Tuesday Troubles

Not actually Frank but close
Not actually Frank but close

We’ve pretty much slipped back into our usual routine for the most part which includes a couple walks during the day, one in the morning and one at night. Ever notice how “some” dogs just seem to court trouble? We’re buzzing long nicely and pass a neighbor’s house who owns one of the biggest and tallest Great Danes I’ve ever seen. ‘Frank’ is one biggg sucker and he announces his presence with authority. He’s a gorgeous charcoal color and looks like a huge grey ghost. He does however seem to despise Sam.

Not that he’s had any encounters with Sam. Heavens no. He’s so big he scares the stuffing outa me, but Sam could give two whits about Frank. Yesterday we decided to walk in the opposite direction of Frank’s house and came across a pair of Danes getting ready to go on their walk. They live a couple blocks down the street from us and I hadn’t seen them before now. As if they’d just received a text from Frank, they both started carrying on like banshees (with that low, deep Barry White voice…but not the one with all the sexy lyrics). The owner was having a hard time trying to get them corralled calm (thankfully he didn’t get dragged down the porch like I initially thought might happen. We scurried by as quickly as I could drag His Highness who was more than dallying along so as to be able to check his Twitter feed. We eventually passed and apparently Sam thinks I’m going to protect him from these ginormous, snarling hounds. Uh, dude, you’re on your own. I’m dropping your leash and running like an Olympic sprinter in the opposite direction, truth be told. There are a few other Danes in the neighborhood and they all react pretty much the same way and I have no idea why.

But these latest encounters got me thinking, why do some dogs just go crazy over other dogs, especially ones that are just toddling along, minding their own business, not aggressive in any fashion? Seems like the reaction is waaay beyond what might be warranted but I’ve been known to be way off base before.

I mean, seriously…is this the kind of dog that should entice an all out barking, snarling, “I’m-gonna-tear-you-a-new-one” reaction? Yeah, me neither. Maybe Sam’s ‘amorous reputation’ has been tweeted around the ‘hood and all the Great Dane male dogs are trying to make sure he doesn’t get any kinky ideas with them. That or Great Danes as a breed just generally despise my dog.


Have you ever had this happen to you?

Live, love, bark! <3

29 thoughts on “Tuesday Troubles

  1. I’m not too sure about dog relations and have enough trouble trying to understand humans. However, since going down to dog beach, I’ve picked up a bit, mostly relating to Border Collies. Brorders don’t like dalmations or Irish Wolfhounds. I’ve got a feeling the spots might act as a warning but Dalmations have a reputation for not being real bright and Borders are smart. Many of the dog problems we get at the beach are from overly familiar dogs. Puppies peskering older dogs and dogs getting too close to a possessive dog’s owner. I don’t know much about Great Danes but after seeing the difference between my two dogs, when Lady is half Border Collie, I’m appreciating some of the differences between breeds.
    That probably hasn’t added to your research but does provide a solid detour.
    xx Rowena

  2. Would you believe I’ve had a draft of this very topic in my dashboard for at least two years? Delilah is THAT dog, for whatever reason, dogs love to ‘target’ her. (That’s the title of my post, “What makes a dog a target for another dog?”) I just never could pull the post together.

    My answer (for Delilah) was (I’m thinking) confidence. She’s a confident dog, definitely Alpha and comfortable in her role, of course I could be wrong.

    Maybe with Sam it’s his devil may care attitude. 🙂

  3. I am sorry, but the “Barry White voice without the sexy lyrics” still has me cracking up! Dakota has luck like Sam. For some reason, (without provocation from Dakota), other dogs just don’t care for him (even before he decides he doesn’t like them)……..maybe because Sam and Dakota are so handsome? Who knows? DakotasDen

  4. Maybe y’all should change your route to exclude the street with all the freaking hipster giant breeds!

  5. I had a huge Great Dane that would bark his head off at other dogs. The only problem we had was he would beat you to death with his tail.

  6. Oh come on now – how could anyone be angry with or despise that sweet looking Teddy Bear? In answer to your last question – yes every single day and it’s called a WaWa. But here’s the oddest thing, we have only just realised that she only attacks Benji when they are in the house – they wander around the garden together and sit down in the sun side by side when they are outside.

  7. Doc has issues with some dogs on walks..others he ignores..maybe like us they just get a feeling and dislike each other..or they are crazy 🙂 xxx

  8. A lot of dogs don’t like other dogs that walk by without causing a fuss. It’s just like if you said hello to someone and they were to walk by you like you didn’t exist. So, some dogs just keep going nuts like, “Hey! Hey! HEY! YOU! Pay attention to ME!” Personally, I prefer dogs that don’t talk to me when they go by.

  9. We have a beautiful and huge female mastiff 2 doors down who ambles by peacefully with her owners most mornings. All three of our dogs, but Rudder in particular, despises this graceful giant. His normal announcement of intruders, including those who walk on the street never even touching our patch of land, usually includes a few minutes of barking and bouncing around like an ape to show off his power and size. When this lady mastiff goes by Rudder goes into full attack mode! He uses his most aggressive bark and snarl, complete with growling. If either of the other two dogs come near him his aggression spills over onto them and he gets up in their face. This outrageous behavior and noise continues until she is far out of sight. I don’t know what it is…. But maybe it’s a crush and he’s trying to get her attention!

  10. that’s THE question, I so agree. it must be a miracle… and I would love if someone had an answer… Easy hates Fripouille the vizsla and all other viszlas of slice earth. Without a reason, none of this dogs did something, maybe it is a kind of “guilty by association” ?

  11. jealousy….
    We encounter the same thing, the only answer is jealousy because Sam and Cole are just cool.

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