Goodbye, California – we’re gonna miss ya

IMG_1465We’re leaving California today and I must say there are many things I’m gonna miss. I’ll miss all those amazing kinds of plants I’ve become aware of along our walking routes, manicured yards with statuesque cyprus trees, graceful palms, luscious lemon trees, and massive cactus plants at the house on the next block over from where we’ve been staying. I’ll miss seeing more shiny vintage Corvettes than I’ve ever seen before. And I’ll miss the generous hospitality of Wayne’s sister who welcomed us to her home and put up with the goofy pogo stick. I’m gonna miss those lovely days with 50%+ humidity (my skin has never looked or felt so good), and the sunny 60-70º days in February.

IMG_1482IMG_1484  What I won’t miss are those long days at the storage units on warm (or cold, rainy) days, the aching muscles from sorting box after box from storage units to a Pod container and the bloody gawd-awful traffic at all hours of the day or night. I don’t know how you guys do it! I thought the traffic was bad in Denver (and trust me it IS!!) but every major arterial and highway seems overly crowded with drivers willing to not obey speed limits or fully stop at stop signs, ride your bumper up close and personal, cut in front of you with no turn signal and make U-turns at every intersection. Yup, won’t miss that at all (although that whole U-turn thing was pretty sweet at times).

IMG_1469Hopefully we’ll be back to enjoy all the fabulous things to see and do in this large diverse state when the weather cooperates for driving to it with a dog, perhaps as soon as this summer. Till then, I’m just hoping for a smooth trip home so we see more of this sweet boy then the panting, shaking version.

Live, love, bark! <3

37 thoughts on “Goodbye, California – we’re gonna miss ya

              1. ❤️- hope you have a good time back at home! I bet work was hard but at home or in the car all you have to do is lay down and pant your self asleep. Don’t let the Ticks Bite!!!

  1. Happy and safe driving. Good luck to Sam – K & Lu send him lots of their mellow travel vibe and love of roadtrips. Car time = Nap time!

      1. Snorts – I’ll tell you like I tell my mom. You are as old as you act… which pretty much these days my dad is five.. snorts with piggy laughter. Love ya’ll! XOXO – Bacon

  2. poor Sam. I am sure he loved CA if not the ride to get there. At his advanced age, Cole has learned to put the tip of his nose out a car window. The van he grew up with doesn’t open back windows but the dh’s suv does. He has discovered a breeze thru his curls and has a greater love of rides now. Leeanna

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