Monday Musings ~ December 12, 2022

It’s a two-fer today for smiles. We figured everyone could use a double chuckle, I know I needed it after yesterday’s holiday preparations. Nothing like trying to get a bunch of baking done and a full berry smoothie gets knocked over spraying the entire kitchen with reddish blue goop everywhere. I’m still finding splooges on surfaces. Sigh.

So…are your stockings hung and the tree all trimmed? Have you finished making your cookies for Santa?


I always wondered if Santa conformed to social norms or if he did his own thing?

In an age where more and more vehicles are heading toward being electrical, this one seemed pretty in line with current trends. Snorf.


We hope you have a super-duper, two-fer Monday. Yikes…just realized there are only thirteen days until the big day. We tried to finish up and complete the shopping over the weekend since a large storm is expected to arrive tonight and I am not a fan of being on icy streets with all the crazy drivers around here. They’re bad enough on dry streets, add snow and ice…well…no thank you. We’ll see if the hype matches the reality on the weather forecast. Happy Monday.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

51 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ December 12, 2022

  1. Oh, my, you have me chuckling! I thought the Knight before Christmas one was good, but the electric reindeer parking? Oh, Rudolph! Ha-ha or Ho-ho!

    I have my shopping done, but nothing wrapped yet. Cookie baking is next week, and I’ve passed my apron on to my daughter now! But I have been doing some fun holiday crafts with my grandchildren.

    Blue smoothie all over? Eek. I get it. The other day my daughter and I grabbed a fast lunch of chips and queso and eat in the car, like we always seem to be doing. We place the big ol’ yummy cup of queso on the middle glove box rest, and open the bag of chips, which, I somehow manage to knock over. As I am grabbing for the bag, yup, you probably guessed it, my arm hits that big ol’ yummy cup of queso, and splatt! Hot queso all over the car. I mean every-where. Splashed down the dash. Up on the window. Creeping down the console. Oh, and hot queso all over my lap (ouch!) Sigh. Yup. I totally understand!

    By the way, I do so love your Christmas header!

    1. Oh no, a queso bomb??!! Yikes, that’s gotta be a tough cleanup. My deepest sympathies.

      I’m a huge fan of puns so when I saw the ‘Knight before Christmas’ I knew I had to share it. The electric reindeer just seemed perfect-I’m see EV’s all over town.

      Thanks for the kind comment about the new header. Glad you like it. Hope you and your daughter have a great time making cookies. I wish my daughter was in town so we could do that again. We shared many happy memories over the years doing that.

      Wishing you and yours a very merry season!

  2. Mew mew mew heelareuss comickss Miss Monika!!
    Wee nit cellybrate Catmass butt wee due cellybrate Chanukkah….wee are lookin forwerd to that!! Chanukkah startss Sunday Deecemburr 18th…..8 nittess of litin candless an gettin giftiess!!
    Mee lovess yore Catmass cad…mee faverite Poochie Norman iss so ADOORBSS!
    ***nose kissess*** BellaDharma an (((huggss))) BellaSita Mum

    1. Glad you enjoyed the smiles. We knew you didn’t celebrate Christmas but hope your holidays are lovely nonetheless. 💙

  3. You find the cutest memes! That blueberry smoothie fiasco sounds like a doozie. I can just imagine it in every kitchen crack and crevice, and maybe even in your hair. I hope you didn’t get too much snow, but a white Christmas is always nice.

    1. Thanks…it’s fun to find giggle worthy cartoons. Yes, that berry smoothie did manage to get in crevices I didn’t realize existed. I found a blob on my shoes last night. Sigh.

      No snow. Yet. But they keep telling us it’s coming. I suspect it may bounce over my neighborhood and pound the Eastern Plains more than the center of the city. We’ll see. It’ll be fine, so long as there isn’t wind.

  4. OMC…MOL…we’re also not ready for Christmas. Granny isn’t inspired at all, and still so much to do and so little time…🙈Thanks for the laughts, Norman, Elsa and Monika. These were goodies😸Extra Pawkisses from us to all of you🐾😽💞

    1. Your Granny and I are like two peas in a pod. After being sick, I’m playing catch up and not so much in the spirit, more “in the panic.” LOL Have a good week that’s not to crazy and hope the boys are feeling better after their surgery. 😸

  5. At least yur smoothie wasn’t as bad as earlier when pawppy had to open our outside cellar door for the furnace man, (Maintenance), and he thought he had all the doggy doo cleaned up…oops, he missed one. YUCK! Or when our elder infant son woofed his cookies all over the living room…now that was true YUCK! Or when we forget to shut off the water on time, and the washing machine overflows…and that thing is in our kitchen. (The fix job is to get a new machine,which we cannot afford right now…)
    But like you say, at least your floor and walls go a good cleaning! That’s the silver lining.
    Did your pups try to help clean up?

