It’s #TBT.  Will photos from yesterday qualify?  This was the scene at the “Ranch” yesterday morning. Guess news of my ‘Lupine salad’ has gone viral.  Oh yeah, BTW I’m 3 miles from DOWNTOWN DENVER.  Wonder how these babies got here??  Man, I gotta paint that fence!

Deer in the 'Hood

Deer in the ‘Hood



7 thoughts on “#TBT

  1. Kathy

    Nice to see wildlife in your neighborhood! We are backed up to a river so also have deer but not as big as you get to enjoy!😊

  2. Nancy Fischer

    I love it–thanks for sharing. I see an occasional cayote and raccoon, and we have a neighborly owl that I’ve seen several times and hear often, but no deer!


    1. tailsaroundtheranch

      Have had all those visit my garden over the years, rather attached to the raccoon and foxes, but never in a million years expected deer here. Must have made an impression on Sam too, I swear the ‘hydraulics’ in his feet rose 4 inches as he did a triple-take!


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