A Fibro What??

Sam here. So my nice vet, Dr. Erickson, called late yesterday with the pathology report on the small skin mass that was removed on Monday. She said it was a “fibroadnexal  hamartoma.”  What in the world is a fibroadnexal hamartoma, you ask? Good question.

According to petMD, a fibroadnexal hamartoma “is a non-neoplastic, benign proliferation of distorted adnexa, fat, and collagen.” This type of skin mass typically “forms nodules on the distal extremities of dogs. Keratin or other debris into the adjacent dermis may evoke a secondary, usually sterile, inflammatory response. Clinical behavior is benign and complete excision is typically curative. Although this mass has been marginally excised laterally, it is expansile in growth. Thus, excision is expected to be adequate and curative.” Keratin filled cysts may be the result from a trauma though I sure don’t remember any trauma [no snarky comments, mom-I still maintain I’m not dumb…so there!]. They look similar to sebaceous adenomas, another benign growth and something most poodles can look forward to getting at some point in their lives.

720108139_17013699719566836879In words even I can understand…ain’t no big deal. Whew! The incision is looking good although I’m going back later today to see if the popped stitches need some additional attention. I’m keeping my paws crossed I won’t need anything other than a good ear scratch and a couple tasty treats. While the vets are wonderful there, I’d just as soon lay in the sunshine and watch my neighborhood world roll by the garden which is now starting to wake up. Mom and I saw the first baby blue grape hyacinths this morning peeking out their little heads from under some leaf mulch. Me thinks I’m gonna have to ride herd over mom and dad to do some yard raking this weekend.

Whatever you do, hope your weekend is full of sunshine and smiles.

Live, love, bark! <3