Mount Rushmore Monday

Happy President's Day
Happy President’s Day

26137ca7ed56833dedf15fc4fd22f728Today is a “howliday” in the US and for many, it’s part of a long weekend. But today and tomorrow Sam and I will be working at the hospital which can only mean one thing. There’ll be a seal in my bathroom. And then, lots of hugs and tail wags.

What are you be doing on this “howliday?”

Lie, love, bark! <3



35 thoughts on “Mount Rushmore Monday

        1. Aw…blush, blush. Many thanks for the kind words. We’re catching up this weekend on blog reads but will (hopefully) return to regular posts beginning Monday. ღonika, Sam, & Elsa 🐾

  1. Not a holiday for hubby who is away on business travel. It’s just bum-not- working-moi and The Poodle who enjoyed a long President’s Day walk and then covered his ears (seriously) when his beloved “mom” was listening to the latest Trump news. Poodles are…after all…Einstein smart.

  2. LOL!
    In Canada only parts have a holiday today. In the province we live there was no holiday, but in the province Lady officially works, it was, but since she had a lot to do and works for herself she worked from home.

    1. Ah yes, I remember those days at the law firm where no courts are open and there’s no mail but everyone is still expected to go down in the mine. Hopefully you can catch up a little on a ‘quiet’ day.

  3. don’t work too hard today! I will probably be taking another long walk later (enjoying one of our last super nice days), and then will do some cooking and blog reading. Sending much love!

  4. Well it’s not a howliday here in sunny South Australia – pity.. Nothing much planned. Will be about 34c tomorrow so depending on how things are I might go for a drive with Benji – the beach and Ice Cream might be the go. I know, I overindulge the boy but he does get plenty of exercise and together we walk about 60+ kllm. a week.

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