Is age just a relative thing?


IMG_1219Sam here…mom’s busy doing heaven only know what tonight so I thought I’d take over the blog (it being Thursday and all so she’s probably watching Scandal, the slacker). We recently had our semi-annual checkup/evaluation at the hospital where we get tested twice a year to make sure we’re still good and can handle the whole hospital vibe thing-it’s good to measure the dogs regularly so everyone knows they will continue to do well with the patients. But I think sometimes they need to check the humans more often than us but that’s a story for another time.

I was patiently waiting for my turn when I spied Truffles! No not the yummy treat kind, the chocolate-brown Newfoundland dog kind. I have such a crush on Truffles though most of the time she doesn’t pay much attention to me. Any-who…there I was, there she was and my name was called and I started bouncing up and down to go see her and her mom, Lyn. The volunteer vet was a nice enough lady, she smiled and giggled at my bouncing and her and Lyn both were ooh-ing and ah-ing about me. I love Lyn almost as much as I love Truffles because she always has a nice word for me and some great treats. So the vet was checking my heartbeat (it must have been going pitter-patter like crazy!) and I could barely contain my enthusiasm. I was focusing all my attention on that gorgeous brown girl. Hubba-bubba! When all of a sudden, I hear: “So I see that Sam is a senior, any problems?” Wait. What?! Senior? Are you kidding me, I’m the spriest 9-year-old she’ll ever see! WTH does that mean? I mean here I am bouncing like a cotton-picking jack rabbit to impress my girl and the vet’s calling me a senior? Oh puleez. I’m as young as any 4-year-old and I can bounce and hop with the best of them. Truffles kind of rolled her eyes and turned her back toward me.

Wait-no, don’t listen to that stupid vet. I’m a real dandy, in fact a super catch. Just look at this handsome dog! I got my poms all groomed, my toes nice and trimmed, nice conformation, even my whiskers are all waxed into place. I’m a mean, clean, fighting machine! How could she not be taken in by me?

DSC00065Apparently Truffles listened more to the vet than to my whining and pining over her. She kept her back to me and laid down. Egad–noooo, not the cold shoulder! My little heart was crushed. I couldn’t understand why the vet would sabotage my chances with Truffles. I’m trim (no spare tire on this killer bod), sharp as a tack (well ok, sharp as an ADD pup can be), why I’m a veritable stud muffin with no health issues. What is this senior thing? It sounded so derisive and judging from Truffles’ reaction, not a good thing. 🙁

The vet finished checking me out and gave me a clean bill of health saying I was good for another 6 months so I pranced and danced around trying to impress the Truffles girl. But alas, she wanted no part of me. But I’m not giving up just yet; there’s always the next exam or the summer get-together when I’ll see her and boy, I’ll totally be all ‘Rico Sua-ve’ when she does. Meanwhile, I think I’ll practice on a couple of the ladies in the ‘hood,’ just to keep in practice. Wouldn’t want to get rusty like a senior now, right?

So what exactly does ‘being a senior mean’ when you act like a teenager all the time? Is age a relative thing with us dogs?

Live, love, bark! <3

22 thoughts on “Is age just a relative thing?

  1. When I was young I thought that being a senior I would be consumed by bladder challenges, stiff joints, a grouchy attitude and gas. I was right.

    I kid, I kid, except for the gas part. Go get ’em Sam, you can be as frisky as you like!

  2. Yes, Sam, age is a relative thing with us crusty seniors, too. Perhaps less prancing isn’t such a bad thing, either.
    Love from Gramma

  3. This was so cute. You’re a great writer. You should think about writing a book…..if you haven’t already!

    Anna Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2015 09:20:57 +0000 To:

  4. A senior? you? never! Glad you got good news from the vet, I have to go next week… Is it common that you are all together in the waiting room? We are mostly separated in two rooms or we wait in the car… Don’t give up to win Truffles heart, it sometimes needs ages to impress a girl, I know :o)

    1. The vet check is through our hospital volunteer office so is pretty informal and casual. It gives the bipeds a chance to visit with others since we work individually as teams. That Truffles girl is playing very hard to get! 🙂 Happy weekend.

  5. I think age is a relative thing…. For attitude and behavior! But sadly when it comes to the physical realities time waits for no one! Wrigley turned 11 in November, and although she thinks she’s as fast and strong as ever, she can’t keep up with her 4 year old brother Rudder. When she tries too hard, as she always does, her hips really bother her. Darn that arthritis thing. In her mind she’s still the lead dog though!

  6. I totally loved Sam and his attitude. I thoroughly enjoyed reading his thoughts on Truffles, and his views on being perceived a ‘senior’. Lovely! Keep trying Sam, age is only a number. Good luck

  7. Aw, poor Sam! Unrequited love is so heartbreaking. BUT WAIT!! Maybe Truffles really does love you but she’s just too shy. Or maybe she’s being a coy little vixen and just playing hard to get. 🙂

    1. Definitely playing hard to get and with a girl that gorgeous, she can afford to be picky. I’m not giving up just yet and expect her to ‘come around.’ I mean, who wouldn’t, I’m such a catch! 🙂

  8. Oh rude!! well I know my “senior’ boys can run me ragged! now Doc will be 13 and Forrest 12 this year..and yes they are me…but they are really just grey furred teens! they have slowed a little..take a little longer to work out where they are when I tell them to go to the toilet before bed..’huh? what who…where am I ..oh ok with you now’ and up they get..i call them my little pensioner pups…but you are still really a pup! so I say play hard to get…maybe then Truffles will be interested…maybe she is NOT as spry as you :)..age is a state of being..and for me that means being creaky and for the boys it means living in the moment..a much better idea 🙂 loves Fozziemum xxx

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