Fun Fursday


I hate to continue to whine about the whole DST thing, but both Sam and I are struggling to get going every morning and we’re morning people! 

Are you and your pup adjusting to DST?  Any evidence of Spring in your neck of the woods? I saw the first daffodil of the season yesterday in a neighbor’s yard.  Squee!

Live, love, bark! ❤

19 thoughts on “Fun Fursday

  1. samsonkkhc

    Our snow on the Big Island was overrated- it’s still 80° where most of us live and the sun is shining today! The weather/rain that blew through yesterday meant the temps dropped to 78° (chilly!).
    Oh, and then there’s that pesky DST… Wait. Never mind. 😜


  2. Fozziemum

    Well our DST has ended..and it is still not really showing Autumn..i long for cooler weather..i need to stop stressing about snakes and fires…especially send us some cool i will send some heat and yee haa! loves Bev xx

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  3. My Golden Life

    So, what did the groundhog taste like? Chicken? Pig? Cow? We are adjusting better now that a few days have passed; but I still say DST long ago outlived its usefulness and needs to be put into history and left there.

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