I’m baaacck Monday

Sam here and I just want to let you know I’m baaacck. I even woke mom up this morning at 3:49 am to let her know I’m feeling good and ready to rock-n-roll. As you can imagine, she’s thrilled, especially since I told her first! Thank you for all the good wishes. I may be a little scarred but I’m the same knucklehead good dog as I was before. I’m hoping those stitches come out by the end of the week. Hope you have a great Monday and a great week!

Live, love, bark! 🐾

69 thoughts on “I’m baaacck Monday

  1. HOLY COW PATTIES!!!!! How did I miss your vettie postie????!!!!! I had to go back and find it, cause I didn’t knows what happened! Oh dude, I do knows abouts being knocked out and all wooooooosy…NOT funs at all! Sorry abouts the stitches, butts your Moms is right, we ladies do likes a scar! BOL! Glads you’re feelin’ better and I will send lots of AireZens!!!!
    Ruby β™₯

  2. Oh boy, Sam, we’re behind on our reading, so we don’t know what happened to you! We’re just glad you’re OK, and we’re going to catch up now! β™₯

  3. YAY, welcome back and as handsome as ever. You look wonderful next to those pretty pink impatiens.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. Oh no! I have missed the post where something happened to you! It’s been a bit crazy around here. I’ll go back and see if I can find it. Tippy and I are very glad you are feeling better and hope you don’t have much of a scar.

    1. Thanks. He’s back to being his whole silly self after a dental cleaning and a couple of tiny tags being removed. While he was recovering he decided he was Lord Fauntleroy wanting to be hand fed. Cracks me up at his milking it for all he was worth. πŸ™ƒ

  5. We’re glad to see you baaaack to your sweet self, Sam! Once those stitches are out, no one will even know you had the surgery. Glad you didn’t need too much Rimadyl! Now that Shadow’s off the stuff, her liver enzymes are pretty much back to normal. Hopefully, once the stem cells have migrated and regenerated, we’ll be able to take her off the Gabapentin too but that’s probably several months away yet.

    1. Many thanks. Oh yes, he’s feeling so MUCH better and is only to happy to remind me in the wee hours of the morning about it. 😊 And thank you for swinging by the Ranch and for the follow. We β™₯︎ visitors.

  6. Berry berry happy yur feeling better Sam!!! An yur lookin grate all so! Yur so kind to tell yur Mumma so early inn thee mornin, mew mew mew…..
    ***Hi-5’sss*** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  7. Aww Sam…realized I missed the original post about his poor snoot…sorry he had a rough go but glad he’s feeling better. Ugh, hate the loooong anesthesia recovery process with pets!

    1. The length of time it took to get completely out of his system was quite surprising to me as well. I figured it was due to his age but just glad he no longer demands being hand fed and having a most pathetic look on his face trying to garner sympathy. The dog deserves an Emmy!

  8. What great news, Sam. I’m so happy your feeling your old self again. I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    Have a woof woof Awww Monday. My best to your mom. β™₯

  9. That’s good news. Hopefully he isn’t still wobbly and is eating and drinking normally again.
    How long does he have to stay on the anti-infammatory meds?
    In my opinion, they should always be short term (less than three weeks) as I have seen such awful things happen to dogs on long-term anti inflammatory medications.

    1. Not longer wobbly and bouncing around like before. I only gave him a couple doses of the Rimadyl. He didn’t seem to be in much pain and agree with you on their short term use. Rest and TLC worked much better without the side effects.

  10. Oh my, that WAS a long recovery from the anesthesia. No wonder your Mom was relieved. I wouldn’t count too much on the girls getting excited about your new scar, as your hair will probably cover it. Of course, I am sure you are a chick magnet anyhow. πŸ™‚

    1. I’ve been back for the most part since Friday. I’m just now reminding mom that I’m back. She said something about getting me a watch. Now sure why, she has been to wake her up, right? 😁

  11. oh darling boy… surgery is hard when you hit a certain age… but you did it! You bounced back. And you look good. Are visitors bringing you treats and flowers? Is Elsa giving you some space? You know she loves you too.

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