Life Advice – Sam Style

A pawsome pooch
A pawsome pooch

Whether you think of today as Monday or Moanday* if you can view today like Sam does, you’ll guaranty yourself a happy day (and probably a happy life).

🐾  Take naps and stretch before rising.

🐾  If what you want is buried, dig until you find it.

🐾  Mark your territory with abandon.

🐾  Don’t bite if a growl will do.

🐾  And never ever turn down a treat or walk.

*I didn’t coin the term “Moanday” but I like it very much.  Thanks to our friends over at Easy Weimaraner ( for turning me on to it.

Happy Monday!

8 thoughts on “Life Advice – Sam Style

  1. Easy was the first blogger who I saw use Moanday. Love Sam’s advice! Have a fantastic week! I saw snow in Breck and was soooooo excited!!! I miss the mountains!

    1. Thanks, Kelly! I’ll update the post. Yes the mountains got dusted this week. Especially looks great from the 30th floor of a downtown office. Today was 70 in Denver and I love seeing the snow on the mountains. <3

  2. My sweet little Lulu might say “Don’t bother growling, go ahead and bite!” … probably why she’ll never make it as a therapy dog. 😉 Have a fantastic week!

  3. I’m with you Sam, every monday is a start into a new week and into new adventures… even if they are moandays sometimes. With a funny pup on the leash no monday is a reason to moan :o)

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