Oh no!

Ever see anything so pitiful?
Ever see anything so pitiful?
Is this my best side?
Is this my best side?

This can only mean one humiliating thing…it’s bath time again at the ranch. But in the good news department, it also means we’re going to hospice today. Now where is that wily dog now that I retrieved the hair dryer?

Where's that dog?
Where’s that dog?

[note to self – remember to gather ALL the bath accoutrements before starting this processl!] 🙂

Paws crossed we have great adventures to share next week!

Live, love, bark! <3

17 thoughts on “Oh no!

  1. He let’s you BLOW DRY him? Wow, I’m impressed, we only blow dry when we go to the self-wash, at home they dry naturally. LOL

  2. now that looks familiar.
    So handsome especially in profile…. good luck with the comforting work tomorrow.

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