Paws before feeding

Source: Woofipedia


Shortly after my recent post (and in keeping our family luck firmly intact-that is, a day late and a dollar short), I came across this graphic which I thought made a heckuva lotta of sense to share. Similar to that list of important numbers/contacts you put on the frig for the babysitter on the one night a year you actually can get out of the house alone, this one could live on the bulletin board or wherever it is that you prefer stash important stuff that you don’t want lying around cluttering up counters but which is equally as important. Then again if you’re a Pinterest junkie fan, you can always frame it as kitchen art-just saying.

Consider this a quick and friendly reminder for keeping those precious fur babies safe on the last day of Poison Prevention Awareness Month. But don’t let ‘out of sight, out of mind’ flummox you and especially remember to keep ALL gum away from curious busy-body noses. Xylitol, the sweetener in gum is quite toxic and can be fatal. I know from past experience about those ‘busy’ noses; my last dog was a master thief at finding this stuff probably because the scent of gum is so enticing (and I’m still convinced she probably taught Sam all his bad habits of getting that nose in places where it shouldn’t be). Where dogs (and cats) are concerned, if it isn’t one thing, it’s something else. 🙂

And now…let’s bring on April and warmer temps, baby!

Live, love, bark! ❤


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