Oh the weather outside is frightful

Baby, it’s cold outside and if you’re like most of the US right now (except for those lucky dogs in Hawaii), you’re probably “feelin’ the love” from our Canadian neighbors in the form of arctic cold fronts catching a ride along the Gulf Stream. Hard to believe winter has arrived with such a vengeance and so early in the season. Even the Deep South is experiencing cold weather (it’s 28 in Atlanta today and only 40 in Houston at this writing).

Apart from the snow shoveling (which, can I just say for the record, am already sick of doing?), there’s that whole thing trying to keep both me and Sam warm while getting in our daily exercise. This has not been an easy task either.

National Western Stock Show parade
January 8 ~ National Western Stock Show parade

The National Western Stock Show opens this week in Denver and for some inexplicable reason, the temperatures always are quite cold. The joke in town is when temps plummet, we say, “oh, it must be Stock Show week.” I mean, I love a longhorn cattle parade down 17th Street every January as much as the next person (that’s somewhat sarcastic on my part but loads of people seem to like it…whatever), but I am so over the bitter temperatures that accompany it every. single. year. 🙁

Baby, it's cold outside!
It’s so cold, it’s blue out there

So naturally temps dropped to bitter at the beginning of this week. But inexplicably, each cold day has been followed by one where the temps were more like mid-October. It was 61 freaking degrees on Tuesday. I thought I was in a time warp when I left work. That night however, another cold front arrived and you know what that means. Can you say melt/freeze cycle?

After melting snow, you get a nice layer of ice. I was putting my recycling bin out for pick-up the other morning and  fell trying to maneuver the bin through deep ice ruts in the alley and suffering bruises & bumps to forehead, knee and keester for good measure [insert appropriate expletive here]. Of course Sam came bouncing over immediately to investigate what was up with all the swearing and why wasn’t I getting up immediately. There’s nothing like having your dog race over to you while you’re trying to clear the stars out of your head and him thinking “Gee, I think she wants to play!”

Once I assured him it was in fact, not play-time, I hobbled back into the house and applied some Arnica gel right away. If you bruise as easily as I do (and are, ahem…as equally graceful as I am 🙂 ), then you NEED this stuff. It works like magic reducing and even eliminating bruises and promotes healing. I got lucky the bruising was kept to a minimum and the pain only lasted overnight. Whew…dodged a bullet this time.

Apparently, Mother Nature is an equal opportunity beotch when it comes to weather, because Sam took a digger on the ice the next day. He gave me that WTH was that all about look, as if I had something to do with his crash and burn. Luckily he didn’t suffer any injuries and the good news is he’s not running at full speed like a maniac…as much.

Why it is you pull out the heavy-duty coats and hats early enough, but seem late in taking out the seriously warm gloves/mittens every winter? It took me a day or two to pull those suckers out and of course every day I felt like I had frostbitten fingers. We’re bundled up like Alaskan Eskimos, donning layers of wool under a terribly unflattering puffy coat (don’t you hate looking like the Mrs. to the Michelin man?), wearing two sets of gloves, sherpa lined boots and hitching Sam up with his fleece-lined coat and boots to prevent ice balls from forming and we’re still freezing. We look like unattractive extras from the movie Frozen and more than a few times have had to abbreviate our morning constitution because of the damn Stock Show effect.

Yup, it’s cold out there, baby. But because I’m a glass half-full kind of gal, I’m celebrating each additional minute of sunlight with every passing winter day. 🙂 Now where did I put the Yaktrax crampons for my boots? Sigh.

How do you and your pets deal with frigid weather? Stay safe and warm till warmer days arrive. Live-love-bark! <3

27 thoughts on “Oh the weather outside is frightful

  1. I just laughed out loud at this. Loved the strike out text, too.

    Glad you didn’t hurt yourself more with your fall.

    Just before the vortex hit us, Eugene was out and was running the parameter of the yard and we collided. He swept my feet right from under me. Luckily I fell into bushes and mulch with only my pride and ankle scraped.

    Today was a balmy 34.

      1. It’s a full 40 degrees warmer than it was last week! We just barely topped 0 several days and the wind has been crazy.

        I personally love winter, but the bitter cold does keep me from my usual activities with Eugene and Lily Belle. LB’s feet get frozen, but Gino loves running around and playing in the snow!

  2. I will spare you the tales of the 75 degree weather in LA. After a week in the 40s and 50s (which you would probably love at this point). After nearly 20 years here, I am considering the possibility that I miss Winter.

