A Fibro What??

Sam here. So my nice vet, Dr. Erickson, called late yesterday with the pathology report on the small skin mass that was removed on Monday. She said it was a “fibroadnexal  hamartoma.”  What in the world is a fibroadnexal hamartoma, you ask? Good question.

According to petMD, a fibroadnexal hamartoma “is a non-neoplastic, benign proliferation of distorted adnexa, fat, and collagen.” This type of skin mass typically “forms nodules on the distal extremities of dogs. Keratin or other debris into the adjacent dermis may evoke a secondary, usually sterile, inflammatory response. Clinical behavior is benign and complete excision is typically curative. Although this mass has been marginally excised laterally, it is expansile in growth. Thus, excision is expected to be adequate and curative.” Keratin filled cysts may be the result from a trauma though I sure don’t remember any trauma [no snarky comments, mom-I still maintain I’m not dumb…so there!]. They look similar to sebaceous adenomas, another benign growth and something most poodles can look forward to getting at some point in their lives.

720108139_17013699719566836879In words even I can understand…ain’t no big deal. Whew! The incision is looking good although I’m going back later today to see if the popped stitches need some additional attention. I’m keeping my paws crossed I won’t need anything other than a good ear scratch and a couple tasty treats. While the vets are wonderful there, I’d just as soon lay in the sunshine and watch my neighborhood world roll by the garden which is now starting to wake up. Mom and I saw the first baby blue grape hyacinths this morning peeking out their little heads from under some leaf mulch. Me thinks I’m gonna have to ride herd over mom and dad to do some yard raking this weekend.

Whatever you do, hope your weekend is full of sunshine and smiles.

Live, love, bark! <3

52 thoughts on “A Fibro What??

  1. Isn’t the best day when you get the call from the vet telling you that scary thing is a big fat nothing?

    When Honey had her hair follicle tumor removed, the big concern was healing because there’s so little loose skin on the foot. It’s no wonder Sam popped a stitch. Hope he’s sock free soon.

      1. Aww. Hope you have a quick recovery. You can always put a sock on your leg to make it so you do not Lick it. Just a idea. Any news on my last problem? What have your friends said? I have not been having the problem lately because I have not been using wordpress like that very often now but will let you know when it happens again. It may just be weird internet in that location as some other things also do not load sometimes.

        Thanks for giving me updates and keep up to it please,
        The Adventures of Tula and Momar but also known as I Love Pets blog.

  2. YEA! Granny and I are so happy to hear your good news! Now on to your gardening. Good luck taking care of it. Ours is looking pretty sad. Granny and I are busy visiting Grandpa in rehab, but he’s coming home this week so Granny better get busy. Love from Jolie Amie and Granny

  3. Yippee!!! Glad it was no big deal. Now to heal up from the incision. Take it easy on your mom this weekend. She really does know what is best so you can get out of that cone as soon as possible!

  4. Glad to hear that – despite it’s fancy name – everything is on the mend with the wound healing nicely. A little more patience and you’ll soon be rid of that cone. Benji sends his regards and best wishes.

  5. Thank goodness for good news!! Whenever my Vet uses language that I don’t understand, rather than googling it, I make sure he tells me in terms that I CAN understand, however elementary that may be!!! I won’t hang up or leave the office without understanding. Sounds like it is nothing more than a “fatty tumor” if I read correctly? Thank God! DakotasDen

    1. Pretty much. She was great at explaining it though I had to do some online research as well. It’s more common that you’d think. But alls well that ends well, right? Happy weekend! 🙂

  6. So happy to hear your bump is/was benign, Sam!! I know your Mom is relieved, too!! Here’s hoping those popped stitches are also “no big deal”!!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I hope you have a great weekend in the garden and I’m glad the vet had good news. I’m sure the fibro-no-big-deal area heals up quickly and you never get such a thing what brings sleepless night till the vet calls and gives the “all clear” :o)

  8. Enjoyed the post. Gardening in your neck of the woods takes much patience. You don’t lack sun but water. Do you still have restrictions on watering every other day there? Our bulbs have pushed up through the snow which will continue for at least another month. Happy writing!

    1. Thank you. It wasn’t too bad last year, but the I think the El Nino is over for this year and it’s shaping up to be a hot, dry summer. 🙁 Gardening is easy if you don’t try to plant things that require too xeriscaping and eliminated the grass for ground covers. So much easier to maintain and yet still looks pretty good.

      1. We moved from very lush green Massachusetts to the prairies in Colorado. My parents nonetheless planted Kentucky blue grass and maintained a lovely lawn. My mother had a sprinkler system installed after my father died. I haven’t been back in a long time so I don’t know what it looks like. Most gave up and used rocks, yucca plants, cacti and some just used asphalt which to me was ugly.

                  1. Well, I am not the medical kind of Dr. but the Professor kind so Frau Dr. is fine as is simply Mary Ann. It has been interesting visiting with you today. I must get ready for my singing in the choir now.

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