Wish I Was There Wednesday ~ November 10, 2021


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49 thoughts on “Wish I Was There Wednesday ~ November 10, 2021

  1. That is very aww inspiring. And I love how all those tiles were placed to make such a beautiful art. I think in the days when it was made,peeps wanted things to be so gorgeous in order to bring glory to God.
    I think the rooster has to do with Peter, after he denied Jesus three times, the rooster crowed as Jesus had previously predicted. (See Matthew’s Gospel.)

    1. That’s right! I’d forgotten about the rooster crowing! I’m always in awe whenever I see these incredible mosaics in Europe, all done at a time when things were a bit harder to do than now days.

        1. I may ‘fuss’ on occasion but when it comes to wind, I’m downright livid and vocal! And for good reason. No one like to re-rake, over and over, and over. Think about those magnolia tree leaves repeating Groundhog Day…multiple times.

  2. I wish I was anywhere that’s warm and dry. Here for the last week, and for the days ahead, it’s cold, wet, windy and miserable. I don’t know what we have done to upset her, but Mother Nature is not a happy lady at the moment.,

    1. Mosaic tiles are not only beautiful but so creative in the hands of true craftsmen (not mine of course).

  3. how beautiful all the details and the shimmering gold. Back when people took a lot of effort in building structures for use plus beauty even it if took a long time, even if if took more money. Our buildings now are way too often boring

    1. Those old world craftsmen were truly amazing! Regrettably most of today’s architectural revolves around cost considerations.

    1. Those tiles were likely installed well before the 18th century so yeah, it’s ‘somewhat’ dated. P.S. Never picked you as a paisley guy, Mike. 😇

    1. It is…a church in Aachen, Germany. I absolutely loved the blue tiles. The whole church sparkled!

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