Monday Mischief

Sam must have been in time out because it wasn’t until just now that I was able to capture a shot of him. No doubt he’s been a naughty rag-a-muffin boy. We’ll see you soon, buddy. Hang in there!

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 7.19.08 AM

david-fleetham-lavender-colored-blossoms-on-jacaranda-trees-jacaranda-mimosifolia-in-a-field-maui-hawaii-usaOne of the many fabulous flowering trees we’ve seen in Hawaii is the Jacaranda tree. I tried to capture an image while out and about but could never catch it properly so I snagged an image from my friend, the Internet. Originally from Brazil, the Jacaranda was imported to many tropical locations. Their spectacular blossoms announce the arrival of spring. Aren’t they gorgeous?

IMG_3285Hope you had a fabulous weekend. We celebrated Conner’s graduation and even the sunset shined a spotlight on the occasion as the class of 2016 held their ceremony. We are so proud of this capable young man who graduated with academic honors. Way to go, Conner! Next stop, Menlo College, California.

Live love, bark! <3

29 thoughts on “Monday Mischief

  1. Maybe Sam saw the Weimaraner and hided because he thought it could be me? hahahaha
    the tree is wonderful… it reminds me somehow of Purple Rain by Prince :o)

  2. I wish I could grow one of those Jacarandas in my back yard! They are beautiful! Of course I’m prejudiced since I love any shade of purple! 🙂

    Poor Sam! Bless his heart! He will be SOOOO happy to see you, though he might try to put you on a guilt trip like my Kissy used to do to me. Little stinker that she was. But I’d pretend to cry and she’d be in my lap in a flash, giving me those sweet puppy kisses. I miss her as much as I do Callie, and it’s been 12-1/2 years.

    1. Those trees are just sensational and I’ll miss seeing them back in the ‘desert.’ Yes, I expect Sam will be over the moon with joy (at least I hope he will). The grand-dogs are sweet but there’s just nothing like your own special pup’s kisses. No doubt Sam will be Velcro dog for a good while.

          1. So do I, my friend, so do I. At least we humans can talk to each other when we’re sad; our poor pups don’t have that outlet. They can only act out or use body language.

  3. Everything looks great. At least when Conner is in College it’s a drive rather than a long flight to see him. I think Sam will be more than glad to see you when you get home. I only go away from a few days and Benji goes into seclusion until I get home. We have some Jacaranda here but mostly south and in Adelaide. I like them.

  4. gosh! That’s so many doggie personalities at once. Good for Sam to stick in it as long as he has. Cole would have put himself in seclusion after taking out a few others.

    1. The video made me queasy thinking of all the canine chaos he’s had to endure. Now I think we need to figure out how to soothe his poor tender sensibilities so he won’t be completely neurotic when we bring him home. <3

    1. Kids always want to leave ‘home’ but I suspect he’ll be around in the future. 😉
      Yes, I think Sam has all but given hope judging by his facial expressions. Poor guy, luckily we are back at the hospital right after we arrive so hopefully he will put these past days of confinement out of his tiny little brain.

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