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Hoppy EasterIf you’ve followed us for a while, you know how I’m always remarking that Sam is a bit of a doofus. We recently took a Dog IQ test and discovered (at least where treats are in the mix) this sweet goofball hound scored mostly high on this test. To say you could have blown me away would be quite an understatement. I’ve always pegged Sam as a pretty dumb pooch. Maybe today’s test was an anomaly, and maybe Sam is just more stubborn than dumb, either way, I guess it’s a good thing to realize he isn’t as retarded simple minded as I thought he was!

While he’s still no Einstein, he is a lovable mutt and both the patients and I sure love him and I’ll take that any day! 🙂 I’m in Mexico now but I’ll be home soon to share some thoughts about traveling.

Live, love, bark!

19 thoughts on “Dog IQ

  1. My dogs scored super high on the test! (by the way, thanks for getting me up from my chair after two hours of sitting). I have seen them solve complex problems such as finding the shortest or the easiest route to where they want to go, rearranging their beds to get a better view, moving pillows out of the way, opening doors etc etc and I am amazed anew every time (and I am sure Sam does that too).

  2. Delilah would ace that test. She’s super smart, but like most people in this country, she lacks common sense. LOL

  3. I’ve always said that dogs are smart enough to know when and how to make us humans think they are dumb. My Dad — when he was still with us (physically) — called my dogs “Dummy” all the time, as he proceeded to give them far too many treats. I’d laugh and say “who’s the dummy here, Pops? You’re the one giving THEM the treats.” 🙂

  4. We have done the first part of the test before and Dakota did great. I need to do the rest of it. Being a Shetland Sheepdog he’s right up there in intelligence and we know that WITHOUT the test!

  5. Test 1. Score: 0 (drool score 5!)
    Test 2. Score: 0 (boredom score 5!)
    Test 3. Score: 0 (nap score 5!)

    Total IQ score 0; Total Boxer score: FULL MARKS

  6. Teach him to move those shells around quickly and send him out to hustle on the street and make some money. Add some three card Monty and retire in style! Good dog!

  7. He is a poodle and I think they like to pretend to be dumb so they don’t have to listen….like samoyeds! I am going to have to try the test on the girls! Have a great Saturday!

  8. Bless him ..sounds like our Forrest..hence the name Forrest run…but when it comes to scent and treats.he is Einstein xxx hugs Fozziemum xx

  9. I bet to be a bit of a doofus is part of his plan… laughing humans = treats… think that’s what Albert tried to say with his theory of relativity :o) Many thanks for your wonderful card, it helped to smile with your instruction while the twin of the Marquis de Sade tortured my momma :o)

    1. There are different ones; the one I used is at the link. When you cover the treat and have a couple other shells you mix them up to see if they can easily find the one with the treat. Sam learned with the colored eggs that he could turn them all over and not have to “think” about it because there’d be a payoff eventually. Silly dog or genius…I’m not sure which! 🙂

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