Wish I Was There ~ July 20, 2022


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55 thoughts on “Wish I Was There ~ July 20, 2022

    1. Many thanks. Most places don’t have AC in Europe which is making these hot temps that much worse for people.

  1. Oh yes! We have been to Germany twice on vacation and as a child I lived in Weisbaden for a couple of years. One GORGEOUS country and the people are so kind and friendly. Beautiful photo!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Thanks, Pam. I’m rather partial to it and absolutely love the Rhine River region.

    1. Oooh, I’m rather jealous of your upcoming travels. I so wish I could stowaway in the back of the Black Maria on that trip. 😉

    1. You got that right! I loved looking up at all the grape rows behind the village. Truly picturesque.

  2. Those old/ancient buildings are awesome and inspiring to see. Last I was in the Netherlands we visited a ton of old cities, too. I have only been to Kleve in Germany, which is very close to the border with Holland.

    I WANT to go back!

    1. Bacharach is not far from Frankfurt (my hometown) along the Rhine. We made it to Belgium on the last trip but couldn’t get to the Netherlands for which I regret. So much to see and traveling by car took a lot longer than we estimated due to road construction. Perhaps next trip. 🤞🏼

    1. It’s been unbearable. Today is was in the low 100’s in Frankfurt. And with their humidity…brutal!

    1. Late autumn is the best time, it’s still quite beautiful and far less expensive. Like here, there’s been a horrible heat wave over much of Europe. And most places don’t have AC. 🥵

    1. Temps all over Europe have been brutal-today’s high in Frankfurt, Germany was in the low 100’s with most places not having AC. 🥵

        1. It’s unbelievable all over Europe. Over 1100 heat-related deaths in Spain and Portugal, with fires there, Italy and France. Highest temp ever in London yesterday. It’s unreal!

          1. Every year we hear of the death numbers due to heat; but this year, I fear all those records will be broken. Yes, I have a friend in London and he is freaking out.
            But don’t worry folks, it’s all an illusion. Global warming does not exist…

            1. That same thought has been ruminating in my head as well. Talk about steamed!

                  1. Truly. I have a FB friend in London and he says he has an A/C unit in his attic but didn’t bother taking it down because it’s too expensive to run… errr… nkayyyyy

  3. I wish I was there too. Beautiful and Germany is a place I’ve always wanted to visit.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to Norman and a hug to you. ♥

    1. Thanks, Sandee. I hope you get a chance to visit-it’d be a worthwhile trip. Happy mid-week.

    1. No, ‘hof’ means estate, dwelling, or building in German. It could have been just a small family owned hotel.

        1. No apologies necessary. My own German is quite rusty and II have no doubt your Spanish is far better than anything I know. I do wish I were more proficient with foreign languages-at least conversationally.

            1. I completely understand. I can’t understand much of any of the dialects in Northern Germany or Bavaria-it seems very strange! LOL

              1. Leo speaks Flemish…but only the patois of his grandparents’ town, which makes his younger relatives laugh….but when he was in South Africa he could make himself understood to Afrikaaners with his Flemish and could mostly understand what they were saying. Years later he had a dispute wih his broker in South Africa and in the copies of the e mails flying about discovered a trail of them in Afrikaans which completely contradicted what he was being told in English! He had great delight in pointing this out…

                1. I’ll bet he did. It makes one feel righteously smug when you are able to let someone know they’ve been caught because you understand.

    1. It truly is a most charming little village with loads of fascinating and ancient sights to see.

    1. One of my favorite villages along the Rhine and another photo from the trip to Bacharach.

    1. Yes, it’s another photo from my visit to the lovely village of Bacharach, Germany.

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