A stitch in time…

Sam here. Well I guess I went and did it! Popped a stitch in my leg. At least one, maybe even two. She couldn’t tell. I just know it tasted pretty good and know for a fact, dog saliva has super healing powers and was only trying to help out the healing process. But what does mom do? She goes totally crazy.

IMG_2643 2 Um…how did that happen? No clue. Mom had put the small cone contraption on me that she bought and watched me like a hawk since it was kind of on the short side. Ok, I confess…I must have sneaked in a couple of licks when she only had the soft travel pillow on me (that or I thrashed around so much, I clonked my leg) but then she began the torture brought out the big guns. I swear, this thing received signals from the freaking International Space Station!
IMG_2641 3

Personally, I think it’s a bit of overkill but hey…I’m just a dog so what do I know? Like I mentioned, I crashed and banged into every angle, corner, doorway, piece of furniture and kneecap in the house…at least once. My poor nerves were frazzled. It’s been super windy here in the Mile High the past couple of days and the noise swirling around inside the cone completely freaked me out whenever we went outside. It got to the point I didn’t even want to read any pee-mails. I thrashed and banged around all last night long and the whole family barely got any rest. How is this poor poodle supposed to recover when he is wiped out from lack of sleep? Yeah, I thought so.

So Mom thought about creating a hack where she could take the cone off by taking one of her old socks and pulling it up over my whole leg. The vet told us not to bandage the incision to keep me from licking it but we could put a sock over it. She used some athletic tape to tie off the top and keep it from falling down. It stayed on all day and I never touched it (#gooddog)  It felt so great to be rid of that stupid satellite dish cone. I’m thinking of staying here all day and night to catch up on my beauty sleep. You can wake me up once this whole incision biz has fully healed so I can get back to being a fur coated pogo-stick doing what I do best.

IMG_2644Live, love, bark! <3

39 thoughts on “A stitch in time…

      1. Oh I know it’s not fair Sam but your mom is only trying to get you better so you can go out and run and play in the garden. Bruce and Barney are the same and Bruce sulks with big hurrumps and deep sighs.

  1. Shame, poor Sam! Glad the sock seems to be working. A sock is kinder and more comfy than a cone. Wishing him well, and hoping that you ALL get more sleep!

  2. Is that a Cone or is That a cone!? Either way it’s big. Nothing more I can add and the thoughts that came to mind have all already been said but listen to mom – she always has your best interests at heart.. Get well soon.

  3. Aw, bless his sweet heart! Shadow can sympathize with Sam when it comes to the satellite dish. She hasn’t needed it in a long time – thank goodness – but she has a hard time with it, too. I was happy when she left those baby socks on her front paw last September to keep her torn toenail clean. Hope you all get some sleep tonight!

  4. Poor Sam. Sounds like you hated the plastic collar as much as you hated having stitches.

    Didn’t anyone tell you the cone was really a speaker? It would make your woo woo woos so much louder.

  5. Poor Sam – I’m so sorry for your pain. I hope you get to feeling better soon. The sock thing is awesome. I saw Houdini walking around with a cone once.. I found it hilarious but I have to admit I felt for the little guy. XOXO – Bacon

  6. Hi Sam,
    That sock is a good idea. You know, I told you before that I can feel with you since I vividly remember how afraid our poor Sally was when she had to wear such a cone. But with her, a socks wouldn’t have done the trick as she had big and deep wounds [from Javalina teeth] on her hind quarters.
    Hope you can relax and heal well now,

  7. Sam, listen up because this is important. Avoid going outside as much as possible. I know you have to go outside when necessary but you have to take precautions. When wearing that thing and it’s very windy outside,always keep your but pointed in the direction that the wind is coming from. Sometimes you may have to walk backwards. If you face into the wind, that thing will catch the wind and you’ll be on the scariest ride of your life You might even get to see United flight 407 to Chicago up close and personal somewhere over Wyoming.

  8. Sam, take care. Hope the sock works. Did you get to see Cmd Kelly come home after a year in space? Glad the sock is working. The wind is terrible. Sammy wears a thunder jacket to stay calm. Best wishes!

  9. WOW! What a great idea. Granny and I are so glad your mom “socked” your leg! Now you can get your pogo energy /beauty sleep and your leg can heal too. Soon you will be bouncing higher than ever! Love from Jolie Amie and Granny

  10. We’ve always done the sock thing too. I think the smell is less enticing to lick. Cole doesn’t do the cone well. The vet always says don’t cover it, but we have and it’s always been fine. Plus we uncover it to walk when he’s too distracted to lick, then back to the sock. My lab pulled her spay stitches out within hours of surgery! Oy!
    Sam, you’ll heal faster than you know… leave it! Let Mama handle it!

  11. yes… goooood dog!!! Sam you are a super smart boy, to leave that sock alone is the best way that it heals up quickly. Glad you are no longer your own sound-system and the cone is gone (hey that rhymes lol)

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