22 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. edgar62

    Benji – lovely lad that he is – only knows two times – 5:30 am – time to get up and take him out, and 6pm – stop what you are doing and feed me or I will bug you both ( jump from lap to lap) until you do.

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  2. Kismet

    It’s true. Casper, a dog of unknown breeds who was found along a freeway, used to beg (big time) for his 8 o’clock treat and right around 8. We thought this might have been because Jeopardy ended at 8 and the final Jeopardy music sent him off on a quest for a treat.Nope, that wasn’t it. When the time change came, he still came at his old 8 o’clock and it took him a week to adjust and he was back with the routine.

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