Fun Fursday


I hate to continue to whine about the whole DST thing, but both Sam and I are struggling to get going every morning and we’re morning people! 

Are you and your pup adjusting to DST?  Any evidence of Spring in your neck of the woods? I saw the first daffodil of the season yesterday in a neighbor’s yard.  Squee!

Live, love, bark! <3

19 thoughts on “Fun Fursday

  1. Our snow on the Big Island was overrated- it’s still 80° where most of us live and the sun is shining today! The weather/rain that blew through yesterday meant the temps dropped to 78° (chilly!).
    Oh, and then there’s that pesky DST… Wait. Never mind. 😜

  2. Well our DST has ended..and it is still not really showing Autumn..i long for cooler weather..i need to stop stressing about snakes and fires…especially send us some cool i will send some heat and yee haa! loves Bev xx

  3. One of my dogs refuses to eat until an hour later than when I put the food out…he is also not happy about getting up before the sun is firmly up in the sky.

  4. So, what did the groundhog taste like? Chicken? Pig? Cow? We are adjusting better now that a few days have passed; but I still say DST long ago outlived its usefulness and needs to be put into history and left there.

  5. It’s hitting sixty tomorrow in Chicago! I can barely contain my joy. I’m just desperately hoping we don’t have a slide back into winter temps.

  6. Well done, grey friend… who needs a guy who makes such bad prognoses? I currently write a post about the disaster of DST, this stupid time-thingy ruined the birthday of my uncle and my mommas dignity…

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