Life Experience of a Dog

image Good advice for uprights, too! 🐾

  1. Take naps and stretch before rising.
  2. Run, romp and play every day.
  3. If what you want is buried, dig until you find it.
  4. Never pass up a joyride.
  5. Don’t waste your food.
  6. Sniff things out before assuming they’re safe.
  7. Be loyal.
  8. Protect those you love.
  9. Drink lots of water.
  10. Don’t hold grudges.
  11. Let others know when they invade your space.
  12. Don’t bite if a growl will do.
  13. When loved ones come home, run to greet them.
  14. Mark your territory with abandon.
  15. Never turn down a treat or a walk.
  16. Love unconditionally. 🐾

9 thoughts on “Life Experience of a Dog

  1. Heart eyes!! That is a gorgeous photograph of Sam. More shots of that pin-up poodle please – show off your photography skills, lady! 🙂

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