Meet Mr. October 2016

Every year the pet therapy group prepares a calendar of the participating dogs as our sole fundraiser. It funds the needs of our volunteer program throughout the year, and patients, staff, visitors and supporters alike look forward to its release.

I’m happy to share this year’s Exempla Lutheran Medical Center’s calendar pup-up pinup for the month of October…none other than Sam. Couldn’t be more proud of this knucklehead who continues to enchant and make people smile whenever he visits. October is the ‘pawfect’ month to compliment his coloring, wouldn’t you agree?

_MG_4720-(ZF-9751-96265-1-002) (1)

Live, love, bark! <3

53 thoughts on “Meet Mr. October 2016

      1. You do my sweet friend. I can feel and read your compassion in that picture. It tugs deep at my piggy heart for sure! XOXO – Bacon

  1. I’d better not show Lady Sam’s Mr October or she could be on a plane and sending us postcards from Denver. It’s a beautiful photo of your boy! xx Rowena

      1. I’m doing okay! As long as these ear drops are in. Paws crossed this will do the trick! I did get some pawsome pressies ! I’m gonna post them tomorrow. 😃
        Ruby ❤️

  2. If I were in your area, you would definitely be my first choice to get therapy from. Beautiful pic, sweet Sam. Congratulations on being a pup-up dog!

  3. Sam
    lily here.. i asked mom to save it cause your so gorgeous.
    Mr. October … who’s got it all inside an out so kind an sweet ..Sam!
    ” lets hear for the boy” singing it loud!

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