Doglish 101 ~ May 12, 2016


Sam here again to finish up the dog behavior ‘explainin’. This graphic describes it fairly accurately. But in true Standard Poodle form, here’s my take on each one.

  • Relaxed – head high, ears up ~ If you see me in this pose, you can pretty much figure I’m getting ready to go someplace – whoopee – I so love going places!
  • Alert – eyes wide, mouth closed, ears forward, tail wagging ~ because I’m 99.99% of the time über happy, this is my usual pose and means I’m ready for the next person to come along and pet me.
  • Play bow – tail wagging, mouth open with tongue exposed ~ this pose is for when I think mom is gonna play ‘grab the toes on the dog’ game. It’s also a precursor to my pogo stick jump or when I get ready to pounce on toys. A boy’s gotta sneak up on some of those stuffies-you just never know what they might do.
  • Rocking horse run ~ Mom said this was Jackrabbit loping on me. Wait, what…are there Jackrabbits around? Would someone please tell me where because I love chasing Jackrabbits!
  • Tell-tale tongue – contented and relaxed ~ tongue and lips are loose and flappy. I’m smiling here in this one and it means I’m waiting for you to tell me where the rabbits are!
  • Low, fast-wagging tail ~ My tail almost never stops wagging but I’m told this means some dogs might be anxious. For me, it could be I heard something I’m not sure of and can’t specifically identify it. Then again it could be a rabbit turning on some gravel waiting for me to catch up to him, right?
  • Excited and happy – mid-level, fast and wide-wagging tail ~ Woo-hoo, we’re gonna go looking for rabbits…I just knew it!
  • Stay away – ears flat, lips pulled back ~ this isn’t a pose that I’ve assumed but some of my fur-iends have. I just look blankly at them, wag my tail and try to get them to chillax. Life’s too short to be so crabbish in my poodle world.
  • Digging ~ sometime I feel the need to scratch the carpet in mom’s studio. This is a reminder that she should fluff up the carpet so it’s standing up nice and fuzzy. A boy’s needs some cush under his tush.
  • Butt sniffing ~ well duh…that’s where all the information is located. It’s my way of saying “Hi there, nice to meet ya-now let’s go looking for rabbits.”
  • Upright, forward ears ~ this means I’m focused directly on what’s in front of me. Often it signals I just saw a rabbit and is a clue to mom to hurry up or I’ll start pulling. That or I can’t believe I’m seeing some of my besties in the neighborhood and can’t wait to say hi. Then again, you could be holding a piece of cheese in front of me. You guys all know I love cheese, right?

So…what kind of stuff do you do when you’re out and about? Any of these look familiar to you?

Live, love, bark! <3

11 thoughts on “Doglish 101 ~ May 12, 2016

  1. Yeah, sure, when a dog sneaks up behind and sniffs some butt everybody smiles because he’s just gathering information, but when I do it at Walmart they call the cops.

  2. what does it mean when a dog sees me coming on a walk, they slightly lower their head, and smile. Smile, I swear it is a smile. Then when he reaches me, he wags, lowers his head a bit and presses it against me in a for real hug. He will stand there pressed against me for as long, well longer than I pet him. I love this dog more than you can know. Cole does not like him so when I’m alone I pet and pet and pet him, until his woman gets tired of our love fest. LeeAnna

    1. Awww, how perfectly sweet. Cole must be jealous of him. Sam does that with me adding a lean but makes sure I don’t stop with the petting. Some dogs just seem to know exactly what buttons to push in us when it comes to being sweet. ღ

  3. Snorts I love all of these my friend. They are awesome. When I walk mom – snorts – people try to run up to me all of the time. I’ll tell you something. It scares me. This is why. You see my eyes are on the sides of my head. When you run up to me face forward, I can’t see you. I can hear you though and it scares me. Mom has to stop peeps all of the time and tell them, approach me slowly from the side so I can see them. After that, I love a good scratch – snorts and oinks. XOXO – Bacon

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