    Hope your storm won’t inconvenience you too much…

    1. Oh dear…yup…you beat me on icky things to get one one’s shoes. Surprisingly the pups weren’t interested in helping clean up. Guess I shooed them out of the kitchen so much while I was baking, they decided to actually stay out. Just my luck. LOL Stay warm…I heard this morning the storm is moving your way.

    1. One picture worth 10,000 words. 😉 Besides, Santa seems pretty environmentally astute. Well except for all those toys made by overseas under age kids from China.

  6. A full berry smoothie definitely tops what we’ve knocked over lately, which fortunately isn’t that much. That being said as we were bringing in the Christmas tree we found needles from last year’s…so there’s that. If you find smoothie in places for the next year or so, at least you’ll be laughing about it by then. Yes, we heard the weather may take a turn out your way. Hopefully, the jet stream will work in your favor. That’s what it comes down to for us every time…where that damn blast of air is located. We normally escape snow and ice until the New Year…and then all Hell breaks loose. I suspect that will be the case this year as well. Stay safe!

    1. Tree needles are a bit like cockroaches-they’ll always survive, no matter what (and I sometimes think they multiple spontaneously too). I guess in the overall scheme of life, if this is the worst thing to happen to me, I’m probably in good shape, right? Have a great week!

  7. Oh snap! That is no fun… re the Berry-Bomb!
    I have a whole lotta NUTHIN done for the holidays. Not a gift, not a decoration, not a damn thing baked… How many days you say?

    1. Berry bomb-yes, that’s the best way to describe it! One thing I’ve learned is things are never so bad they can’t get worse (i.e.the glass could have broken and/or it could have run down between the side of the cabinet and the stove), so I guess gratitude for that is probably the best, eh? 😆

      1. Berry bomb! And yes, silver linings, always. I’m trying to think of what show they always build up on the what could be worse… Hmm… I think it was “This is Us”… So yes, gratitude is definitely what is best!

  8. I’m visiting my son in Truckee, and the summits got 4′, we got around 2’… I wonder what you’ll see? Apparently, this storm will continue all the way east. Since we fly home tomorrow, that’ll mean we experience it twice! 😆

    1. Yikes…measuring in feet rather than inches makes one appreciate what they received. Sorry if you end up ‘appreciating’ the accumulation more than once. Stay safe and warm.

  9. The berry smoothie will be remembered. All the rest who did not hit every wall and floor forgotten. Just sayin’ Yes, all ready for the big day. I remember icy conditions when I lived in Chicago. No thank you seconded.

    1. A few moments of silence were taken when it happened. Then the HBO words were uttered under my breath followed by LOTS of wiping up. On the plus side, the kitchen floor and walls are very clean! LOL I don’t mind the snow but do mind the wind that is predicted. I don’t do wind very graciously.

  10. Yikes on the smoothie. When it rains it pours.

    Love the funnies. I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    I’ve got the beautiful card you sent next to my laptop so I can see Norman often.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the pups, a big smooch to Norman and a big hug to you. ♥

    1. Smoothie everywhere and in the middle of trying to get some cookies baked. Argh! Thanks for the link, dear Sandee. Extra Norman puppy kisses for you.

  11. Oh dear on the berry smoothie, hopefully no more spills today. And I hope you did actually get to drink the next smoothie. 🙂
    Haha on the Knight comic and the reindeer comic is perfect! LOL! Have a Merry Monday! Stockings are hung but still need to be filled, gifts are almost finished. 🙂 Yay!

    1. Merry Monday-I like that. Yeah, no love on the replacement smoothie. So bummed, it was pretty tasty. And like you, I’m hoping for no more mishaps for the rest of the year. 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  12. Hope you can just stay home, enjoy the pretty weather and not have to drive at all in it. I’m so not a fan of driving in snow and ice, but it is pretty to look at.

    1. That truly sounds good. Just wish there wasn’t so much to do this month (and that’s not counting all the Christmas plans!).

    1. I tried-Elsa turned her nose up to the fruit, Norman was ‘busy’ snoozing on the sofa. I had to kick him out of the kitchen earlier-he seemed to be aiming to kill me being under foot. 😆

  13. Love the ‘toons! Oh my on the berry smoothie whoopsie – you’ll probably be finding remnants for years in those impossible to see with the naked eye kind of places!!!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. No doubt. I found one big drop several feet away and up the wall very high! What the heck?! Happy Monday.

    1. You gotta have a sense of humor around here or you’ll be miserable. Happy Monday, Ann and June.

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