  3. I agree with you to run around like a marshmallow with a thick puffer coat is annoying :o) We have no snow but the constant rain is hard to bear too, specially for dog-people 😮

  4. Oh no…sounds a tad awful 🙁 we have had an equally weird early start to a beeyartch of a summer the day before yesterday 44C 95 % humidity yesterday 33C and the same humidity today..20C and flooding in some areas ??? the heater is on?? the weather is nuts! try and stay warm and safe and not go skidding all over the place..Pee ess got your lovely cardie today and it made my day 🙂 thankyou so much sweets from sweatsville Australia loves Bev <3 <3

  5. I get the “please turn on the sun” look from my two who don’t believe me when I tell them Japan has no sun-switch. They reluctantly settle for hibernating under thick fleece blankets about 22 hours every day. 🙂

    Be extra careful out there!

    1. Exactly, don’t you just love it when they give you those pathetic ‘woe is me’ looks? I remind Sam I’m the queen in this house, not god. 🙂 Wishing you a sunny day (even if there is snow). <3

  6. I always hate a show off and yet it’s not my fault that it’s summer here and we’re actually seeking shelter from the intense heat and the burning rays of the same sun which has deserted you. We are currently on holidays and the dogs are enjoying running along the waterfront at Pittwater, Palm Beach in Sydney, Australia. It is currently too hot to do a lot of walks with the dogs. Our Border Collie has such a thick coat even in summer that he melts in the heat. Our other dog, Lady, fares better and also goes for the odd swim. She swam out to me on the kayak today. Not sure whether she was worried about me or whether she wanted to go for a ride. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog. I enjoy blogging with people and dogs all around the world and it gets quite comical this time of year when the weather is so different. xx Rowena

    1. Oh the sun is here, it’s just colder than all get-out. Actually the snow shines over 300 days in Colorado. As I get older (and possibly crankier), the bitter cold kind of gets to me. I don’t mind the snow so much (I absolutely LOVE all 4 seasons) but draw the line when it comes to slipping on ice or windy conditions. Boy make me nut-so! Looking forward to catching up on your blog and seeing nice warm photos this weekend with a tall spiced wine to keep me toasty. 🙂

      1. I can relate to the slipping bit but I don’t even need to have ice. I have weak ankles and ended up flipping my ankle and breaking my toe and that was just on grass. I’ve never lived in an icy climate at all but when we go skiing at Perisher, the sky is usually an azure blue and the sun is shining but then the temps are usually around 10 degrees celsuis during the day and if we’re lucky below zero overnight. It can be be very pretty and love being immersed int he snow. It was like being inside a tub of ice cream. I am finding that blogging is giving me a crash course in geography and I was taken back to the project I did on USA when I was 12 when I read about the Rocky Mountains being nearby. Sounds like it must be beautiful over there. I also noticed that the whole state of Colorado is above 1000 metres. Wow. Australia is almost as flat as a pancake. Anyway, looking forward to reading more of your posts. Best wishes, Rowena

        1. Yes, Denver is known as the Mile High City which is a tad more catchy than The 1609.344 Meter City (though I do wish the US would join the rest of the world in the metric system-sigh). Colorado is an exceptionally beautiful state with the only thing missing being the ocean.

          I know all about simple falls. I stepped off a curb one beautiful Spring day while walking the dogs and snapped the bones just above the ankle. Gah so I’m very sensitive to walking on ice! Today will be lovely in the mid-40s, but snow is predicted tomorrow and more cold. The beauty of living here is if you don’t like the weather, just wait 10 minutes–it’s bound to change! 🙂

          1. Sydney’s weather is very variable like that too. After all those hot days and intense sunshine, it’s raining today and the my postcard view is now all various shades of grey with mist drifting over the the hills across the bay. It is actually quite beautiful and atmospheric. Moody.
            The broken ankle certainly sounds nasty and puts a dark spin on your casual slip on the ice.
            I’ll have to get online soon and explore Denver. However, we’re packing up to go home today. My parents have put this place up for sale and I have quite a few books to shift home “just in case”. I kind of hoping it doesn’t sell any time soon. Hope you have a wonderful day xx Rowena

  7. I stopped worrying about what I look like in the attempt to keep warm (or cool) a long time ago. A privilege normally earned through becoming an AARP member. 🙂 I just learned early on in life, thanks to a mom who didn’t give a hoot what others thought of how she looked and passed her attitude on to her son and daughter.

  8. We feel your pain here in Michigan for sure! It’s zero here and we are expecting about 3 inches tonight. Well, it IS winter! I just hunker down and read and watch TV and work on both of my blogs. Our poor Sheltie is less than enthused to even go out and pee but it is what it is!

  9. France used to be frightful in winter….abseiling down to the poultry, needing an ice pick to get back up again….Turkish socks to keep the cold from striking up through the floors….electric blanket on the bed…perpetual movement essential unless wrapped in a blanket…
    Thank goodness for Costa Rica…where it is currently blowing a gale.

  10. I love that Sam thinks you are responsible for the ice and falling. Every time we go outside in the cold, she looks at me like I can suddenly make it sunny and 70. If only…

    In the meantime, Choppy is getting short walks and fun time running around in the apartment’s garage. I may miss our full time home, but the garage has been a blessing in this cold weather!

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