Saturday and the living is easy

image The weekend is finally here (and not a day too soon either). With no pressing commitments or rain in the forecast (woo-hoo), we plan to sit back and enjoy it. What are your plans for today?

Wishing you a super pawsome weekend.

Live, love, bark! <3

17 thoughts on “Saturday and the living is easy

  1. I actually unplugged! Went hiking on the mountains by Santa Barbara, dogs in tow – we frolicked in the river, picnic’ed under a tree and a good time was had by all, humans and furry balls alike.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! We hope you’re gonna get in some of the rodeo events! You know how to ride a horse?

    Your Pals,


  3. You know, Monika, those plants are not going to weed themselves. And then there’s laundry, cleaning and some correspondence that’s getting a bit aged. And don’t forget the cooking and Sam’s grooming and, and, and…

    (Satan now leaves the building. Insert evil icon.)

  4. Have a great weekend! Our Saturday plans are pretty much the same as yours.

    We dropped Ducky off at daycare this morning so they can give her an oatmeal bath to relieve the itchiness from the gnat bites. My poor baby has been getting eaten alive by those little boogers lately. Even the half a Benadryl twice a day isn’t helping. I hate to take her outside because of it, but she LOVES sunbathing. What’s a dog mom to do?

      1. Ordinarily, I would BUT she licks (almost) everything – including what itches – and I’m afraid it might upset her tummy and set off an IBS/IBD episode.

  5. Have a super weekend and enjoy every minute :o) we made macarons… and after 87 epic fails I nailed it this time… woohooo…. hope now I will get my french passport lol

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