And then there was one…

This is the kind of post no pet parent wants to share. It is with the heaviest of hearts that I write to say my beloved Norman joined his brother Sam yesterday evening. He had just turned 12. To say my heart is broken and devastated would be an understatement. I’m far too heartbroken and emotional at the present moment to do any justice expressing how much Norman meant to me beyond the fact that I loved this boy deeply. Perhaps with the passage of time I can do a proper and fitting memoriam. He was pure love, inside and out, and I already miss his gentle spirit so very much. Both my heart and my house are empty missing his presence.

Photo courtesy of DelaFoto Photography

This is probably my most favorite photo that I ever took of Norman. He loved that moose squeaky toy so much and use to bring it to me whenever I returned home, prancing around with it in his mouth, snorting. I would chase him saying, “that’s my toy, Norman, you give it to me.” He would snort and turn his head inviting me to chase him whenever I would reach for it. It was a fun game that I loved playing with him and he seemed to love it as well. Yesterday he brought me that moose after I’d returned from a quick trip to the post office. As was our normal practice, I said to him, “you give me that toy, Norman” and he dropped it at my feet rather than trying to keep it from me. Little did I know at that moment, I think he was trying to tell me his time on this earth was soon to end. Rest in peace my dear boy. Run free with your brother, Sam.


Elsa and I will need some time processing this enormous loss. When I can better deal with it emotionally, I hope to return to blogging. Till then…

Live, love, bark! 🐾


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  1. I am so sorry. I missed this when you first published, recovering from surgery. I’m glad Norman had you for his final years. Take care.

  2. What a sweet face. I am sorry for your loss. Twelve years is too short. And I read above that you only had 3 and a half with a precious animal. Hugs, my dear, and do hold onto those memories. They are the only balm I know.

  3. Monika, I am so very sorry for your loss. Norman was so beautiful. It is heartbreaking. I am sending you and your husband my thoughts and love. May he rest in peace. 💔💔💔

    1. Thanks Thomas. No hubs, just e and Elsa now. But I appreciate your gentle thoughts.

    1. Thanks Frank. It’s hit us hard but we appreciate the kindness that’s been shown to us these past couple of weeks.

        1. He brought me and everyone he came in contact with such joy and happiness from the first day. We were so lucky and blessed by his ability to connect that way he did.

        1. Don’t think so but will check. Sometimes WP is slow on posting comments. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. We are so sorry for your loss dear Monika. Norman was such a sweet soul and you gave him such a wonderful and loving home. Sending love and hugs to you and Elsa across the miles 💞💜💞 xxx

  5. Oh my, I am so sorry – I am behind reading your blog and am truly sad that Norman is gone. I lost my Alex in March and still miss him so much. I am sending you and Elsa lots of hugs.

  6. Our hearts are heavy as we read the passing of Norman. He will be missed. We will try to focus on the wagnificent life Norman lead & all the joy he brought to so many. Our thoughts are with you & Ellsa. Nose that Norman received the greatest gift, your love. Be gentle with yourself 💜gentle nose nudges💜 Norman✨🕯️🌈🐾💜🐾

    1. Many thanks. Pet parents always know this day is coming but we are never prepared for it. Ever.

  7. Good morning my friend. Expect a package from me on Monday (26th) arriving via UPS.

    More healing hugs. Scritches to Elsa. ♥

    1. Oh gosh Sandee…you’re too kind. Thank you for your friendship and comfort. It means the world to me. My only regret is you never got to meet sweet Norman in person. 🙏🏼

  8. I am so sorry, Monika. I completely understand though. Our blog has been “out-of-it” since Bear passed away. I just can’t find my voice again. It’s a testament to how much Bear meant to me and our connection. I’m guessing you find yourself in a similar position now. We love Norman and were so devastated to learn that he frolicked over the Rainbow Bridge.

    1. Thanks, Kat. Norman was such a central part of my life and my heart is broken again. I knew when I adopted him he wouldn’t be around for an extended time but 3-1/2 years flew by way too quickly. Every day with him was a joy and full of love. The only comfort is knowing he’s problem enjoying getting to know Sam and meeting up with all our beloved pets who’ve gone ahead of us.

  9. Chaplin: “We are very sorry to hear about Norman.”
    Java Bean: “Yes we are. He was a big fluffy love bug.”
    Charlee: “We Hipsters send lots of purrs your way at this difficult time.”
    Oona: “AND SO DOES OONA!!!”
    Lulu: “And we dogs send lots of tail wags!”
    Oona: “AND SO DOES OO—Oh, wait, Oona doesn’t do that. BUT SHE WOULD IF SHE COULD!”

    1. Thanks, Rachel and Miss Titch. I’m heartbroken about the loss of such a special companion. Elsa is too.

  10. So sorry for your loss. It is the hardest thing of course however it is best to now think of Norman and his brother reunited and chasing butterflies and each other in the fields of heaven. He will forever be with you in spirit and of course, in your heart.

    1. Many thanks for your words of comfort. When I think in that way, I can smile but it’s hard to smile in the quiet moments.

    1. Thanks, Sue. Norman was such a special dog who managed to bring a great deal of joy and comfort to so many.

  11. You are undertaking the long journey through grief. While others may share that grief we all walk it alone. There are no right or wrong paths, no proper way to carry oneself, no set amount of time to complete it. Some steps will come easier than others. There will be rogue waves of grief that you won’t see coming, and knock you back days. But you will come through it. If you get lost let us know. We have been through it before and we might be able to help you find the way out.

    1. Your offer is too kind. Thank you so much. Appreciate it. Yes, grief is a street no one travels with you but one we each must do in our own way. I had 3-1/2 years with the most wonderfully special dog who provided me joy and love every day. I intend to focus on those memories.

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