Mum’s go, she’s one of the best.

  4. Norman, you are a mensch. You take care of sis and mama AND you provide for us with this wonderful holiday tour. That Christmas cactus looks so much more beautiful than anything I’ve tried my green thumb at. It’s bursting with Christmas. And spring. Both!

    Careful with those sock puppets, they’re fat free but flavor free as well.

    Happy weekend

    1. Good point on the sock puppet, they really are very tasty. Not to mention ver well made to withstand gentle jaws like mine 😉 Have a pawsome weekend.

    1. Thanks. It never fails to bring out the Christmas spirit, even Grinches like my Mum like it and feel more festive.

  5. Hey Norman, Angel Lexi would bark at your Mom if she heard her say “old” in any way. Tell your Mom she has to say, “mature.” XOX Xena
    There’s some of those blow ups in our neighborhood too. I just shake my head when I see them deflated on the lawn. I know how much people spend on them, and I refuse to toss my money down the sewer. They obviously don’t have dogs to spend their money on, LOL! Amy

    1. They really are a money pit, aren’t they? I’ll remind Mum about saying mature or well-experienced. 😉 Have a super weekend.

      1. My hubby figured it up, and the dogs are our 3rd largest household expense. In fact, we pay many times more on food for them than for us.
        Xena: Well, there’s FOUR of us and just TWO of you!

        1. Don’t I know about those numbers-add in anti-seizure meds and I begin to think I have 3 dogs. What I find most fascinating is the cost of that medication varies widely from month to month. Big Pharma takes its pound of flesh from both 2 and 4 legged 😬

    1. Thanks-it feels good being well again. Thank heavens. It was a bit of a surprise the sock monkey was so easily pierced. Norman is usually quite gentle with toys.

  6. It was fun meandering around your town Norman – thank you! I too plan to start baking this weekend. It is a lot of work, but there’s nothing like home baked goodies. Have fun eating the crumbs your Mum drops. Have a great weekend all!!

    1. Thank you, Miss Susan. Yes, crumbs are always welcome by me and the Ninja. Mum said I should have been named Dyson or Hoover. I don’t think that was meant as a compliment. Woof!

  7. So glad to see your Mum is up and at ’em after this bout with COVID. You tell her to take it slow, okay? That Christmas cactus is simply beautiful. I think I have to try my hand at one, eventually.
    I don’t doubt your Mum will be making you and Elsa treats as well. She’s just that kind of wonderful.
    Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks. She’s trying. She still gets tired but then she’s old like me. That cactus is so reliable of a bloomer, Mum has another peach colored one but it’s not nearly as reliable. She keeps threatened to pitch it but I think she should probably just repot it with some fresh soil. 😉 Have a most spectacular weekend. How close are you to being finished with your new interior?

      1. That’s what COVID does – it sucks your energy. You’re right… repotting it and giving it fresh soil will surely help.
        Last things to do: Grout the backsplash and put up the railing. My son and his friend are supposed to help me move upstairs so I can finally start filling in my cabinets and emptying all these god-forsaken boxes in my basement. If he leaves me hanging, I will surely lose my mind. Then put a call out to anyone out there who is willing to help!!

  8. Dear Norman ~ your Mom has done just the right amount of decorating, as it is said “less is more”. And after all, she has not been quite 100%, so … (we do wish her well!) It was a lovely walkabout she shared (but for the balloon-biggies which we personally do not like at all, sorry), all else was lovely … we wish you peace and joy, and of course good health for all the coming holiday season. And for you two puppers; may Santy Paws treat you very well!

    1. Many thanks, Junie and mum. We’re not fans of those inflatables either but soooo many uprights have them. We just shake our heads, wondering what they see in them. Both the Ninja and I wish you both a pawtastic weekend.

  9. I will go anywhere with you, Norman. I love you. I love your ornament too.

    Have a woof woof day and weekend. Scritches to you both, a smooch to you and a big hug to your mom. ♥

    1. Aww, thanks, Sandee, you’re making me blush. We hope your weekend is simply wagnificent!

  10. This was a fun, festive tour to start the weekend off just right, Norman! I know Mum will make monkey-boy as good as new for you when the time comes. Keep that coat on when you head outside – Mum knows best. We are planning and starting our holiday baking this weekend as well. Have a great weekend!

        1. Thanks, Bruce. Feeling pretty doggone good these days (but avoiding crowds since cases of flu have mushroomed here).

  11. Your Christmas cactus is gorgeous! Chester is slowing down a little with the cold weather also, or so he says. We have a sock monkey but all stuffed animals are off limits to Chester since he thinks they all are evil and must be destroyed.

    1. Thank you. Mum loves that vibrant color. Umm, stuffies are not destroyed, they are recipients of overly affectionate attention. LOL

    1. Thanks. She does but probably won’t get anything else up. Getting her cards out was about all she had the energy for this year. And she still needs to make Christmas gifts. Yikes!

  12. Oh, I love your nature walk! It’s so festive and enjoyable this time of year to walk or drive around and look at all the pretty decorations and trees. I like that purple tree you saw! Norman’s ornament is so nice…your Mum’s friend is very talented. And Elsa’s is cute! I like her little Christmas candy bandana! What a beautiful Christmas cactus…my uncle used to have such luck with his and would always show it off when we visited. Me, I do not have a green thumb. Wish I did! Enjoy the holiday season!

    1. Thank you, Miss Dorothy. Mum has had that Christmas cactus for probably 20 years or more. It’s a reliable bloomer and brings such colorful joy to the window sill during a drab winter landscape. Have a lovely weekend.

  13. I think mama has done a yeoman’s job of getting some decorations up and they are all about you and Elsa. We have toy mishaps around here all the time. Stuffed toys usually end up as fast versions of themselves. Thanks for the tour, Norman

    1. My pleasure, John. Mum says she no longer has a big tree-it take up too much room in our little house and even if she had one, she’d be afraid I might knock it over. She says I’m such a gigantic oaf. I’m guessing that’s not a compliment?

        1. I am a bit of a wide body and have been known to knock a few thing over on the coffee ottoman. {oops} Have a pawsome weekend.

  14. we hope your cactus has still all flowers to greet satan, when he comes to bring da gifts ;O) we love your tree and we love sock monkeys… maybe we can add them to our wishlist?

    1. It usually lasts until New Years so we’ll keep our paws crossed. Sock monkeys make such fun friends. Have a swell weekend.

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